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Diana's Story: Chapter One - The BeginningCategory: Stories
Monday, 4 February 2008
06:56:52 PM (GMT)
Diana’s Story

The Beginning

It’s a late Friday night, my parents traditional night to go out and have fun,
while I’m stuck having to baby sit my brother. I’ve decided to pop in a horror
flick, now that my brother is fast asleep. The movie is Salem's Lot, a classic. I
start to get really paranoid half way through, I kept hearing the floor boards creak
and moan, the wind whipping the windows outside. I turned the movie off, I couldn’t
stand it anymore! The mysterious night time sounds really got to me and I was
positive that in every shadow that lurked in the corners, there was something waiting
to devour my flesh and bones.

A chill passed down my spine as I made it to the bedroom, I was safe, but I
couldn’t shake the creepy feeling that made me want to look over my shoulder every
second. Slipping under the covers, I prayed for sleep to come, but every time I tried
to roll over and go to sleep I heard, whispering sounds, foot steps, and a horrible
crunching. Climbing out of bed, I started to panic, picking the most realistic
situation I could. For instance, it could’ve been my young brother, Ryan and there
was no possible way it could be my parents, they wouldn’t be home for a couple

Stalking in the gloom of the shadowy halls I made my way to Ryan’s room I had to
make sure he's in bed like he should be, and I was right, he was sound asleep in bed.
I should’ve been happy, but I wasn’t, if the sounds weren’t coming from him,
then what could it be? Leaving his room I started down the hall once again. Panic
seizing me in a tight embrace, I could hardly breath. I had a bad feeling, the
feeling you get when you’re five years old and you think the boogeyman is hiding
under your bed. I felt at that moment, I was going to have an accident in my pants.

An eerie cold breeze passed, brushing against my skin leaving me at a loss for words;
I spun around fast, my heart picking up speed, I could hear the thumping in my head.
Whack! I smashed my face into the wall, not the smartest move! Rubbing my face I
heard the dreadful crunching sound again, I stopped. The words, “I’m going to
die!” repeated over and over in my head, I couldn’t shake the pessimistic
thoughts, this is what I get from those all-nighters watching horror movies. Shaking
my head, I tried to concentrate on the situation, there was something in the hall,
but I couldn't exactly make out what the figure was. Running through a string of
curse words I slipped towards the wall, I was hoping I could mask myself as well as
the mysterious figure had done. Scuttling forward, my back sticking to the wall I
drew myself closer and closer to the figure. The toxic aroma of death shrouded the
air, I gasped trying with all my effort to gain some last seconds of clean air. Just
as I was about to move back, I felt a water under my feet. Slowly tarring my gaze
from the figure, I noticed it wasn't water, it was actually blood. Stifling a scream
I quietly sobbed, still holding my mouth tightly. I stepped closer trying to leave
the puddle of blood and that’s when I noticed what the thing was, a vampire. It was
to busy ripping apart something that looked like my next door neighbour. Trying to
run away, I couldn’t because my legs wouldn’t even respond, I hear the sickening
crunch again and I had to look, but I wish I hadn’t. The vampire was almost
finished, and it had its eyes set on me.

Grinning slyly it latched its teeth onto the left arm of what seemed to be my next
door neighbour, I couldn’t tell, too much blood. It let her body go, I guessed it
was looking for something to play with and finish devouring the half eaten body
later. Now that it had come closer to me, I could see all its features clearly and it
seemed that it wanted me to see. The vampire had stopped moving and it was letting me
take in ever horrifying detail. It had glowing crimson eyes, leathery pale skin, and
long black hair that fell over its face,

Behind the curtain of black hair I could see its sick jagged smile that stretched
from ear to ear lined with sharp, black teeth. It was naked, yet there was no
indication of it being male or female, its rip cage seemed to pop out from its
stomach and it had bones popping out from his skin and blood oozing from his pours.


“Are you scared?” The vampire croaked its voice seemed ancient and it rang with
an eerie echo.

I gulped trying not to shake, but it was a task to impossible at the moment,

“Then will you accept your death?” It twisted its head at a strange angle,
impossible for an ordinary human to do.

“No,” my teeth chattered as I spoke, I could see white clouds coming from my
breath. When did the temperature drop?

“Then I’m sorry to say that you are going to have to fight for your life.” He
advanced towards me and I still couldn’t move. I never would’ve thought I would
actually die within my nightmare.

I heard a pair of voices enter the house, a flicker of white lights chased the
shadows away and the vampire looked at me with a long frown. “I’ll come visit you
again, next time it will be our last encounter.” Then he too, along with the
shadows vanished.

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