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Am i going Crazy?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 4 April 2007
12:31:17 PM (GMT)
Dear whoeva u r,

I dont why i just get these wierd things sumtimes nd i just reel like i need 2
scream. Mayb i'm depressed.....Nahh 4 gods sake i dont no wot it means ( dont comment
and tell me wot being depressed means i do no wot it means its a figure of speech).
and just wot GREAT!!!! my Great Auntie Pat just looked ova my shoulder and just read
wot i'd written.. Excuse me while i throw a strop. *gets out of computer chair goes
in other room and screams 4 ova a minute then comes bac and continues writing* OH OH
OH OH i no wot i need rite this minute. A really good frend or frends who r on here
alot and i can talk 2 them and tell them how i feel. as long as they listen.....U
cood be a frend..OH WAIT. ur just a STUPID OLD PIECE OF PAPER ON A COMPUTER!!!!
whoops soz i had 2 let that out. altho i'm not letting anything out except the energy
in my fingers cuz i'm typing so fast! God i'm angry agen. wait no i feel like crying.
Oh i dont no i'm going mad mayb crazy. As the title suggest. U no wen teachers say u
shood write sumthing and let it all out? Yeah well it doesn't let it all out 4 me i'd
end up ripping the paper in half. Hey actually i think this is wrking as i'm blabbing
on 2 u i'm actually making my self smile. Hey this really is wierd i keep getting
mood swings.....Lol seriously i just larfed agen. wait ur not that interested r u. I
wanna write a story...


Oh bludy hell i feel i wanna scream agen. A wtf Its not gonna get anybeta by writing
a story.i'm gonna draw an oekaki. OH YEAH!!!! i ment 2 be drawing lesbians kissing
its a request from SilentScream or woteva her name is. My Auntie Pat just came in and
frightened the freaking life outta me. Soz i g2g bye G xx

PrincessSakura says:   4 April 2007   796991  
wow calm down hunny i promise it'll be ok i get depressed sumtyms but
i am so happy right now XD mayb its skwl that getz me down lol cuz im
off mayb datz y im all happy lol i ope ur ok xx
FreeHeart says :   5 April 2007   267815  
Thanx. But i'm not sure if i am depressed nd thats wots really
frustrating. I just need 2 take really big breaths at the mo lol.
Thanx anyway. If u dont get this i'll mail u


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