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Gone for a week...Category: (general)
Sunday, 25 November 2007
12:50:57 AM (GMT)
ROYALLY screw whatever the heck I wrote here! I mean, I know what my problem is, why
get worked up over it?!

Ignore what I wrote before. The problem is me and I sure as heck AM NOT going to shut
myself up for a week.

heh, I bet you were all looking forward to week without rayn, didn't cha? Well, TOO

I <3 luff, luff, luff you guys, btw.

**edited Nov. 26, 4:00 AM

-rayn <3 <3 <3

I'll lurk here for the next week and comment on everything as much as possible. No
stupid school stress is going to keep me away!!! I won't submit for a while but I'll
be here this week, trust me.

the "going away"/"the emo artist locks themselves in a dark closet" phase is totally
NOT what I want to do. I did it too much on devianArt, I won't do it to my friends



I love sugar drowned coffee.

Let's forget my whole saddened day before and blame it on my menstrual cycle or
something. I feel better than ever.

And you guys helped me get better. :D

*throws luff (tiny paper hearts) on everyone*

aaahh...I was supposed to end this at the edit above, but you know what? I don't

:D I am TOO giddy for my own good right now. *beware this could last for a WHILE*

tralalalala!! la! LA! <3 :3
Last edited: 26 November 2007

‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   25 November 2007   452433  
Thats alright...Take your time but ake sure not to forget about us :P
Mewmewkitten says:   25 November 2007   899294  
Not another person leaving for a certain amount of time. D':
Am I one of them who anoy you? Because you seem to never talk to me
that much. D:
DoOp says:   25 November 2007   941453  
Haha, that's totally understandable ^-^ I know alot of people ask for
my art and i know they only want it and I get angry too :P I'm not a
big fan of people who beg and keep bugging me for my art when I know I
draw better, I'm totally fine if people tell me my art is good and
they'll understand if I say no, I like them.  They're kind and they
complement me! I love complements and they boost my self esteem : )
I'm so...horrible ^^;;  I expect comments and I want comments, so I go
somewhere where I will get them, I am just terrible! but it's the
honest truth, but while I do that, I really want to help people who
really want help on their art, if they ask for comments and crits,
I'll give them some...but I try not to go overboard to the point where
I'm being ccrudely rude, unless they want that : ) I try to keep in
mind who the person I'm typing with because if I give a crit and they
go on yelling back at me, well.  I'm jsut going to let them yell
because it's really not worth my time.  I'll let whomever yell what
they want, and I'm not going to care because they waste their own time
:D Although it puts me in a bad mood, i'll keep a good face for the
people who I do like and try to make them happy :D

hmmm art eh? lazy eH? oh mannn, I am so lazy with my art... we all
feel as if our art is failing us and it's going down hill... It
happens, and all your need to do is take a walk, watch some tv, read
perhaps.  Take your mind off art ^^ Art isn't your life and if you
remember that you're well off! and if you want to improve, try
realism. You don't have to take a long time, draw something realistic,
something YOU want to draw.  Don't be afraid to butcher their face or
whatever, no one's going to yell at you if they never see it, practice
in secret.  And when you think you're ready for the public eye you can
show them! after that you can add what you've learned from drawing
from realism, the properties of life, shading, techniques you may have
obtained : ) I think, this is my own opinionated thoughts, that art is
free.  You let yourself loose and if you can do that you're bound to
draw beautifully and continue drawing daily.  Or at least try to, a
doodle, a sketch, 5 minutes or 6 hours! It's all up to how you feel :
)  Don't push yourself and we all love you here! (I do at least) XD
<3333 Take good care of yourself ^-^
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   25 November 2007   615453  
;_; nuuuuuuuu T_T
kiwily says:   25 November 2007   766419  
yeah, the wonderful thing with the internet is that it shows people
in a kinda 2D mode, because people can acually think before they
act.... and yeah. Linda is completely different on the internet. XD
DoOp says :   26 November 2007   463381  
roffle! you're backkk!!! -hugsqueeze- x3


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