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Did I betray her?Category: (general)
Monday, 18 June 2007
05:11:29 AM (GMT)
I have two friends,one of them is my best friend,the other was my best
friend,but I discovered that she wasn't a good friend,that's because she talked about
me and my best friend behind our backs,and talked about all the other ppl,she told my
best friend that i said about her (my best friend)something bad,but i didn't!so my
best friend believed her and didn't make me keep her secrets again,and then my bad
friend told me that my best friend said bad things on me.and that was right,so i was
soo sad and started talking about her,and then i forgived her (my best friend)cuz
she's really my best friend,and we agreed not to talk to her again,but i feel i
betrayed her and like i am facading,so can anybody help me?

‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   18 June 2007   875243  
it is so hard
‹lumière du soleil› says:   18 June 2007   258914  
yes,thanks for understanding
nicky7127 says:   18 June 2007   298592  
It Must B33 So Ard..x Mail M33 Sumtym..x
‹lumière du soleil› says:   18 June 2007   923978  
thanks nicky i will mail you
devilkiddo13 says:   26 June 2007   936496  
oooh....whos that?
‹lumière du soleil› says:   27 June 2007   537773  
two friends in my class
Scotti says:   18 July 2007   315593  
My sister has had worse
‹lumière du soleil› says:   18 July 2007   593621  
why?why is that?
Beachbum77 says:   8 August 2007   299846  
That is hard and she was horrible to you so don't even worry about
her anymore you should just push her out of you life for now and for
‹lumière du soleil› says:   9 August 2007   721538  
yeah,maybe i really should,thanx
bunniNANGEL says:   17 August 2007   293364  
well idk
‹lumière du soleil› says:   18 August 2007   177481  
neither do I!!
Grumpy51894 says:   18 August 2007   992744  
hey i have had way worse
Grumpy51894 says:   28 August 2007   642738  
‹lumière du soleil› says:   29 August 2007   553777  
its ok,thnx for commenting
peppermint_002 says:   10 September 2007   194476  
You did not betraye her she betrayed you.  so aconamatata(no worrys)
just forgether
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   10 September 2007   616962  
ya she5a fokek we zabateny ana ma3a basant we malekesh da3wa ana
hazabatlek el3eyal di
hamothomlek 5ales
‹lumière du soleil› says:   11 September 2007   726615  
ya salam 3altazbita?mshy ya shiko lolz
‹lumière du soleil› says:   12 September 2007   789413  
shiko 7elw el esm dah msh keda?????
gangstaman77 says:   16 September 2007   634336  
girls r so hard to understand. but im srry that happened to u
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   17 September 2007   219433  
aih shiko di 
gebteha menain
bingo says:   17 September 2007   929357  
hey just be sure that ur real friends with ya 
don be sad ya have a nice friends her an all of the love ya
ya r a good gurl an ya always will get the real friends only the real
‹lumière du soleil› says:   20 September 2007   455891  
thanks ahmed the two ahmeds of you:D
rebel11 says:   21 September 2007   316654  
its complicated situation but u did a great thing u should never have
‹lumière du soleil› says:   22 September 2007   977726  
ya ur right
‹Cora Rose› says:   27 September 2007   583338  
ok..........   your friends prob.
bunniNANGEL says:   29 September 2007   922188  
‹lumière du soleil› says:   4 October 2007   732359  
wat??i dun understand a word
‹HyperStrawberries!› suggests:   14 October 2007   929494  
Next time that happens, Just say "Why are you doing this? If you keep
it up, You'll endup having NO friends for the rest of your life!" If
she tells the teacher then just say that She is trying to break apart
your friendship! Then, to make yourself feel better, Then just repeat
nobody needs to be treated badly till you believe it and feel good!
Thats what I did when my friend betrayed me and my best friend. Just
try it and see what happens!
‹lumière du soleil› says:   14 October 2007   678169  
wow,ur advice is soo good,i will work with it,thanks a lot
TheMokey wonders:   16 October 2007   441964  
how bad could that be if your BFF gets the whole school (about 500
poeple (kids)) againest you ????????   

