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My first pokemon contestCategory: My life
Sunday, 29 April 2007
12:41:53 PM (GMT)
I woke up early. I sheilded my eyes as i realised i had collapsed on the pavement. I
got up and brushed my self off. "Hey you!" someone shouted. "Yeah, you! Follow me!"
The boy who had been screaming tightly grabed my wrist. I shut my eyes as sun shot
into them. He started pulling my arm, and i followed. We stopped at a large building
and he let go of my arm. "your new here, right?" He said turning around. "But you DO
have pokemon, rgiht?" I nodded, wondering what he was trying to say. Our eyes ment.
"Now we have to battle." He said softly. I knew he didn't WANT to battle, but we had
no choice. "Go, Piplup!" I shouted. "Go, abra!" the boy shouted. " Oh no"I
thought. One hit and..BOOM! "Piplup!" I screamed, running to catch Piplup. I Was
pulling out all my money to pay the boy, but before i could, i blackend out. I woke
up with the boy offering his hand to me. I once again sheilded my eyes and grabed his
hand as he helped me up. "Darron." He said, smiling and holding out his hand. "Oh,
and don't worry about the money, you need it more than i do." I smirked. Was he
implieing that i'd lose more battles? I shook his hand, still mad i muttered, "Dawn."

     The next day i woke up on a soft bed. "Dawn, what have you gotten yourself
into?" I asked myself. I got up and stretched, grabed my bag, and went out the door.
"Hey!" I said, cupping one hand around my mouth. Darron was slowly walking towards
the tall grass. Then he started running. "Hey! HEY!" I screamed. I ran after him. "We
got off to a bad start yesterday, i want to try again!" I shouted, though all i could
see was the back of his head, i was careful to avoid his eyes. "hey, turn around will
you?" I shouted attempting to grab his arm. My scarf flew off in the wind, but i kept
running. The boy ran to a store, opened the door and shut it. "You idiot" I muttered,
pulling the big doors open. "Dar--" I paused. Darron was talking to my mom. "..Mom?"
I asked. "aren't you missing something?" She said, with the gently soft voice she
has. Iput my hands around my neck and slowly  slid it around untill the tips of my
fingers touched. My mom handed me a scarf. "I closed my eyes, embaressed i gently
took the scarf. Darron laughed but covered his mouth so i couldn't hear it.  "Anyway,
mom.. what are you doing here?" I asked. "Well, while you were on your journy, i
decided to take a vacation here. Are you going to participate in any contests?" I was
puzzled. "contests?" Darron bursted out laughing. He laughed so hard his face turned
red. "HEY!" I said angerly, grabing him by the collar. "You may be older than me but
that doesn't mean-" My mom pulled me apart from darron. At first she looked like she
was going to fight, then she calmed down. "You probly don't know. But there are
contests held here. For pokemon." she handed me a dress. "If you'd like to
participate... you can't win in THOSE clothes..." I smiled weakly. "i'll make you
proud mom." I said. I walked up to the manager and put my hand on the table. " Sign
me up!" I said Then i went into the bathroom and changed into a dress....

     "Meet our contestents!" I heard the judge say i closed my eyes and took a deep
breath as he introduced us one by one. "Fist up, is the apperance round!" He said as
i snapped into reality. "Dress up your pokemon! Match the theme and earn bonous
points! The theme is.... NATURE!" I went backstage and dressed up my pokemon. I
picked up a green fluffball and gently put it on buneary's ear. Buneary scaratched
her ear. "I know you hate this, just..hold still for me for a sec." "TIMES UP!" I
heard the judge shout.  "first " I heard him say the same to three other
contestents. "Dawn is hoping to blaze victory with..BUNEARY!" Buneary slowly turned
around. I don't know what she should've done.... I saw one person stand up and clap.
"Thank goodness" i said under my breath. "next the dance compitition!" "NOOO!"
I screamed loud enough for the audiance to here. "I-i-i-" I stammered.I turned red
and ran backstage.  The judge, puzzled, looked back on his card. "Try to copy the
pokemon that makes moves before you." He instructed the pokemon.  First up was
zubat....Up...down...left. "come on  buneary" I wispered tightly holding the end of
the curtian. ....Up...down...left!!! She got it right! Up..left..right.. now i KNEW
buneary could win.. so why was she hessitating? ....Up...left..right..!! Okay she was
winning. I took a sigh of releif and leaned on the curtian. "Your not the only one
who wants to win." A girl with orange clothes said. "Oh.. i know.." I said softly.
"My  zubat never wins. your lucky your buneary has expieriance..." she said.
"what...?" I asked. "Oh never mind!" she said annoyed getting up and walking out the
backstage. "what about your zubat?" I asked as i stood.I looked at my poketch (poke
watch). By now the contest would be close to over. I stood up and put my hands on the
curtians. Come on buneary.. I thought. The judge smiled and said "Last in place
was..piplup!  third... starly! second.. buneary! first.. "   Buneary bursted into
tears. I ran into the stage and grabed buneary. I hugged her and i felt a tear run
down my face. "Its okay buneary." I wispered. "Its okay... you tried your best, don't
be sad o-or i'll be sad!" I said. I wiped a tear from her face, picked her up and
held her like a baby in a craddle.I walked offstage and the audiance was shocked.
"first up was.."I hard the judge say. I was walking out the door. Too painfull to
hear. To let buneary hear. I changed back into my normal clothes in the backroom, i
didn't put on my scarf, hat, or hair pins, i wanted to get out of here as fast as i
could. "Buneary.." I said when i got out, "don't ever change. However you are, i'll

Sebby says:   29 April 2007   888725  
cool nice story keep writing
Pokemon_trainer_dawn says:   29 April 2007   258536  
Laura24dr says:   2 May 2007   341978  
It's real good.
Pokemon_trainer_dawn says :   25 May 2007   268177  


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