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Love and lots of lust 9Category: (general)
Monday, 31 December 2007
05:45:44 PM (GMT)
Sasuke sat by his window and sighed as he saw is breath get on the glass. I started
to run his finger down it and looked over at his stuff. He picked up a picture and
looked at it. His team mates. He heard knocking at his door and dragged his feet down
the stairs and his eyebrow twitched when he came to find the naked Sanin was still
sprawled on the floor of his living room. He opened the door and Sakura ran in with
open arms and bear hugged him. Sasuke clenched his teeth and glowered at the pink
headed female.

“SASUKE!!!” She yelled happily and Sasuke grunted.

“What Sakura?” He asked and Sakura smiled at him.

“How’s my honey bear doing?” She asked and Sasuke looked disgusted.

i Honey bear??? WTF?!

Sasuke’s eyebrow twitched at the sound of her voice. He didn’t know what he got
himself into this time. He felt like stabbing his eye socket countless amounts of
times to keep the girl away from him… OR! Long story short, go down a slide of
razors that dumps himself into a pool of alcohol and use his decapitated head as a
punch bowl then to hear her irritating sounding voice for a mere second. Yes that is
how much he deeply loathed Sakura. He looked passed Sakura when she asked him what
was wrong and saw Naruto. He didn’t care. Odd wasn’t it? He glowered back at
Sakura and snarled.

“Go away.” He hissed and her expression looked completely shocked.

“W-wha--” She started but his stare was to intense for her to finish.

“Go away before I slit your mother’s god damn throat and make you suck the
blood.” Sasuke growled and she took a step back and ran off. “Ignoramus.”

Sasuke stalked back inside and slammed the door making the Sanin wake up.

“What the--” He started but Sasuke glared at him viciously.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!” Sasuke yelled and Jiriaya’s eyes widened and he ran.
“I hate people…”

Sasuke walked back into his living room where he was free of naked men on his carpets
and just decided to think about everything. He didn’t understand anymore.

[with Lee and Shikamaru

Lee was stretching and warming up when he heard a twig snap. He jumped and looked at
the bushes and Shikamaru tripped and stumbled out of them. Lee smiled and walked over
and helped up Shikamaru who just grunted.

“That was fun.” He said sarcastically.

“Bet it was.” Lee said with a smile and kissed Shikamaru lightly on the lips and
then smiled at the lazy ninja. “What brings you here?” Lee asked and Shikamaru
walked passed him and sat on a boulder.

“You.” Shikamaru said and Lee blushed slightly.

“That’s very cute of you Shikamaru.” Lee said and walked over and sat down in
front of Shikamaru on the ground.

“I was bored watching the clouds. I thought of what to do and realized that I
missed you.” Shikamaru said and Lee glowed with happiness.

“Oh Shikamaru that was very nice of you!” Lee said with a grin and hugged

“Yeah I guess so….” Shikamaru said with a smile and kissed Lee lightly.

“So Shikamaru. What do you want to do--” Lee started but an irritating voice for
everyone interrupted him.

“Lee, I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Gai Sensei said and Lee clenched
his teeth in anger.

“Sensei, I’m talking to Shikamaru right now.” Lee said not letting go of the
grasp he had on Lee’s waist.

“No Lee, I need you right now.” Gai said in a stern voice.

“No Sensei, I’m busy.” Lee said and glowered at the elder man.

“I’m afraid that you don’t have the authority to tell me so. Come on.” Gai
said and Lee frowned and looked at Shikamaru sadly.

“I… Have to go. Goodbye Shikamaru.” Lee said and bit his lower lip and walked
over with Gai Sensei.

“What is wrong Lee? Why do you seem so dismayed?” Shikamaru asked himself and sat
on the ground and looked off to where Lee left off to. “Something about Gai
Sensei.. I know it.” Shikamaru said and stood up tall. “I will find out.”

[With the main purpose of me writing this series

Naruto was walking to Neji’s complex which despondently passed Sasuke’s house.
Naruto glanced from the corner of his eye and saw Sakura clung to Sasuke and looked
at the ground as though in a trance.

“He never did love me. Why did I think he did? I’m such a fool. Why did I fall
for him anyway? I don’t see the point. He’s always seemed to have a loathing for
me, maybe it was just all a lie to begin with. Maybe he hated me and was just playing
with me… All around literal. Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.” Naruto
whispered quietly to himself.

He then saw a flash of pink and red run passed him. He caught a glimpse of it. It was
Sakura. He hated her too huh? See, everything was a lie.

Naruto heard someone walking behind him and turned around.

“Sasuke?” Naruto asked in astonishment.

“Naruto.” Sasuke said flatly.

So he doesn’t want to make up really…

“What do you want?” Naruto asked and Sasuke shrugged.

“I figured since it will never work out between us, maybe we could be friends at
least. And if you want I’ll call off the bet.” Sasuke said and Naruto looked down
then up with a mask. His mask was a smile. What else could a mask look like when the
person you love is basically saying that they’ll never be with you ever.

“Yeah, ok.” Naruto said and Sasuke smirked.

“Cool, see ya round.” Sasuke said and jogged off and an evil glimmer shimmered in
his eye.


Sexygirl_10 says:   31 December 2007   665313  
‹ikaeros› says :   6 January 2008   656622  
Awww, poor Naruto...Still, it's way awesome ^__^

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