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Chapter One~ Unhappy BirthdayCategory: story
Monday, 24 March 2008
04:46:36 AM (GMT)
This chapter one of 'Blood Riegn' The begining of Ella! 

               “Isabella!”  A voice from the darkness calls my names.  The voice
keeps coming closer and closer.   My eyes open to Sister Elma, as I look at around, I
see my class mates at the orphanage.  “Isabella!!!  Go to Father Tom, right now!!!!
 How can I teach such a disgrace!!!”
	Yes, Isabella is my name.  I have been in this orphanage for almost fourteen years. 
Left at one years of age in this God forsaken place, and somehow, they believe that
children are like animals, with no feeling, no thoughts.  Well I have thoughts,
thoughts of getting out of here.  On my way to the priest, wonder how all the girls
get pregnant around here.  And now on my way to the tome of despair, were I’ll
probably be rape me as my punishment.  And he, supposed to teach us about God, he
doesn’t live up to the words of our loving God, so why should we.
	As I thought those thoughts, I walked to the office of Priest Tom.  Luckily enough,
he was not in his office.  And I wondered around the fields around the orphanage.  My
brown hair blowing in the wind, as my gray clothes were whipping around me.  There
were flowers of every color as I ran through it.  The wind blew the autumn leaves
throw the air, floating gracefully maneuvering around obstacles in their path.  As
the sun set down in the sky, causing twilight to come upon the land warning that soon
night would blanket the earth in darkness, to give us hope of the day that will come.
 And tomorrow I will be fifteen, nothing new, no new hope of some revealing of the
world I wish to explore, just another year of agony passes by.
	Night covered the sky in darkness as I went inside to my bunk, to sleep in a room
full of other orphans, waiting for their freedom to, to be free of the agony of not
to feel loved.  Some of them once knew what love was, unlike me, they had parents for
most of their life, so far, then their parents were taken away by the so called
‘loving’ God.  What is so loving if he takes the only people that love us for who
we are.
	“Ella.  Are you excited for tomorrow???!”  said a girl from my room, that had
intercepted me on my way in.
	“I guess.  Though it’s not like I’m going to be free from this place,” I
answered as I ducked under her to get to my bed to change into my pajamas. 
	“You’ll be fifteen!  One more year and I bet you will find you prince charming! 
You know, all those girls in the fairy tales we hear, they find their true love, even
though their life is going bad, they find their true love, and live happily ever
after,” the girl said, she looked like she was day dreaming as she looked off in
the distance, she reached to an invisible face that only she could she, then
retreated her hand and looked back at me.
	“Fairy tales don’t exist.  And if they existed, they wouldn’t happen to us,”
 I answered as I put my pajamas on and hoped into my bunk.
	“If they did exist, what would your prince charming be?” she hoped into the bunk
on top of my bunk, and popped her head, so that she could look at me.
	“It would be a guy!” I pulled my blanket over my head. “Ouch!” something
then hit me really hard.  I pulled my blanket of my head, to find that a shoe had hit
	“Come on! We all know you dream of your special someone!  Tell us what he looks
	“He looks like a guy.” Another shoe flew at me, I ducked and missed it.  “Ok,
ok! I’ll tell you what he looks like.  Ok, he’s taller than me.  Has black hair. 
And gorgeous green eyes, that are like shinnying emeralds, and his shin is very
	“Like you???”  a girl from the bunk right by me asked.
	“Well, not really, a little darker, but not by a lot. Now that I told you it’s
time to go to bed, good night!!!”  I pulled the blanket over my head.
	I was standing in darkness.  Nothing but a light on me.  Something was in the
darkness.  I tried to talk to the thing in the shadows, but nothing came out of my
mouth.  I tried to run to the thing in the shadows, but it kept going farther and
father away, as I tried to get closer and closer to it.
	I woke up as the sun started to come over the horizon as bright colors flashed
across the sky.  As everyone else started to wake-up the sang the ‘Happy
Birthday’ song, then went to their daily routine of starting the day.  I got
dressed in a plain white spring dress.  I walked outside the room, unnoticed by
anyone.  I tried to sneak outside, but I was stopped by one of the nuns.
	“What are you doing, Isabella?” the nun said, curious at what I was trying to
	“Nothing.  Well, I’m, I was going tooooo see, I was going to get some fresh air!
It’s kind of stuffy in here,” I walked outside before she could say anything. 
Then I ran toward the field.  My beloved field.  The beautiful field of autumn, the
colors of the leaves and flowers complimented the sky above.   That Saturday of my
birthday, was spent in my fields, as people looked for where I was, I hid in the
autumn trees, looking at the light blue sky.  Then I fell unconscious from
dehydration, I fell to the ground, then everything was a daze.
	When I woke-up, I could smell the mix of smoke and blood in the air.  I realized
that I was still in the field, but in the distance the orphanage was, in flames?  I
got up to my feet and started to run toward the orphanage, but an arm caught me.  My
struggle forward was pointless against the strength of the arm that held me.  In the
distance I saw my friends being slaughtered by creatures, they looked like demented
ogres.  I looked behind me.  A young man, probably around nineteen, with bright
blonde hair and brilliant light blue eyes, and tan skin, stood holding onto me, and
he had a sword on his side.  I hit the guy in the face, he let go holding his face as
he stumbled backwards I took his sword, then ran toward the burning building to save
them.  As I got there, one of those ugly ogre things stood in front of me, it was
occupied in something in front of him.  I took the sword, and ran it through its
heart.  The creature fell down with a crash.  
	I ran to the next monster and cut off his head.  With a thud it fell to the ground. 
Then something from behind me caught me in it’s hands.  I wiggled out of it’s
hand and ran, sword first at the monster.  It fell like the others.  Then a hand
caught my hand with the sword in it.  I looked behind me.  It was that young man
	“What are you doing?  Your going to get yourself killed!  One bite from one of
them will kill you!” he said sternly as he took the sword from my hand.
	“I’m saving my friends!  They are all I have!  All I have known!  And they are
being slaughtered by these monsters!  I can’t sit around doing nothing when they
need help!”  I yelled back at him as I tried to take back the sword.
	“We need to get out of here.  We can’t save them.  They are done for.  They have
no hope for survival, but we do.  We need to help others!”
	“What do you mean?”  I was bewildered.
	“You are not human.  You are a Fallen Angel!”  Before I could say anything, we
teleported to somewhere else, safer then the orphanage.

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