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The Uzumaki And The Hazumi Chapter 3! :DCategory: (general)
Thursday, 4 September 2008
07:30:51 PM (GMT)
Me:Okay you guys heres chapter 3!! :D 
Akira:YAY! I'm with Naruto-kun!
Naruto:YAY I'm with Akira-chan!
Kiba:YAY I'm with Rose-chan!
Me:YAY!!! I'm with Kiba-kun! <3 XD

Chapter Three

"Naruto-kun!" Akira called. Akira was dragging a girl by the wrist. She came to a
screeching halt in front of Naruto. "This is Rose my sister.'' Akira said. Rose had
dark brow skin like Akira, but she had long dark pink hair, and pink eyes. "Hey Rose
I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto said proudly. "Hey Naruto.'' Rose said she waved cutely.
'Rose is pretty but Akira is just beautiful.' Naruto said in his mind. It's true,
Rose was very pretty, but something about Akira just made her beautiful. Rose smiled
and looked around. Something, no someone, caught her attention. That someone had
shaggy brown hair, dog like eyes, and a small dog. (1) "Hey Naruto, who's the
beautiful girls?" Kiba asked. His eyes shifted from, Rose to Akira, then back to
Rose. "First dog breath, eyes off Akira-chan, and Second, there names are Akira-chan
and Rose-chan.'' Naruto said. He felt a little angry that Kiba was flirting with
his Akira. Naruto felt since he liked her, Akira was rightfully his and he
wouldn't let anyone take her away from him. "Her Rose-chan.'' Kiba said. Rose
blushed and smiled. "Hi um....'' Rose didn't really know the hot guys name. "Kiba,
Kiba Inuzuka.'' Kiba said. "Hey let's go somewhere where Naruto won't get mad at me
for looking at your sister.'' Kiba said. Blushing, he slung his arm around Rose, and
guided her away. Rose's face looked like a tomato the whole time. ''Naru-kun, were
you really mad at Kiba?'' Akira asked. Her cheeks were slightly pink from Kiba's
complement about her beauty. ''Hey Akira-chan, Iruka-sensei said we could take the
day off!'' Naruto said happily avoiding her question. "Really?! I need to change!!''
Akira said she was really happy. "Change? won't your parents get mad if you come
home?" Naruto asked confused. Akira shook her head. "No, there on a three week
mission.'' she explained. "Come on!" she said. Akira grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled
him to her house.

-5 minutes later-
(I was too lazy to write her house just say it's HUGE! :P)

Akira came out wearing a purple spaghetti strap shirt with a lavender butterfly
ribbon, and a pink butterfly strapped to the ribbon. She had purple pants with more
lavender butterflies, and purple sandals with tiny pink butterflies. Her hair had
been combed and it was straight and shiny. It smelled like Plum Blossoms, and Lilacs.
Also, she had even put on a little make up. Her purple eyes had been brought out by a
pink eyeshadow. All-in-all Akira was gorgeous.Naruto blushed severely and tried to
say something. "Y-you look r-r-really pretty Akira-c-chan.'' Naruto said. Akira
giggled and said shyly, "You look cute too Naruto-kun.'' Naruto looked surprised. She
found a simple black t-shirt and orange pants cute? Naruto adjusted his goggles and
instantly wished he left them home. 'Akira-chan must think I look stupid!'
Naruto cursed himself. He looked at Akira and seen her smiling. Then he said,
"Akira-chan, I'll take you somewhere special.'' Naruto said. "Really?" she asked
excitedly. Naruto nodded. "Yeah, it's a cafe Iruka-sensei told me about.'' he
added. 'Iruka-sensei thank you 10000 times!' he praised Iruka in his mind. "Let's
get going!" Naruto said. He grabbed her hand and walked her to the cafe. 

-At The Cafe-

"May I have the exception of escorting the beautiful lady to her table?" Naruto
asked. Akira blushed, "Yes.'' she said. She put her hand on Naruto's arm. Then they

--Arthur's Section--

Oh a cliff hanger!
1. I didnt know if Kiba had Akamaru when he first started the academy. :/ can someone
please tell me if he did?!

This Chapter Contained:
1. Slight NaruRose I said slight!!!
2.Slight KibaRika Naruto:MY AKIRA-CHAN!!!! D< 3. A possevive Naruto
4. NaruRika loads of it!
6.No Sakura YAY!
7. No Kyuubi
8.A beautiful Akira
Last edited: 4 September 2008

‹Ðark Fox› says:   4 September 2008   634453  
1. Slight NaruRose I said slight!!! agreed
2.Slight KibaRika Naruto:MY AKIRA-CHAN!!!! D< 3. A possevive Naruto 
4. NaruRika loads of it! NaruRika?
5.KibaRose agreed
6.No Sakura YAY!  XD
7. No Kyuubi  ;(
8.A beautiful Akira   agreed  *hides from Naruto* XD

Good job  waiting for next!
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says:   4 September 2008   944894  
Rika is my nickname for Akira. Akir just isn cute XP 
Naruto:*begins foaming at the mouth* WHO SAID THAT?!
‹??????› says:   4 September 2008   816852  
Brilliant  story, well done!! :O 
 8D Your 10000x more creative and organized then I am :B
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says :   4 September 2008   376215  
thankies!  your creative with oekakis!!!!


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