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Emo pplCategory: (general)
Monday, 12 May 2008
02:22:58 PM (GMT)
Now I know some ppl r going 2 call me a bitch but i dont care

I am sure everyone here has seen or met an emo person before but I have seen many
many emo ppl and I have 1 thing  to say I am afraid of them I know their people just
like me but I am terrifide of emo ppl and I'm not trying to be rude and nothing
against u if your emo but I am afraid because there is this creepy emo guy who is
always hanging around my house and he just sits there slitting his arms and screaming
"I HATE LIFE!!!!!!" remember its nothing against any one who is emo but u can blame
creepy emo kid who hates life  for me being afraid

‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   12 May 2008   139914  
OMG!!! me too i felll that same way nothin against emo ppl either
just they sacre me
AnimeGirl_Nik says:   12 May 2008   748181  
ya they are kinda creepy
flower97 says:   27 May 2008   172728  
they also scare me!!! there is one at my school and he says now i
need high heels and some balloons!! (he trys to fit in but he is still
crazycoolskateboarder says:   31 May 2008   149636  
well they dont really scare me but that would be kinda creepy ppl
always think im emo cause of my character BUT IM NOT im skater
Thats creepy though,
XxMetroxVegxNinjaxX says:   7 June 2008   426588  
really not tht creepy
he prolly hass a reason to cut
and srsly its 2008 and emo is taking over the nation so sweetie, deal
wit it
not tryin to be mean just statin my opinion
AnimeGirl_Nik says:   18 June 2008   365517  
no prob i like the whole only were black thing bout emos about 70% of
my clothet is black so
gal4lebanon says:   2 October 2008   591614  
hahahahaha  yea creepy . im emo  at heart i loove there look and most
emo boys are freakishly hot. too bad 50% of em are bi right.?!
i hate my life and almost all my clothes are black i hate pink and
happy stuff its freaky to me i dont want to kill myself but i do want
to run away (but i wont do it im not dumb) but i dont look emo . blah
.im so random.
‹~Rainbow~Flavored~Kisses~› says:   16 October 2008   197677  
ummm...not all emos cut themselves u know. thats what most people
think but its not true. some do cut themselves, but some preps cut
themselves too. any1 can be a cutter but it doesnt mean they r emo.
emo is a style, and its also a music genre. we dont all hate life and
wanna kill ourselves ok? seriously, i hate when people think that. and
another thing, people are confusing people who wear all black with
emos. some people just like black, learn how to tell the difference. 

sorry if i sounded mean, cuz i REALLY didnt mean 2!  =]
‹MaddieMassacre xDD› says:   31 October 2008   644546  
gal4lebanon, your a wannabe, I can tell..
Not all emo's despise pink.
Not all of them just wear black,
Why would you hate you life?
You seem very happy to me.
‹PIES› says:   3 September 2009   917147  

There are STARVING CHILDREN,Pregnat women giving birth on streets for
everyone to watch? And Emo's cutting  themselves? I mean you have a
home,Food,Drinks,A bed,Actual parentsan Children an women an babies
living in streets or under a tree dying for food begging for water?
You have a happy life you DON'T want an the people don't have a happy
life?I mean please give me a break.
‹vanilleeis› says:   18 December 2009   163180  
well, im emo. i dont cut or anything, but i wear black all the time.
No one understands, unless you know how it is being linely all the
time. i have a few friends, but no one talks to me, other people made
me this way, but now i love being creepy. My life was, well, not so
good. but most emos have a reason they are the way they are. We are
shunned and people wonder why we act so depressed. so, yea. btw, im
not tryin to be mean or nothin, kk??
XanthiaHollow says:   14 March 2010   819935  
I hate emo's... -shivers-

ProfessorGiggles wonders:   3 February 2012   957708  
Meh, that person has problems. Outside just being emo. Like many
people have said, some people (like my best friend, as a matter of
fact) are quite happy people. That person has problems, and you
shoulden't assume that all emos are like that.

XXterriblebrokenlifeXX says :   16 April 2012   764086  
I'm emo and I think it's fine ur scared of Emos my friends and family
don't know I'm emo but some Emos can be nice and some don't cut😌


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