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Diary entery NUMBER ONECategory: (general)
Monday, 20 October 2008
09:57:10 AM (GMT)
So this morning and last night was pretty epic.
Me and Emmy were watching TV and it was like 2 AM. Emily and I had already put away
our laptops (she has a tablet though. Rawr.) but I wasn't sleepy. We'd been watching
TV almost all night and although the sickenly sweet surprise kisses we gave each
other were interesting- I was still bored. 
So, since I am a horror story freak and all that, and a freak in general, I told Emmy
to get dressed and that we were going to the cemetary. ((Okay pervs, she had clothes
on! Just shorts and a t-shirt and it's COLD outside. Jeez.))
We were at the graveyard and we heard this rustling and since we weren't supposed to
be there, we climbed up a tree. It was just the keeper but he kept poking around at
things and he wouldn't go away!
And then, Emmy falls out of the tree and lands right at the feet of the keeper.
So the keeper, smiling quite pervertedly asks, "You know what I do to little girls
who sneak into my graveyard." And I swear he was NOT looking at her face.
And as her girlfriend I jumped down to be a knight in... jeans and a hoody. xD
So I pulled her up and we ran like hell.
But my parents had locked the door to my house and I didn't have a key.
I think by this point Emmy was going to kill me.
So seeing as I'm smaller than her I had to get on her shoulders so I could climb into
the window of my bedroom- I got in, but we couldn't get Emmy in too!
So I ran around and unlocked the front door and let Emmy in. 
When we FINALLY curled up to go to sleep my parents came in and were like, "What were
you two doing?"
Because they always suspect we're having you-know-what. xD
Emmy yawned and said that she was sleeping and had no idea what I was doing.
I guess that saved the day.
So we wake up and get dressed, and we head to breakfast. And my brother is there.
He's grinning like he knows something and that bothered me a bit. 
Mom and Dad head to work and my brother, still grinning, says, "Sooo, you two have
fun in you're bedroom last night?"
And I was like OH hell no he did NOT just ask that.
Emily smacked him and told him, "I TOLD YOU we weren't doing ANYTHING."
And he just nods and says mmhhmmm, and heads to go to school.
So I asked Emily:
"What do you mean you told him?"
"Oh last night, when I was going in the bathroom he stopped me and asked if we were
having it."
"And I said no and that's when I ran back into the room. Remember I was freaking
"Oooh. Okay. My brother is a retard."
"Ha. And he's the older one."

And we went on to talk about how retarded my brother is.

It was like..

‹→Emmydearest←™› says:   20 October 2008   439269  
And he wasn't looking at my face you're right,
he was staring at my chest.
But it was pretty epic.
DannyDeath says:   21 October 2008   922621  
‹Shelby[Porcelain]<3› says :   21 October 2008   739843  
You should meet him sometime.


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