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Bicc~~~Part ThreeCategory: Story!!
Sunday, 21 September 2008
03:08:42 AM (GMT)
~~Part Three~~

Bicc stared out of the dark hole of the young redwood with fear. His mother's
bleeding paws were visable outside. He was going to call out to her but when her body
froze, so did he. Her fear radiated from her to him. He was afraid and frozen even
before he heard the strange paws outside of the tree. The steps were far off but
easily heard in the now silent forest. Biccs small body shivered in the growing
darkness but his muscles were made of stone, preventing them from working. All he
could do was watch his mother stand before him, not even knowing that he was there.
Two earsplitting noises rang through the silent forest, stirring the birds into
flight. Bicc jumped violently at these noise and he saw his mother fall to the
ground. He struggled to understand what happened but only for a second. As his mother
fell, her face came into veiw. Her eyes were stuck in a blank stare with a shadow of
fear still hidding in them. But...those beautiful pale blue eyes stuck in a stare
that will never see again. Bicc only stared as blood stained the forest floor out of
two open wounds on her shoulder. He couldn't even produce tears as he heard those
evil steps coming closer. He backed up against the inside of the tree, feeling his
muscles turn from stone to jello in a split second. 
Two large paws appeared outside of the hole. They were large and brown with strings
coming out of them. This strange sight frightened Bicc even moreso. This strange
creature bent down and scooped up his mother with its furless paws and grunted with a
low ugly voice. He picked up the fox that had lost her magic with her soul but never
lost her beauty. The evil creature took her away and Bicc listened to its heavy paws
disappear far far away with his mother. He curled into a small ball of fur and cried
himself to a Visionless, restless sleep. 

The next morning, he woke stiff and cold. He shivered as he stretched, cautiously
looking out of the little hole. There was nothing to fear around. The forest glowed
again with the light of the new sun (morning sunlight) and the birds sang their sad
songs. Bicc walked slowly (not because he was afraid but because he was dysphoric
about the last night) out of his tree. He felt the change in atmosphere as he entered
the world where he was visable. The birds hushed and the forest grew quieter. There
were wispers in the song language but nothing more as he made his way to the spot
where his mother's life was stolen before her. The leaves were stained in colors that
weren't natural for dead foliage. Bland crimson brown painted the leaves with
portaits of death that Bicc stared at as if he saw something there that the other
animals would never understand. 
But these portraits in the leaves painted different images in his head. Those dull
depressing colors on the innocent leaves that ended up as death's canvas painted
images of his mother's blank yet still beautiful eyes. Her fear still stuck on her
face. Not fear--Bicc knew--for the ominous creature walking in the forest, but fear
for loosing him. He knew that the last moments of her life must have been the
scariest and most dreadful. And it was his fault. He averted his gaze from the dark
forest painting to the sky hiding behind the tree branches, just like Bicc had done
in the hole. He knew that he would find that creature and avenge his mother's death.
He would show that thing what it must have been to be in his mom's place. 
"Bicc?" The messenger finch made his entrace from the tree branches above. The kid
fox didn't say a word and didn't move a muscle, ultimately giving the appearance that
he didn't even realize that the little golden bird wasn't there.
"Bicc..." All the little bird could do was sing a sad song to all his bird friends
and to Bicc. Though, to the fox, the lyrics to this music were a mystery. All the
same, he could feel the effect of the song on his heart. The entire forest joined in
with the different pitches and rhythems all flowing together in harmony that was
dedicated to the fox queen that brightened the forest more than the new sun.

(don't worry, the story isn't over! Part three is only the beginning! Just have
patience for there is still more to come!)
Last edited: 21 September 2008

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‹Ðark Fox› says :   21 September 2008   277869  
 this is so sad! It's so sad....


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