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Lesbian Sex StoryCategory: Sex
Sunday, 12 October 2008
03:36:01 PM (GMT)
Lebian Sex Stroies (: These are not based on me or anyone else just made up and pretend.
I knew I had lesbian tendencies ever since I saw one of my father’s sex magazines that showed two women kissing and touching each other’s breasts. I was fascinated with their breasts, as mine at the time were just beginning to grow. By the time I entered high school, I was buying sex magazines at the local dirty bookstore. I also loved taking showers after gym classes because I could see the other girls’ naked bodies, and especially their breasts. I was amazed at how different each girls breasts were; some big, some small, some cone-shaped, and some very rounded. My own breasts would tingle as I looked at the other girls, and I couldn’t wait to get home and in my room to masturbate thinking about them. I graduated and went to a small community college outside of Topeka. There was only one dormitory for women, and my roommate was a girl from Kansas City named Brenda. She was a blonde like me and seemed nice. I was still quite shy, but Brenda wasn’t at all. After two nights she was walking around in her bra and panties. I was dying to get a look at her breasts and couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Then it happened. We were going to a movie on Saturday, and I was showering when she pulled aside the shower stall curtain and came inside with me. “You’re taking too long, honey. We’re gonna be late if we don’t hurry.” I just stood there, water splashing my back as I looked at her. She smiled and said, “Come on Lisa…let’s do each others backs.” I grabbed the soap and looked down at her breasts. They weren’t huge but nicely rounded with extra puffy nipples. I mean, the whole nipple and areola were raised and looked like a teenagers budding breasts. I loved them, and my whole body trembled with excitement as I told her to turn around and began soaping her back, my eyes falling to her firm buttocks as I did. “Mmmmm that feels so good, Lisa,” she whispered. I let her do my back and then I began soaping my breasts. She saw me and said, “You’ve got nice titties, Lisa. I wish mine were like yours.” I laughed and said, “I love yours, especially your puffy nipples. They look like they just beg to be sucked.” She smiled and said, “Have you ever sucked another girl’s nipples?” I blushed and said, “No.” She reached up and ran her fingers across her pink nubbins, making them stand out even more. Then she pinched them and rolled them in her fingertips. I just stared at her and felt my pussy getting wet. Then she brought her left hand down to her crotch and began fingering her pouting pussy. That did it; I reached up and felt her breasts, kneading her nipples as she did. She moaned and kept fingering her pussy. Then she took her other hand and put it on my pussy. I gasped and she just smiled as she slipped a finger into my soaking wet cunt. “Suck my nipples, Lisa.” I quickly leaned down and took the puffy nipple into my mouth and began sucking. She moaned even louder, and I felt my orgasm approaching as her finger found my swollen clitoris and rubbed it until I came, my juices flooding her fingers as my mouth sucked her fantastic nipple, then the other one until she groaned and mumbled, “I’m cumming too!!!” and I reached down to yank her hand from her cunt and replace it with my own so I could feel her pussy convulsing as she had her orgasm. Later, after the movie, we shared her bed and sucked and fondled each other’s pussies until, finally, we ended in a sixty-nine that was a first for both of us. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that continued until we graduated. I’ve found two other women with puffy nipples since, but none gave me the same thrill as I had with Brenda.

imsocooldealwithitok says:   12 October 2008   628731  
SexxyLovinSex says:   12 October 2008   635844  
Great story
Miley_Cyrus_slut says:   12 October 2008   761455  
wow, this is great.
PrincessNesha says:   12 October 2008   682322  
................... wTf
jajah says :   13 October 2008   661767  
im so horney now

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