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Chapter 3 of Secrets Long ForgottenCategory: (general)
Monday, 9 April 2007
09:41:35 PM (GMT)
Sasuke's Downfall...

     By: Kiyomi Murasaki

            After what Ria did in the hospital room...Sasuke was never sure when she
would be happy or sad...Ria Metsutague was a  mystery. As Sasuke was walking down the
side of the street, he saw Naruto running up to him. "Sasuke!! Kakashi wants to see
you!! He said that it was something about Ria...*pant* hurry up...Kakashi-sensei was
in a bad mood..." Naruto was saying all this in one breath. Sasuke nodded and went
the way Naruto pointed. 

            As Sasuke walked down the street, he saw Kakashi and Sakura were talking
by Ichirakus. "Kakashi- sensei, you said you wanted to talk with me...?" Sasuke
asked, as Kakashi turned to him and nodded. "Sasuke, i want you to watch over
Ria...sort of as her bodyguard...okay?" Kakashi said, as his one eye closed and he
grinned behind his mask. Sasuke sweatdropped and nodded his head glumly and Kakashi
pointed towards one of the tables in the teahouse across the street. As Sasuke sulked
away, Kakshi laughed and Sakura smiled, while she was moving away from her sensei,
whom she thought was very crazy. As Sasuke entered the teahouse, he saw Ria was being
harassed by two men. "Would you please leave me alone?" He heard her ask. "Awww, you
don't want us here? That's too bad...we enjoy your company..." One of them said.
"Leave now ya moron meatball head..." Ria said, and Sasuke chuckled. The one man that
had spoken before was red with rage and he wasn't leaving anytime soon. He roughly
grabbed her by the arms and dragged her toward him. She looked up at him with rage
burning in her eyes and her body language showed she was gonna kick the dude. Just as
Sasuke was about to help her, she brought her knee up in between his legs and sent
him sprawling to the floor groaning. She quickly pulled out a fan and flipped it
open, before flinging it at the other man. The fan went flinging past his neck and he
was about to laugh when he fell over dead, his throat slit open. 'Ingenius...there
were blades at the end of her fan...pretty smart...' Sasuke thought, as he came up to
her and stood there quietly. "Hello Sasuke-san!!" She said with a big smile. "That
was an impressive battle if i do so myself Ria..." Sasuke said, and she smiled at him
again. The young prodigy smiled slightly in return and held his arm out to her, but
not before saying, "May I escort you home this evening?" Ria giggled and nodded, "You
certainly can Sasuke-san." She replied, giving him a playful wink. Ria latched onto
Sasuke and he led her out of the teahouse and down the street. As the two walked
away, Ino came out of a store and glared at the young prodgiy and his new she loathed the girl with her Sasuke-kun. Ino was a girl that never came
up, and she especially wouldn't give up if it had to do with Sasuke Uchiha.

         As Sasuke and Ria walked to her house, which was suprisingly close to
Sasuke's, he stopped and pulled her out of the road. "Sasuke-san??? What are you
doing??" Ria asked, as he covered her mouth with his hand. Sasuke was looking behind
him, beside him bothways, and even up. Ria bit his hand and said, "What is your
problem Sasuke???" But Sasuke didn't answer, instead he placed his lips over Ria's 
and her eyes grew wide.
Last edited: 30 July 2007

Falcon_of_the_Night says:   9 April 2007   173489  
woot!!! first comment on my on my own story!!
Lover_Overeasy says:   10 April 2007   361495  
Moron....meatball head?!?
Lover_Overeasy says:   24 April 2007   637815  
Falcon_of_the_Night says:   24 April 2007   588713  
what is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?????
Lover_Overeasy says:   25 April 2007   626981  
write more
Falcon_of_the_Night says :   25 April 2007   264139  
okay i will..when i get an idea....


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