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Thursday, 4 September 2008
09:38:38 PM (GMT)
GUESS WHAT??? I’ve decided to start editing! WOOOOOT! LOL, I know you people are
all, FINALLY! But whatever. ANYWAY, These are now being spell checked before being
sent out, and I will be editing the rest tomorrow! WOOOOOT! 
	It was hard to process everything in my mind. The days were slurring by s quick and
I didn’t even have time to breath. I’m ready to just lie down and die, but if I
do, all hope is lost for my brave comrades.
 I was having irrational mood swings. I was about to kill Erin and her dumb riddles,
then the next second, I would be crying all upset. I mean, they finally stop, but now
I’m so irritable. Like, for example, this morning we were having our natural talk.
Then Ly-Ann, who was soooo hyped up that I was scared, (P.S. Never feed her iced
coffee with vanilla and whipped cream…) started to gush.
 	“Uhhh…. So hyper…. OOOOH! You WILL never guess this!” I groaned and I got a
very annoyed look from Aubrey.
 	“Alright. So what are we NEVER going to guess?” I said without much emotion.
	“Ricky said that he was gonna take me to the movies, and were gonna see that new
movie I wanna see soooooo bad! And I’m, like, super excited, and like, totally,
super duper exited!” I laughed a little. Aubrey rolled her eyes and I heard Brandy
speak up.
 	“So, Ly-Ann is going on a date with Rick tomorrow… What are you doing Katy?”
I smiled at her.
	“Nothing really. So…. Erin? Any-“
 	“Katy, you skipped me.”
	“You never have anything to say though.”
	“Well, maybe I do today.”
	“Ok then, what.”
	“Alright. Then WHAT.”
	“See, Katy, just cause your with the British guy who we like doesn’t mean I have
to like YOU as well as HIM.”
	“Oh, speaking of Gregg, stop staring at him. He’s MINE. M-I-N-E. MINE. And,
it’s not like he likes you or anything.”
	“Katy, just shut up.” Aubrey was fighting her temper, and I was fighting these
stupid mood swings.
	“Why, cause you know he’d never love trash like you?!” I snorted at her. I
knew I had crossed the line. Aubrey stood up throwing the chair behind her. I
wasn’t expecting the force and flinched when it smashed against the wall. She
grabbed the pancake off her plate, then dashed onto Ly-Ann’s top bunk. Ly-Ann
glared at me, then grabbed a handful of pancakes and hopped up after her. 
	Brandy gave a weak smile, then put her dirty plate in the sink, and went to get
ready. I heard a soft chuckle and glared at Erin.
	“I really didn’t think it would come on so quickly.”
	“What?” I was truly intrigued now.
	“Alright, so from the information you gave me, I did a little research on
 	“AND….” I prodded.
	“Notice how Saphron and Fawn are perfect?”
	“You know what I mean. Anyway, have you looked in a mirror in the last week?”
	“What? Of cour- Well…. I have, but not like, studying it or anything like
Erin produced a hand mirror from behind her. “Here.” I looked at my face and
almost dropped the mirror.
	And trust me, I am totally not conceited…. But… I was beautiful. It was like
looking at a….a… another person. A perfect person. My brown eyes glittered with
intensity. My skin was clear and smooth, not a blemish in sight. My hair, usually
long and kinda stringy, was smooth and straight. My annoyingly pointed nose was no
longer annoying. It was almost pretty. Ok, actually, it was pretty. My way too
angular cheekbones poked out of my face but with a smooth gradual increase instead of
the normal jagged features. I dropped the mirror then ran to the bathroom. I viewed
my whole self. My normally skinny, almost anorexic * body was still skinny, but it
complimented my skinny face. My legs seemed longer then normal…
	“Yeah, I think your PMSing cause of the stress. Not sure, but it’ll stop. Prolly
‘morrow.” I nodded. 
And she was right. The next day I was apologizing to everyone I ran into. Saphron was
laughing when I started to get upset at her for not warning me. 
	“Katy! Calm down, if I told you, you wouldn’t be as purdy!” She laughed and
lifted up one of the pin straight pieces of my hair.
	“Yupp, purdy. That’s me.” I couldn’t help but smile.
	When I was humming as I came into the little empty classroom where I was taking
extra curricular activities, I jumped as I heard a soft voice enter the song.
	“Hey Brandy.” I said after I calmed myself down.
	“Hey… Where are the people?”
	“I dunno. Why are you here? Don’t you have choir or something like that?”
	“Art, but I got a pass out for today. I needed to talk to you.”
	“But… the people.” I was confused, normally when I was put in an empty dark
room and someone told me they had to talk to me, it meant secretly… 
	“Don’t worry… It’s about… my element.”
	“Oh, what’s up?”
	“Well, as you know, I can tell someone’s pairing. Yesterday… I, I noticed
	“Oh… what?”
	“Well, for one… You don’t love Gregg. Then another… I learned something
         Ever heard of love at first sight.”
	“Mmmmhmmm.” I said confused
	“Well, mortals feel ‘love at first sight’ Endowed, or whatever you want to
call them, actually feel a weird pull that keeps hem together.”
	“And… The pairs I’ve noticed are, Jake and Saphron. Then Aubrey

*No, she isn’t anorexic. But I couldn’t think of any other description…

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 September 2008   393484  
What..the...fuck. Sorry about that.  Even though you told me about
that, I still felt obligated to say it.
MeepingMeep says:   7 September 2008   884557  
About the gregg and Aubrey thingy? Oh wellll..... Yeah.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   9 September 2008   224316  
Oh, no. I feel terrible now. Poor girl. Tears. No, Greggg!!!!!! I was
Pmsing the other day too. I ws meaner, though. ND IT WAS HOT. tHE


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