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so sad... *starts crying uncontrollably*Category: (general)
Wednesday, 1 October 2008
10:44:50 PM (GMT)
Mandy and Austin have been going out since 7th grade, now they are in 11th grade.
Mandy has been thinking of breaking up with him.

One Friday afternoon, on their 5th anniversary, Mandy and Austin where talking over
the phone:

(Phone ringing at Mandy's house)

Mandy: Hello

Austin: Hey Baby Girl, how is it going?

Mandy: Alright, u?

Austin: Pretty good, so are u still up for the movie?

Mandy: Im sorry i can't go, i promised my little sister that i would take her out to
eat today.

Austin: That sucks

Mandy: Im really truly sorry

Austin: Its all right, so can u got tomorrow then?

Mandy: I cant, sorry, i have to go with Alyssa and her boyfriend to the mall.

Austin: U know, it seems like u have been avoiding me this past few days. First u
cant go out to dinner with me because u have a paper due, then u cant come over
because u are to tired, and today during passing periods u totally ignored me. I had
something i wanted to give to u.

Mandy: Im sorry, im not trying to avoid you

Austin: U know what, I'll just talk to you later, im going out for a drive. Love

Mandy: Im Sorry

Austin: Oh by the way, i bet u dont even know what today is.(hangs up the phone)

Couple of hours later Mandy came back home and found a gift along with a card for her
on the kitchen table. She opens the gift and finds a beutiful necklace, then she
opens the card and reads:

"Happy 5th anniversary, I love You!
P.S: I'm sorry for the way i acted over the phone."

Mandy takes up her gift and the card up to her room and goes to sleep.

***1 am in the morning***:

(phone rings at Mandys house)

Mandy: Hello

Austin's brother: Hey mandy, my brother got in a car accident and is in the hospital.
Apparently he was going over to your house because he wanted to give u a little note
he wrote for u

Mandy: OMG!!! please could you pick me up and take me there?

Austin's brother: Ya, ill be over in a 10 minutes.

***10 minutes later***

Austin's brother picks her up and takes her to the hospital. When they get there she
goes straight to Austins room where the doctors are putting a blanket over his face.
His parents are crying. His mom walks up to Mandy and hands her a note.

Mom: Here i think this is for u

Mandy opens the letter and reads:

"I love you"

I love your smile
I love your kisses
I love your sensibility
I love your hair
I love your touch
I love your smell
I love your warm hugs
I love your everything about you

I love you

Never forget that

p.s: with out you I would DIE!"

(Mandy then starts crying and collapses on top of his body.)

Mandy: (crying and in a whisper) I'm sorry, I love u, please come back.

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family, etc.) enough to die for them, repost this***

If u repost this your one true love will kiss you
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gal4lebanon says:   2 October 2008   773186  
wow so sad but  its not a real story thank God
‹xXxSpacigurlxXx› says:   2 October 2008   734181  
i no that would b horrible if it was
seansgrl4life says :   4 October 2008   132359  
my true love wont come over and kiss me cuz he's in missouri and im
in arkansas and i broke up with him cuz ths other guy i thought i
liked kissed me... and i stupid...


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