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What a Wide and Colorful World......no way.Category: 2 b random,or not?
Monday, 19 May 2008
05:51:32 AM (GMT)
What a Wonderfully Wide and Colorful World.
But not colorful.No way.The rivers used to be blue.Lookee here,now they're
green.Infested with trash.Infested with Insect Larvae(each sold seperatly.XD).
Wrigglers.Maggots.And the rest.
This world used to have lush,grass an plant covered mountains.But now,all I see are
giant stones.
Bare,cold stones.Soft mounds of soil.Yet,thre are no plants.Not even a bit of
grass.No.Zelch.Zero.Nada.NOTHING at all.
Just specks of dust,grime,dirt,and mud.Then what's up next?
News blurts out about epic landslides.People dying.Deathly screams in the
air.Crybabies everywhere.And more and more scraps,and mud.
The sea got hotter.And I see plastic bags in it as well.Kids peeing in their pants
while swimming.Adults acting like dogs,peeing next to the wall.
Then the toilet could hav been banned instead.Way to go,people,for inventing a very
useful way to pee and poo.

What am I saying?
What a Wonderfully Dirty And Wide World.
Not being awkward.This is the truth.
I see people doing this.Peeing where you're not allowed to.Throwing trash
around.Ignoring other people littering.Littering.Putting trash on other's property.
Never cleaning up after one's mess.Throwing the kitty litter in the streets.Sweeping
dust into the world,and more.......
I mean this.
The Earth has changed.Temperatures rising.Diseases that were under control coming
back to haunt us.New diseases.More mosquito bites(I just got one.Grrr....).
More violent news.More arguments.Murder.Suicide.Nothing positive.I used to be a
sweetheart.Now I'm a Nega.I don't know why.There are about a million things that I
don't know.
But I know one thing.

The Earth's ways have changed.By who,you say?

US.The people inhabitants of Earth.I'm sure that if I look at the Earth from outer
space,no more will I see a beautiful Sapphire suspended in the heavens.
No more blue.No more green.Nothing.Just pure,brown.Dirty Brown.No,not chocolaty
brown.Dirty brown,indeed.
We killed thousands,no,BILLIONS of trees.We hunted down the rare species instead
letting them go.We never planted trees in the place of the ones we chopped down.
And more things.I'm not starting with politics.I'm talking about the Earth.
Mother Nature did not betray us.WE DID.
What I'm saying is that we keep on polluting the Earth.We could still be seeing more
and more pandas in the wild.We could have had a cooler climate.Healthy people would
pop their heads out of the windows and smell the fresher air that we used to have.

Now,I'm pooped.I'll start up my new entry tomorrow.

Chidori_Chan says:   19 May 2008   139132  
It's pollution.
Xxowned_by_SYDxX says:   19 May 2008   544944  
yet not enough death we will still be ignorant if we continue to let
stupidity lead us
luna_umbreon says :   19 May 2008   794286  


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