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Tuesday, 15 April 2008
08:04:53 PM (GMT)
Why is the sky so grey? 
It was the first thought that sprang into Yvori's mind as she slowly opened her eyes.
The sky should have been blue, the same light blue as her fur, in fact, with little
white clouds scampering across it like hopping Snowbunnies. 

The Mynci lay there for a minute, still staring at the leaden grey sky in
bewilderment. Where was everyone? Yvori and her friends had been setting up a maypole
to celebrate the start of spring, but she couldn't hear the chatter of her friends'
voices at all. In fact, everything was eerily quiet. 

Putting a paw to her forehead, Yvori slowly sat up. All around her, the land was
desolate and as grey as the sky above. She almost cried out in shock. Worse than
that, though, was the crushing sadness that dropped over her like a heavy velvet
cloak. After the joy that the springtime picnic had inspired in her, the sadness felt
even more shattering. 

The Mynci forced back her tears, rising unsteadily to her feet. "I have to figure out
how to get back to the others," she told herself, trying to sound brave, even though
in her heart, she knew that she'd never see them again... she'd always be alone... 

"What's wrong with me?" she asked aloud. Yvori was well known for her eternal
optimism, but now everything just felt hopeless. She reached up to wipe away the
tears that had finally overflowed and really did cry out when she saw that her paw
was no longer the vibrant blue she was used to. It was now a dreary, stony grey. 

"What's going on?" Yvori shouted. She received no reply; not even an echo came back
to her from that grey land. "Who did this to me..." 
 Author: Woe, woe, woe
Date: Apr 9th  
...There was no response to her question. In fact, there wasn't any sound at all.
Spring was picking up speed -- or at least, it had been anyway -- but everything was
silent. Not a single Pteri chattered in the gloomy, grey, almost drooping trees.
There was no talk coming from her Neohome a few metres away. She couldn't even hear
the sound of the rain that soaked her, the pitter-patter of the light sheets of
But there was no denying the obvious. Yvori had turned grey. 

She felt an overpowering urge to cry. She didn't deny it. What was the point? 

Why is the world so unfair? Who could have done this to me? 

The rain was cold, albeit not very torrential, and all Yvori could think of was how
horrible it felt on her fur. Her bloodshot eyes raked her yard. I never realized it
was so ugly, she thought in wonderment. The trees looked a little like Zomutts, the
leaves hanging listlessly from their droopy grey branches. The grass looked unhealthy
and dull. The flowers in her garden were bent over, their petals bending down as if
they were crying. 

There wasn't another Neopet in sight... 

She almost didn't see the Grey Faerie, as she blended into the dreary, colorless
surroundings. She was leaning up against a tall, dull tree. The faerie sat head in
hands. She hadn't noticed Yvori. Her long, tattered dress was dull, albeit with a
hint of purple. Her hair was colorless and unkempt. Even her pale skin was grey-hued.

Despite the wave of misery and indifference that swamped her, Yvori felt a strand of
her usual curiosity stirring within her. What was a Grey Faerie doing on her lawn? 

Was she the one that had made her Grey? 

Striding through the droopy, squishy grass, the Mynci made her way over to her guest.
"Who are you?" she asked simply. 

The Grey Faerie looked up, lowering her hands. Her bloodshot eyes were miserable. 

"I was once known as Fyora..." 
 Author: dianacat777
Date: Apr 14th 
...It was hard to muster the will to care. 
Had this revelation been thrust upon her a mere day ago, Yvori would have reacted
with shock; springing into action, asking questions, seeking answers. 

Now she merely sighed. It seemed like so much effort to even consider Fyora’s
response. Idly the Mynci sunk to the pallid, listless grass, the weight of her head
heavy as she rested it upon dull paws. 

Might as well ask about it. Nothing better to do. Nothing ever better to do... 

“Used to?” 

Fyora glanced up. Somewhere, in the back of Yvori’s mind she hazily recalled that the
faerie’s gaze was famed to be the color of violets. Now it seemed dull and tarnished,
each delicate iris rimmed with red. Had she been interested enough to care, the Mynci
would have found Fyora’s eyes rather unappealing. 

If I cared...? I used to care about everything; first to help a friend in need, daily
trips to donate to the money tree... I need to shake this off! 

“I was once known as Fyora. But the name doesn’t seem to fit anymore.” The faerie
spoke as if sighing, the response slipping from soft lips like a faint whisper, soon
snatched by the drizzling rain and forever lost. 

Yvori uttered a weary sigh, rolling her eyes lazily. Had this heavy veil of sorrow
affected the Faerie Queen’s brain? 

“Your name can’t just... not fit. That makes no...” She didn’t finish the statement.
Why bother? 

The faerie’s delicate fingertips brushed over the wilting grass. Each blade bowed in
submission to the light touch, lowering its form toward the soggy ground. 

“I cannot explain it. I merely awoke from slumber and it no longer seemed to be my
name. I’ve wandered since, following the rain clouds...” 

Yvori glanced up, curiosity a little stirred. 

“The rain clouds led to my yard?” 

With a shake of her head, the faerie sighed softly. 

“The rain clouds are everywhere. This just seemed as good a place as any. I couldn’t
muster the will to keep wandering.” The confession a mere whisper, the faerie
sounding bored by this stage. 

Why should I care about this when she doesn’t? It would be so much easier to just
give up... 

Although the overwhelming, dark grey threatened to engulf the Mynci, sending her
spiraling into the same apathy that now held the faerie within its cold grip,
determination flickered deep within her. 

If I don’t care, no one will. 

Fighting the temptation to submit to hopelessness, Yvori searched her memory.
Somewhere she recalled a much-loved Neopian fable, the tale of Baelia; a faerie whose
name had been stolen along with her wings, leaving her caged and trapped atop a
mountain. Logic fought its way through the clouds of misery. 

Baelia lost her power when she lost her name... This had to be a clue... 
(note you can add on and i will put in the story along wit hthe other diary i made
same if u want)

what_do_u_want says:   17 April 2008   316641  
aaaw cool yesterday?or the day after was gray day at neopets!!!
whatzup says:   17 April 2008   342719  
snowolf says:   17 April 2008   649432  
pink_bon_bonz says:   17 April 2008   218226  
really good
gelert says :   19 April 2008   113135  
yes it was gray day at neopets
thanx everybody!!!


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