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My Overly Dramatic Yet Totally Messed Up LifeCategory: (general)
Thursday, 18 September 2008
09:03:20 PM (GMT)
WHY are you telling ME!?

Oh, I like it! That's a good philosophy... Why are you telling meeee?




If I hear the word...the c word...*corsage* (Is that how ya spell it?) one more time,
someone shall be punched in the face.
Six people have asked me if Ryan was getting me a corsagey thingy for
Homecoming, and you know what?
My philosophy:
My boyfriend doesn't need to impress me. We're past that.

My cousin's doing okay in the army; he actually said it's not as bad as he thought it
would be!
My philosophy:
Things aren't as bad as you think they are.

I need Cindy's help with the...*cough* thing we discussed right before we zonked out
at the party last weekend. You know, about the thing that youknowwho isn't the best
My philosophy:
I can only trust my true friends to help me answer these personal questions.

Problems with her, as usual, making me want to throw rotten tomatoes
that have been soaking in milk for a week at her (I have the feeling
that would be disgusting...which is why I chose it).
My philosophy: 
I need to call Ryan. His sister's soccer game should be over now. And I need to
convince him to go as Axel for Tekkoshocon next year. (AKA, I don't even want to
think about her right now)

Classes with Chris are rockin' out, as usual. I'm so happy that the Miss Hannigan /
Glinda - Elphaba duo is going to live on, at least for a semester or so. He made me
dance to the Little Mermaid, though, which was a little weird. (they use the word
SASHIMI in that musical. 'tis amazing!)
My philosophy: 
If I need to escape, there's always Chris, Ashley, and Jessie.

I'm going to attempt to teach Ryan how to waltz, at least how Catherine taught me how
to. Or rumba, but I really don't know if he'd be up for that ^.^ 
My philosophy:
It is almost genetically impossible to have two totally left feet.
(otherwise, you couldn't walk!)

WE HAVE A SONG! It's called "Hikari", by Utada Hikaru. But if I could have any song
to share with someone, it would be... no, I can't say it out loud. It's a secret :P
Anyways, I wish that our song was "Change Your Mind," by All American Rejects. It
just reminds me of our relationship so much...
My philosophy:
Music is one way to express love in the most basic way.


...that's a good philosophy!


livereal says:   18 September 2008   746147  
another one is''if ya want something done do it yourself ....#%^&
gothprincess wonders:   18 September 2008   684353  
K, you scare me...and the fact that u kinda put this wierdness to
music, even scarier ;D

and the *cough* thing? yeah, that does sound bad the way u put it :D
and i was there when u were talkin about it. (by the way im scarred
for life)

and i wish u luck with the waltzing thing, im sure if anyone can make
having two left feet physically possible, it would be ryan ( he breaks
the laws of physics like that)

im glad your cousin is gonna be ok. i dont know him but i still feel
bad for your worries 
Katilix says:   19 September 2008   938188  
Livereal: Yay for philosophies! THEY MAKE CAKE TASTE GOOD!

Gothprincess: Weirdness is always put to music, or else it wouldn't be
music! It'd be...un-weirded music! Which is, like, Beethoven!
The "Thing"? SHH. TIS A SECRET.
popsciclexdino says:   20 September 2008   188847  
A 'Secret' Secret?  I'm Positive That It Came From The ANTI- Wizard
Room....  I Peed In A Public Bathroom, At The Game, For The First Time
EVER.....  Oh!!!  And I Just Lost The Game!!!!  :P  You Can't Stop Meh
Katilix says:   20 September 2008   858852  
OHMYGOSH! There's an ANTI-Wizard room? Oh, we must be SCARED. Very

Katilix says:   20 September 2008   715955  
‹♥Carly&Brandon:)› says:   20 September 2008   592953  
love it

good philosophy!!!!!

Katilix says :   20 September 2008   127956  
My Philosophy:
Philosophies rule.


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