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I need MAJOR advise! Boyfriend probsCategory: Boyfriend problems!!
Monday, 18 August 2008
06:00:08 PM (GMT)
Hey. OKay, i need some MAJOR advise. you see, there are these two guys i like. Their
names are Allen and Josh. I went out with Josh for a little while a few years ago.
then i moved out of state, away from him. he says he still loves me and he still
really wants to go out with me. well, in Maine (where i  now live), i met Allen. He
is really hot and one of the most popular guys in school. I dont know if he has a
girlfriend or if he even likes me. So i have come to relize that I still REALLY like
Josh but I REALLY like Allen. Now, i told josh about a moth ago that i would think
about going back out with him. i talked to a friend of mine and she says i should go
back out with him.i really want to too but i want to know what Allen thinks of me
before i make my FINAL decision. Now, my sister and my parents dont really like Josh.
They say that hes not the right one for me. But i was really happy with Josh. I dont
know too much about Allen since i dont talk to him much.  We talk on the bus
sometimes and he seems like a really nice guy. my sister and parents say that he does
like me and that we should go out. Even so, im not sure if he likes me. This is where
i need your help. From all of this info, tell me which guy I should go out with. Josh
or Allen. sry about telling you all my petty needs. My feelings, my heart, my head,
they are all so confused and dont know what to do. So? any help will be greatly
appreciated! Thnks! bye!

Elli_yh suggests:   18 August 2008   929439  
Id Say Go With Josh For Now, As Youve Got Too Know Him Before. And
Plus Then It Will Show You How Allen Reacts Too It.
gal4lebanon says:   18 August 2008   428467  
its kinda ur diary so dont feel bad abt detailing and putting
feelings in thats good . now ur stuck bitween 2 guys classic .  u have
multiple choices here u can eather1. flip a coin. 2. ask a friend to
ask allen if he likes u too cliche or 3. flirt with allen see his
reaction ask around abt him . 4. this one's devious ask allen out
without josh knowing if u like allen better from that one date u can
end it with josh specially that ur family is recommending that. incase
it doesnt work out u got josh on stand by and he doesnt even know it.
5. finally if ugot guts seat em both with u and talk it out if allen
doesnt like u josh still does if he does like u tell josh u love him
as a friend give him a hug and let him go better u dumping him than
him dumping u right .  choose on of em or forget abt allen go with
josh but then a so called hot ship will have sailed so pick a number
and good luck and remeber

u got a guy that likes u. i dont even have an offer ora date so
consider urself luckier than me ull feal a whole lot better
mylifeistoocomplicated says :   18 August 2008   618695  
thnks. the thing is about Allen, i'm not that brave. especially when
his friends are around. i barley even talk to him. if i do, hes the
one who starts the conversation. oh and Josh isnt hot. he is kinda
cute but thats all. and we r best friends. i dont want to hurt josh
llike the last time. he gets really depressed too. he is real jealopus
of Allen. he knows i like him.


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