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Diary Part 2 (first is "HAWAIAN MONSTER")Category: boy guide is needed :)
Sunday, 7 September 2008
11:18:03 AM (GMT)
Fools or facts? idk

school starts. I'm new. and yeah.. wtf. there's no one i know here. and fitting in is
NOT easy.. i gotta leave all my friends, and my summer, and go to a living hell.. 
its not as bad as it looks though. at least i met a girl named, lets just say Aminala
(fake name), soo yeah, she's nice, she gave me her chocolatechip cookies.. 
and i started to hang out with her ever since

okey dokey. we're just finished with lunch break and we're heading to the watering
lab. AAND we were passing through the gym, and i saw peoples who are in PE class
(they are starting class, thats means we're late) .. soo i was soo focused on the
orange ball, flinging through the air, and i ddnt notice where i was going.. suddenly
BOOM.. crashed by the lamp post.. yeah great impression... i got the whole PE class
laughing at me.. i dddnt even know they are untill Nala told me.. then we end up with
dashing to the Lab

Scene 3: LAB! I'M SOO DEAD!
well.. one thing is good. the teacher is not here yet. soo just pick out a pair of
seats and OOPS! i forgot to tell you.. there are only two seats left.. one on the
outermost left part of the class, one is on the back right part of the class..
lab=partners=pairs=pairs seat. soo i quickly grab the back seat without noticing the
person who is sitting next to me. well, aminala likes the front left seat anyways..
then class starts. i was not paying attention to anything that the teacher said.. i
was drawing my trademark (i will put it on oekaki as soon as i get 3 ppoints) and i
was looking at nala, and  i waved at her everytime she turn her head back.. (i am a

 then there's a "Sooo  whats that? a girl in a chicken suit with ponytails?". "noo
noo, its a uhm, cookies, with icecream cheese on top" (bad quick answer)
luckily the guy that was talking to me is humorous.. he takes that as a joke, soo
sitting next to him wasn't boring at all.. i really enjoyed chemistry class. He is
tall.black haired.and funny.bangs.. and he got this teddy bear keychain on his
pencilcase (isnt that cute?), so lets call him ted. new friends is not bad at all.

after phil lessons, we get to go home. but, i rather stay in the music room untill
dad picks me up. nala and ted were also there. but nala had to come home earlier, her
brother is sick.. pray for her brother k? . i stayed at the keyboard seat for an
hour, and ted ,who were accompanying me was playing his PSP. this is not a movie
scene where the girl starts to sing and the guy gets amazed. its more like.. i'm
reapeating mozart 3 times, and he just screames "DIE EVILNESS! DIE!" (he's just soo
He stops every 10 minutes and then he smash the keyboard while singing the doraemon
theme song..... he just makes me laugh.. then daddy comes, and its time to go.

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