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LOVE?Category: Is it love?
Saturday, 30 December 2006
10:09:20 PM (GMT)
there is a boi named tyler that im going out with.  he never does anything 4 me. he
wont even call me anymore.the only problem is, i love him.   but im not over this
other boi that i broke up with. his name is devin. i dont know if he still likes me.
i think he does. what should i do. i dont want to break tylers heart. HELP ME!!

                                                                       bye beautiful


Alygirl52 writes:   30 December 2006   167628  
First, figure out your feelings for both guys. Is it really worth the
fight over Tyler? You have to work so hard for him to notice you and
you get one phone call! Sorry to say, tyler most likely does not like
you the way you like him. He probally does not have many feelings for
you anymore and does not know how to tell you. Comfront him in an calm
easy voice. If he doesn't say anything, just ask if you like me or
not. If he says yes, ask him why he likes you and why he won't answer
no, say okay, and tell him you have feelings for another guy in a calm
voice and say i'm glad we got this solved. Then walk away and be sure
to say goodbye! Do not act like this is the end of the world for you,
it will make him feel bad and akward! Next, if he said yes, tell him
that you need to be spending more time together and you may find
something in common again. If I does not turn out well, calmly tell
him we had a bad start to begin with and I am breaking up with you. Be
sure to tell him why, he could take "breaking up" the wrong way and he
could get hurt. If he offers to change say it's just not working out
calmly and leave with a goodbye. If he starts to question you why you
broke up and threaten you and say things to make you feel bad, get
your mom or trusted older friend. Now, your ex-boyfriend. Do not tell
him your feelings while you are in a relationship! It makes him
dislike you from putting you in an akward place. Do not ask him right
once he gets out of an relationship either. He may still be upset and
have feelings for the other girl. Once he calms down, go up to him.
This may not be as akward than with tyler becaus you went out once!
Tell him your feelings in a calm matter and don't expect an answer
right away. Give him time to work out HIS emotions. If he does not
respond in a week or two go up to him again and ask him if you could
give it another try. Tell him that you have both matured alot and why
you still like him. If he says no, take a deep breathe and ask CALMLY
why. Once he tells you why don't try to change for him! He still won't
like you! Say goodbye and walk away. In the end you may end up with no
boyfriend at all. THIS IS OKAY! You would have opinioned your mind and
gained back your confidence. Being free, you may end up with new
opinions and feelings too! Hope it works out!
Alygirl52 says:   30 December 2006   865984  
Sorry!!!!! That was long....... I had no idea!
kittenmew shouts:   31 December 2006   222635  
you got that right!!!!!!
Keya says :   31 December 2006   871199  
You do not love him, you may like him a lot, but  I really doubt you
love him.
You are way to young to even know what love feels like.......


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