But you maked alot of sense
‹lumière du soleil› says:   17 October 2007   539621  
thank u,i think that will be bad,and HEY,my school has got a lot more
than that!!
misscaramella says:   17 October 2007   441246  
meen di!! akeed elbors elga3an ely 23da wara,,,, nour (men anhi
‹lumière du soleil› says:   18 October 2007   698529  
la2 enty mate3rafihash...
HinataH says:   19 October 2007   796221  
I don't get it?
‹Supercalafragalisticespialadocious.› says:   22 October 2007   242713  
wow thats crazy i had that happen to me and i had no friends becuse
the bad one got me and my best freind into a fight
sete says:   25 October 2007   725362  
i had friends like that n i did the same as you message me some time
‹lumière du soleil› says:   25 October 2007   349587  
hey thanks for understaning u both,and i will sete
‹Jamssy› says:   25 October 2007   818239  
i don't know what your saying....but you didn't betrayed her,
sometimes friends are like that, i have friends like that too..
HolaLola says:   25 October 2007   432242  
you didn't betray her, as long as you apologized which you did so you
definatly didn't betray her.
‹lumière du soleil› says:   26 October 2007   616654  
thanks u 2,u really cheered me up
Blaziken1996 says:   10 November 2007   614734  
that happened to me too my old friend did not like my new friend so
said bad things like she has a problem with her blood and I could get
it and die but she did have a thing called sickle cell  and yes SHE
colud die but not me so never trust someone like that
‹*Expired*› says:   10 November 2007   461542  
your not betraying her.shes betraying you.besides its sounds like its
you "friends" fault.and just wait till she comes to YOU!!!its very
Bandchic says:   27 November 2007   793571  
technically SHE betrayed you first you had a right to
retaliate...............wow big words
‹lumière du soleil› says:   28 November 2007   135676  
thanks guys,that girl i am saying i betrayed betrays me now,she talks
with my enemy and tells her secrets and stuff,she even made her come
to her home!!i fought wid her
mikimill says:   14 January 2008   811836  
She is somone that just is messing with peolple's heads. she might as
well get new best friends to cheat on.
Kirti says:   2 March 2008   872588  
its all the ex-friends fault. but you lost your temper and got into
it. in major in-school-feud one must always remember: by the time your
colledge age you won't remember the names of most people involved.
shipporulz96 says:   15 March 2008   773564  
I don't know her but I hate her already...My dad has 7 guns if that
i_am_not_emo says:   6 April 2008   396577  
From experience, I know you didn't betray her...she betrayed you. 
Don't worry, the same thing happened to me...except that girl is now
out of my life.
i_silverdragon94 says:   23 April 2008   174691  
that story confused me very much..........
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   6 October 2008   384291  
that would be a lot less confusing if you used names instead of my
best friend and my old best friend
clov555 says:   20 October 2008   525732  
honey,don't worry about it.If she forgave you,it's ok.
‹the_glass_castle› says:   20 October 2008   658781  
i had a BFF for about 3 years then she started saying not true things
about me and my sisters so now we dont talk but i see her every day
its still hard i hope you figure out what to do soon
pinkypincessz says:   27 November 2008   525928  
cl024 suggests:   25 January 2009   315594  
did u say sorry cause if u did then ull be fine
ElleLove says:   17 February 2009   885357  
that kinda happened to me but the person that was being mean was my
olny bff i diint hav another bff and my old bff turned the whole
school on me wen i asked her y she doing that
so i kinda no wat ur feeling but srry i cant say anything positive cuz
i dont no wat to do in  my own problem
‹lumière du soleil› says:   19 April 2009   383718  
Oh Tht Is  sOO over nw..we've grown up pretty much for these stuff
and it became normal..of course we're not the same anymore but that's
due to hangin' out with different ppl and that has nthn to do with
that story..anyway thanks all i rlly appreciate wt u've done..ur help
is rlly worth it
Mysterious_Girl says:   25 September 2009   267769  
Oh, i don't really need friends ,that's why they call me mysterious
girl. I am all alone all day and at night i sleep alone.I live alone
,my mother and father bought me a house so i can leave alone. So i
don't have any idea . I have no friends .The only thing that i can say
to you is great her ,apologize to her if you need to and always
remember you didn't betrayed her.
‹lumière du soleil› says:   15 February 2010   565961  
You're right You can pretty much get betrayed all the time..but it's
nice to hang out with ppl once in a while
crazzychick12 says :   21 December 2011   888868  
this storie kinda happen to my and my best friend but somewhat
diffrent but it was kinda like your guyses


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