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Boo I lover you <|3Category: Love <|3
Sunday, 4 March 2007
05:45:51 PM (GMT)
Okay Well I went out with this guy who I loved very much theni  broke up with
him beause of the flirting with him and my so called bestfried.Then me and him got
along better then when we were going out we were more flirty and stuff. I didnt even
like him then i made out with him when i wasnt going out I felt so bad and he cheated
on his girlfriend for me. He then dumped her. Then i made the worst mistake of my
life. I loved him again. he loved me he told me the only reason he had thoughs two
other girlfirneds is cuz he pretened they were me because he still liked me.So we
went out one sunday everyday he told me every 5 minutes even around his frinends I
LOVE YOU So i said it back. I did all my first with this guy i loved. made out i
even made out on top of him on his bed and then on thursday me and him got into a
fight because i didnt like his friend. When he dumped me i was crying for days. he
didnt go to school on friday because he could stad to see me with a frown on my face
all day. I never did smile that day or the next and when i saw him on moday we didnt
talk. tuesday came we were in love again. Me and him were having battles on msn for
who loves who more. It was fun but Wednesday came and his being an ass hole he
grabbed my boob I was mad at him. Fuck why would he do this to me I got into a huge
fight with him on msn and he told me everything the first time we went out he like my
bestfrined. no wonder she has bigger boobs.HE FUCKIGN KISSED HERLIKE 10 TIMES AND THE
FIRST DAY I DUMPED HIM. FUCK. he then told me that he had a funner time with her then
he did with me. but the second time he loved me alot. I cried over him soo many times
I fucking slit my wrist when he dumped me. Then he talks to me today it's fine so far
like hey I say hey he says whats up? i say nothing you? he says ntm. then there was a
silence like 2 minutes later he says i have to go bye <3 . HE PUT A FUCKING HEART I
SHOUILD HAVE PUT A FUCKING BROKEN HEART <|3 and thats the story of my  Love
broke my heart

but the thing is I love him again <|3 my firneds keep telling me go out with him and
stuff i say I'll go out with him but if he says I love you then fucking dumps
me . then my frineds or anyone will never see me again I will be in my room with
blood around me and a blade in my hand and cuts on my wrist.

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