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Love and Lots of lust 5Category: (general)
Monday, 31 December 2007
05:39:41 PM (GMT)
Sasuke confesses

Naruto walked around the village and spotted Hinata. He ran over to her and found her
picking flowers.

"Hey Hinata." Naruto said and Hinata looked at him and blushed.

"N-naruto-kun..." Hinata said and fiddled with her fingers.

"Do you know where Neji is?" Naruto asked and Hinata pointed to the forest.

"He's training." Hinata said and Naruto grinned and hugged her.

"Thanks a bunch Hinata!" Naruto yelled and ran off.

Naruto-kun... what are you up to?

Naruto dashed into the woods and looked around and finaly saw Neji. He ran over but
stopped to take a breather for a second. Lee looked at Naruto curiously as to what he
was gonna do. Neji just glared at Naruto to make sure his image stayed cold. Naruto
grabbed Neji's arm and pulled him deeper into the woods.

"What the hell are you doing Naruto!?" Neji hissed and Naruto stopped and sat down.

Neji shortly followed as they looked at their reflection in the small puddle. Naruto
looked at Neji and sighed.

"Neji-san I need your help." Naruto said and Neji smirked.

"What is it Naruto?" He asked and Naruto took a deep breath inward and leaned closer
to Neji and whispered something in his ear and Neji smirked and nodded.

"Ok." Neji said and Naruto grinned.

"Really?!" Naruto said and Neji nodded.

"This will be interesting." Neji said and Naruto and Neji gave eachother a pound
(punch their fists lightly) and ran back to where they were.

"So are you gonna go back to training?" Naruto asked and Neji snorted.

"Yeah right." Neji said and they walked around the town.

"Sasuke alert." Naruto said and Neji nodded and threw Naruto into a wall and kissed

Sasuke's eye widened and he droped the bag he was holding. He squinted his eyes and
saw that Naruto was kissing back. He grunted and jumped off. Neji broke the kiss and
Naruto started laughing.

"Haha, we got him." Naruto said and Neji smirked.

Finaly Neji has proven himself better that Sasuke xD.

[With Lee

Lee looked around the training grounds but couldn't find Neji. He sighed and began
walking until he cam across a river and saw Shikamaru laying down near it looking at
the clouds.

"Hi Shikamaru." Lee said and sat 2 feet away from Shikamaru.

"Hey Lee." Shikamaru said boredly and sat up.

"What brings you here?" Shikamaru asked and Lee just looked into the water.

"I was looking for someone." Lee said with a smile and Shikamaru grew a curious

"Who?" Shikamaru asked and Lee looked at him and smiled.

"Neji." Lee said and Shikamaru looked down into the water.

"Oh." Shikamaru said and Lee blushed as he stole glances of the lazy ninja.

Tenten was walking around when she came across Lee and Shikamaru. She was still
hiding in the trees but she giggled at the blushing Lee. She remembered when Lee had
told her he liked Shikamaru so she smirked to herself and summoned her radio and
played a random love song on full blast so they could hear it. She left it in the
tree and went to a diffrent one so they wouldn't find her. She looked at them as they
both blushed and awkwardly looked at the tree.

"The tree seems to like romance o_O." Shikamaru said and Lee nodded and they both
stood up.

Lee stole another glance of Shikamaru but this time Shikamaru looked at him. They
looked at eachother and looked away blushing. Tenten was in the tree and mentally
curssing on how the two were so stubborn.

Just kiss god damn it!

Lee and Shikamaru looked back at eachother but Lee advanced a step foward and now you
could clearly see Lee was much taller. Their eyes locked and Lee inched closer and
Shikamaru hezitantly moved foward and their eyes closed once they were just a few
centimeters away. They felt eachother's hot breath on eachothers faces and their
hearts were pounding so fast you could feel it in the air. Lee cut through the last
few centimeters and pressed his lips against Shikamaru's. Tenten punched the air
happily and giggled quietly to herself.

Yaoi is so great ;D 

Lee's hands went around Shikamaru's waist and pulled him closer, deepining the kiss
in the process. Lee's tongue slid across Shikamaru's lower lip and Shikamaru opened
his mouth a bit and their tongue's dances with eachother. Slowly it started to rain
and their hair and clothes got damp. Shikamaru too a step backwards and stumbled onto
the ground bringing Lee with him. They broke the kiss and opened their eyes.Their
faces were inched apart and their noses almost touched. Water from Lee's hair dripped
down onto Shikamaru's face but they still didn't blink. Shikamaru felt Lee's hot
breath in his face and slowly removed his head from the ground and kissed Lee. It
wasn't like Shikamaru's lazy side, it actualy had some emotion in it and a lot of

[With Sasuke

Sasuke was in his house with the lights off pacin back and forth angerly. He looked
out the window and saw it was raining. He walked over to the window and looked to see
Naruto and Neji walking together. His teeth clenched and saw that Neji waved goodbye
and left Naruto in the house. Sasuke walked outside and walked up to the Hokage
monuments and just looked into the cloudy sky as raindrops wet his clothes and hair.
He turned his head to see Naruto and he walked over to him.

"Naruto what the hell are you doing with Neji!?" Sasuke hissed and Naruto smirked.

"What the hell are you doing with Sakura?" Naruto asked and they glared at

Sasuke turned around and mumbled to himself and Naruto smirked and walked in front of
Sasuke. He couldn't tell because of the rain but it looked like Sasuke was crying.

"S-sasuke?" Naruto asked and Sasuke dropped to the floor. "Sasuke!"

Naruto bend down to Sasuke's level and Sasuke looked up at him. Yes, Naruto saw it in
his eyes. He was crying. Naruto tried his best not to look like he cared. I mean,
look at what Sasuke put him through! Sasuke stood up and so did Naruto. Sasuke bent
over to Naruto's ear and whispered.

"I love you Naruto." He said and Naruto's eyes widened.

Naruto thought to himself and looked at Sasuke. All the times Sasuke told him he
loved him before were just a little joke but this time Sasuke sounded like he ment
it. Naruto turned his head away from Sasuke and took a deep breath.

"Sasuke I lov--" Naruto said but a strike of lightning hit right next to the two
causing them to pass out from the shock.

Hawkeye15 says :   1 January 2008   593629  
Danm it! Not Neji too! Please say he isn't gay too....*sobsob*

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