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Saturday, 4 August 2007
10:04:21 AM (GMT)
To Whom it May Concern, 
My name is Dale Ford. I'm 20 years old, and I am writing this from the State House of
Corrections Annex in Jessup, MD, where I am now serving the last two months of a 10
year sentenced for the murder of my grandfather, Coley Ford Jr., 73 of Rising Sun,
MD. Yeah, I know we all say we "didn't do it" and I am no different. 

My grandparents lived in the oldest and spookiest house I'd ever seen, when I was
growing up. I loved them both very much and we were very close, but that house scared
the shit out of me! 

Mom-mom Ford always begged me to spend the night, and as a scared child, I never
would. As I got older, around 9 or 10 years old, I became almost embarassed that I
was so scared to stay there and one day I finally got the balls up to do it. We had a
great time that afternoon and mom mom cooked a really nice dinner afterward. It was a
fun day until night fell. 

Before I knew it, I was laying in bed, a 9 year old kid and scared shitless. I've
said it a thousand times and I'm writing it again today -there was something there
with me that night. Something in the darkness. The hallway light barely lit a corner
of the room, and as I strained my eyes, I lay there trying to decide whether I was
seeing horrible faces in the dark or spots from straining my eyes. There was no
sound. Only faded images. I shut my eyes to try and ignore it, but panic kept setting

Finally, I freaked and ran to my grandparents room. I knocked on the door in fear and
their bedside light came on. I felt kind of stupid and childish, but it seemed so
real. Grandpop Ford came to the door and stepped into the hall so he didn't wake mom
mom. He walked me back down the hall to that same room I'd just bailed out of. As far
as I remember, I guess he was planning on laying beside me until I fell asleep, which
is now what I believe DID actually happen. 

I awoke what must have been hours later, to a really violently shaking bed. As I
quickly opened my eyes and got my bearings about me, I realized that I was still
laying next to my grandfather there in the dark. I looked over at him, and to my
horror, his legs were kicking in panick and defense as a horrible "image" smothered
him to death with a pillow. 

I was young. There was nothing I could do. I slipped from my side of the bed onto the
floor. I rolled under the bed, tears streaming down my face, and laid there, like a
coward, with my hands covering my ears until the shaking finally stopped. It seemed
to go on forever. 

Whether it was shock, or something else, I'll never know, but I have no other memory
of that night. The next thing I knew it was morning and my life was forever changed.
My grandfather gone. My freedom gone. They didn't believe me. You don't believe me
either. It doesn't matter now. I've done my time. 

"This letter is for my healing. 
For my closure and peace of mind. 
As I leave this place forever 
leave so far behind" -Dale Ford, July 2006

Babi_123 says:   4 August 2007   214958  
ummm wow thats sad and sick ur a great writer
EmpressEmoMuffinbake says:   6 August 2007   782231  
Did you write that?
bunniNANGEL says:   6 August 2007   174938  
‹*Expired*› says:   19 December 2007   462866  
*creeps out*i feel like a coward...........running away from a scary
story..........but it IS scary!
‹Twilight Night› says :   13 December 2008   413135  
LOLsh that was awshume 

IDK why but scary stories help me out with break ups YAYEEE ^^

Thank yuou for you very good stories


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