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Bicc~~~Part SixCategory: (general)
Friday, 10 October 2008
08:36:35 PM (GMT)
~~Part Six~~

This night, Bicc had a Vision. It was short and not very vivid but it was enough. 
Bicc was standing on the edge of the ocean, which was very strange to him since
he’s never seen the ocean and had only heard stories of its beauty from his mother.
The sand was white and the waves licked at his tiny little paws. The water sparkled
in the sunlight of the cloudless sky and smell of the forest hung in the air. There
were familiar songs of the birds that he had heard most of his early life and he
smiled, feeling the wind in his fur. He looked into the deep blue sea and saw his
mother’s beautiful bright blue eyes looking out of the water at him.
He woke and felt the deep, heavy breathes of the warm, comforting Mountain Cat
holding him close. The cat was sleeping and obviously didn’t eat him during the
night so he figured that perhaps it was ok to put his trust into this animal.
Besides, they were both part carnivore. So, maybe the cat was afraid of the Bicc
eating him. At this thought, Bicc laughed for the first time since he left the Patch.
His tiny, beautiful, soprano laugh woke the lightly napping Mountain Cat and he
yawned. The sight of the cat’s massive jaws and large teeth from the yawn cut the
little fox’s laugh short as he watched in fear. But the cat just smiled at him
afterward and Bicc relaxed again. The cat ran its tongue over Bicc’s head, right
between his ears, as his mother did when she awoke from sleep. This small taste of
nostalgia made little Bicc smile softly.
“Good morning to you, little fox.” The cat said deeply and softly. Bicc suddenly
felt a little offended.
“I have a name.” He said, being a tad bit sharp. The cat’s emerald eyes opened
wide. He stared at the fox in awe. 
“S-so do I.” The cat said. Of course the both of them knew that having a name was
a rare and a very special thing to have. So, they both were quite surprised that the
two of them had a name.
“I’m Bicc” His little tail twitched slightly, as he was suddenly nervous.
“I’m Korre.” The cat’s tail also twitched. They stared at each other for a
while before they both smiled.
“Well, you must be a special little fox to get a name.” Korre chuckled. Bicc’s
smile fell slightly and he shrugged. The big cat nudged Bicc with his nose. 
“Oh, don’t be modest.” Bicc laughed at this statement. He knew slightly—but
only slightly—of the importance of having a name. He felt as if he wouldn’t be
able to live it up, and what did he have to loose if he didn’t? He had no family to
be banished from, no mother to be disappointed in him. He didn’t even know his
father. But, something inside of little Bicc kept pushing him to do his best. 
Korre watched this little fox stare into space and he wondered what was going through
his head. The cat had gone through plenty in his days so he could understand the
blankness of the fox’s face and the specific, sad look in his brilliant blue eyes.

Korre remember back in the day when he was but a little cub. His mom was a violent
mountain lion with a bad temper and fantastical hunting skills. His father was large
and very strong and always scared the other animals away, even though the real danger
was his mother, not his father. And with his mom’s temper, he was punished often
with bites and claw marks on his young body. 
He still had those scars, even though they’re hidden by thick beige fur. He shifted
his gaze to the fox again, realizing he had been staring at the wall of the small
cave. He figured that this small little creature deserved a protector. A protector
that Korre never had the chance to have.

‹Ðark Fox› says :   16 November 2008   922454  
Awh...finally Bicc said something ^_^ and he also laughed  woow!

Gonna read the rest as I get time 


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