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~Memeries~Chapter Six:Olette's GiftCategory: Roxas Love story
Tuesday, 10 July 2007
05:52:35 PM (GMT)
  After ya'll where done with the song, you heard claping from the seats.All of you
looked up with sweat on your heads and saw Hayner, Pence, and Olette.
~Still your point of veiw~
  Roxas waved 'Hi' and so did the rest of the group.
  "Aya!I have something for you!Come here!" Olette shouted.
  You got of your chair and walked towards her.Olette got up with a blackcover in her
arms."Here, it was abanded in Sunset Terrace." She uncovered her arms to show a
BloodRed kitty.Olette took the black cover fully off her arm and showed a few
  "Olette, what happened?" You asked seeing the scratches.
  "Oh that.It's k the kitty's doing....but im ok." The kitty jumped off her arms and
onto your shoulder."What are you going to name it?" Olette asked you.
  "Hm..." You stared into the kitty's eyes and froze for a moment.My name is
blood. "Blood?" The kitty nodded.
  "Blood?" Roxas appered beside you. "Sounds cool." Roxas was about pet Blood but it
bit him with it's sharp looking teeth."Ow!" Blood finally let go of him and there was
fresh blood where the kitty had bit him.
  "No blood!" You told him.He tasted bad anyway.
  "I think your cat is hungry." Roxas said as Axel and Demyx joined next to him.
  I am not hungry!I just had a few mices this morning!I bit him for
fun.Blood was telling you
  "He's not hungry.He said he bit you for fun."
  "You under stand him?" Axel said.
  Yes she does Spikey
  "Yes i do."
  "Hows that even possibale?" Hayner asked.
  She's magic blonde
  "I'm magic...."
  "Yeah right!"
  "I'll prove it!Olette! Let me see your arm!"
  You held her arm from the bottom."Xiya seal thy wounds in arms!"  You shouted.
Olette's scratches were vanishing.{me:Go You!Lolz}  "What did i tell you?
  "Fine! Can you heal Roxas's broken heart?"
  You looked at roxas..but he was just staring at hayner.
  "Don't lie Roxas!Qoute'No one can heal this broken heart'Unqoute. 
  You stared at Roxas who was looking at the ground.
  I'll save you from this.Follow me. Blood jumped off your shoulders
and squezzed through the partly open doors.
  "Blood where are you going?" You went through the doubble doors following him
through the Tram Commen.
  Blood finally stoped infront of Armor Shop.His ears stood up and was looking
  You took off your hat and your cat ears heard something
  Blood jumped back on your shoulder.Too the woods and fast! Blood
  You ran towards the entrance and stepped to the side.
  "Now Namine!! Unless....you wanna die?" A girlish voice shouted
  "I'll never tell you!" Namine's soft voice shouted.
  You couldn't take standing there anymore..so you stepped through the entrance.
Namine was on the ground on her back while a hooded figure was about to kill her
with.....a sword??
  "NAMINE!" You yelled.
  "No Aya! Stay back!" she warned you. But you didn't listen. You ran to the person
and threw a punch but it didn't hit her....instead black flames come out where you
punched and sent you flying back first to a tree.

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