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Ten strange facts about myself. (Tagged by brainwashed <3)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 29 April 2008
06:01:24 PM (GMT)
Instructions :

~Fill out ten facts about your self, that no one or not many people know.
~Then tag others to do the same.

10 Facts (You Probably Didn't Need To Know) About Me

1.I ate a caterpillar in grade 6,because I got dared to.
2.I almost got raped by a nine year old in a tent. o____O
3.I watch Hannah Montana whenever I can.
4.If Dr.Pepper (Yes.The drink) was living,I'd do it. :\
5.I have a thing for emo boys.I just want to hug them and tell them everything will
be okay.I also have a thing for guys with sideburns. o_O
6.I eat way too much.Whenever I'm bored,basically.
7.I actually think there's something wrong with me.Like,mentally.
8.I used to lie so much,just to get attention.Well,to one person in particular.He
liked me and this other chick,and I hated him,so I told him I lost my virginity,and
that made him like me even more,unfortunately.
9.I actually stalk people.Well,not stalk like looking through their windows type
stalking,but when I see a cute guy,I get really close to him and listen to everything
he does and says. o_O
10.The other day,in Sex Ed,our teacher told us to write down a question and give it
to her,so she could answer them.Guess what I wrote? "If the sperm gets in the vag,is
there any way to get it out before she gets pregnant?" and in my head I was thinking

The last one...very random.But yeah. xDD

Now lemme tag some peeppps.

ProfessorRawr (Morgan you better effin' do that shizz.)
Zexion (TWINTWINTWIN.Do it.Naowwww.)
fall_out_gurl (Do it,you hoe. <3)

brainwashed says:   29 April 2008   586617  
oh my gah ninjy your such a weirdo :]
NinjaDino says:   29 April 2008   348181  
I am.
But it's s'okay.
Cause I'm a rad weirdo. :o
brainwashed says:   29 April 2008   547349  
Im i rad weirdo too!

my ten facts sounded all violent
AerithLight says:   25 May 2008   681977  
3: Lmaoo XDD
5: Omg. Me too. 8D I have a thing for a emo guys. I have a thing for
guys who wear eyeliner and has their hair in a wicked way. And I want
to hug em also. 8D
6: I go to the kitchen alot and find whatever I can eat. I mostly
don't find anything. XD
9: Same.. o___o But i don't get really close to the guy. But... it's
just weird.  I'd like talk about them, or know stuff about them. I
find myself very... weird, cause of that.
NinjaDino says:   25 May 2008   168518  
Kylie up there,I'm always talking to her about my crushes personal
life,and shes like omg how do you know that xD
AerithLight says :   25 May 2008   824337  
XDD Lmaooo. Some people actually get all suspicious to me. XD
And I'd always be like, "Because. I hate em."
Which I do... o.o  Some of them. XDD

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