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Friday, 6 April 2007
02:33:47 PM (GMT)
Dear hooeva u r,

Right last nite i was thinking of a story and its really good so i wanna write it.
Like NOW!! oh and u pronounce Maye as May. Ok?? Good. hehe i'm excited now. I wont
put the title see if u lot can make a title 4 me:

Hearing the giggles from the bedroom next door, Maye slowly got on to her bony knees
and hammered her fist onto her wall. "SHUT THE HELL UP!!"
Feeling weak Maye slumped back onto her bed and buried her head into the pillow. She
put her hand under the pillow and fumbled about for her phone. Although the light was
blindingly bright she looked at the time. It was 1:30am.Last night at this exact
time, Maye's Mum had died. A Car crash involving two drunk men and a terrified woman
in the back of the car. Maye's Mum. Suddenly, Maye heard howling then she realised it
was herself, she was uncontrollably crying. She couldn't stop! Sakinro, Maye's sister
ran into Maye's room and seeing that Maye was crying she ran into the room with only
her silk dressing gown on. Sakinro sat on the bed and rocked Maye gently telling her
it will be alright.
The next morning Maye was so tired, she hadn't had a wink of sleep that night. She
was unusually quiet, Sakinro was getting worried. " Maybe you shouldn't go to school
today," Sakinro suggested.
"No we're finding out who we are for the school play," Maye walked out of the door
heading off for school. A couple of days before, they had found out they were doing a
school play for the parents.
Walking to school felt like an hour today. When Maye finally got to schoolshe found
she was half an hour late. 
"And Maye where have you been?" Asked Miiss Mukeia. Maye was confused. "I was walking
to school Miss," She said. "Don't be cheeky with me young lady. Now do you have a
reason for being so late?" Miss Mukeia was a teacher who wanted a reason for
"Well, no.I-" Maye started. "Well your mother will have to know won't she?" Miss
Mukeia was getting a bit angry. And when she was angry it wasn't pretty. "She can't
know," Muttered a worn out Maye. "and why not?"
Maye felt anger rising up inside her. She knew that she had a short temper and this
certainly wasn't helping calmher down. "I'm waiting.." Said Miss Mukeia tapping her
foot on the soft, green carpet. For some reason Maye had suddenly reached boiling
point. This was unusual as she usually had 2 have somthing worse to make her blurt
just heard what she said. She cupped her hand over her mouth. Maye was shocked. Miss
Mukeia was shocked. the hole class was shocked. Without any warning Maye felt her
eyes fill and then slowly roll down her cheeks, but it wasn't just the silent tears,
it was the howling. again. "Stop this silly noise Maye. And that is certainly no way
to speak to your teacher. You will have to see the headmaster. stop screaming!" But
Maye couldn't stop. and hearing that she had to see the Headmaster wasn't making it
any better.
Still howling with her T-shirt soaked through she was lead to the Headmaster's
The Headmaster,fairly old. He had a moustache which when ever he was cross it
bristled violently. Nobody was allowed to know his name,but all they were allowed to
call him was Headmaster.
"What is this silly girl screaming for?" His moutache was starting to bristle. "I
dont know she won't stop crying. and she just shouted at me headmaster," Said Miss
Mukeia. Miss Mukeia carefully left the room leaving the Headmaster and Maye in the
room alone. "STOP IT, YOU STUPID GIRL!" The Headmaster screamed. His moustache
bristled,it sounded like a heard of hissing snakes. Obediantly Maye tried to stop,
but still couldn't. She closed her eyes and forced her mouth shut. Then magically she
stopped crying. "NOW WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" The Head was now screeching. Maye
thought her ear drums were about to burst."I-i-i.." Maye was about to start crying
againg but only two single tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the floor. "You will
have to go back home. Maybe your Mum can find out whats wrong with you," He said in
now a soothing voice. 
Maye's sister came to pick her up. "Wheres her Mum?" The Head demanded. "Um shes, um
ill yeah shes ill. With flu."  Sakinro hurried Maye out of the school gates. Maye
managed to hold on to her tears and howling until they got into the flat it all
started again. "Now whats the matter?" Sakinro said sounding very worried.



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