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I started a storrry! Chapter oneCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 11 April 2007
03:04:13 AM (GMT)
Lotus garden:

A scream echoed through the night. The scream of a little girl. It woke everyone in
the temple, which was only two other people.

"What's wrong this time!" Chiihiro thought as she shot straight up in her bed

Chiihiro ran through the darkened hallways of Shinikia Shrine. She erupted through
the doors of Kiana's room,her little sister.
"WHAT'S WRONG!?" Chiihiro screamed
"That nightmare again," Kiana trembled with fright

"What is all the yelling?" said a strong voice.

It was Tsukiko, the eldest of the three sisters. She was beauty beyond compare. She
had long silver hair that reached beyond her waist,  and beautiful lavender eyes.
Tsukiko was quite the beauty but Chiihiro and Kiana were pretty too. Chiihiro had
slick black hair and emerald green eyes, her hair reached past her elbows .Kiana had
violet hair with peircing gold eyes. All three were orphans. They didn't even truly
know if they were actual sisters. They lived in old Shinikia Shrine. The monks that
tended there left long ago, because of the war. The three girls moved in, finding
solace in the empty rooms. They have been living there for six months now, since the
war had ended. For the last few nights Kiana had been having a terrible nightmare.
She and the other two had no clue what it was about. Tsukiko
quietly slipped into the room, and sat at Kiana's side.
"Hush little one," Tsukiko's soft words hushed both Kiana and Chiihiro

Kiana shivered. Tsukiko rubbed Kiana's shoulder while whispering more comforting
words. Chiirhiro listened, but said nothing.
"You should go back to bed," Tsukiko said "Kiana will be okay."

"Yeah,yeah," Chiihiro yawned "See ya in the morning sis'."

Chiihiro walked down the empty hallways, breathing the stale air. She passed many
artifacts left by the monks. She stopped by a muraof two dragons,one white and one
blue. She had always loved this mural most. Such power it had, such an air of
signifigance. The legend
said that the two were seperated at the first lunar eclipse. Chiihiro had always felt
sorry for them, she felt preticulary close to them, of course she too had been
seperated from the people she had once loved. She let out a long stale sigh, then
something hit her on the head.

"WHAT THE!?" she looked up, the roof was leaking

She glared at the roof.

"Stupid roof!" she hissed

Another drop of water fell on her head.

"AH!" she let out a yell "YOU STUPID ROOF!"

She kicked the wall in frustration. Unlike her older sister Tsukiko, she had a short
fuse. She kicked the wall again. A stream of water fell from the ceiling!
"AI-YA!" she yelped

"Having a battle with the ceiling i see?" 
She turned to see Tsukiko.

   "We really need to get that fixed!" Chiihiro said shaking herself dry.

"Chiihiro huffed away. She walked a little ways until she found herself in the

"How'd i get here?" she asked herself

 "All my memories are.....missing," she thought recalling the words or her younger
sister "They disapeared,"	
She stared at the garden around her.

"All of this," she said aloud "Was untouched by the fires of war."

 She slipped through the courtyard and into the hallway once more. She bounded toward
her room. When she opened the door, she realized she wasn't the only one

ydoc1994 says :   31 May 2007   269655  
thats really good i like it


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