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Love Story (3rd part)Category: Romance -stories
Saturday, 2 December 2006
07:28:20 AM (GMT)
MaxAmIlLiOn; lol i know!
@bing@-Malesupersexi has logged out.
CoolieCat; i feel like an idiot thinking me and Joey would stay together so far
MaxAmIlLiOn; u'll be ok.
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MaxIzGr8; lol heya Kirsten, i was getting tired of dat name it was too long.
CooliCat; i thort it was good!
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MaxAmIlLiOn; i won't change it anymore i promise.
CoolieCat; good! 
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Del4Alex; Kirsten get off now, or i will ground u agen!
CoolieCat; ok ok, mum bye Max.
Del4Alex; Bye Max
MaxAmIlLiOn; by Kirsten, by Mrs Waters.
Del4Alex; call me Del Max, ;-)
CoolieCat; by mum!
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MaxAmIlLiOn; by Kirsten.
CoolieCat; see ya tomoz at skool ;-)
i switched my pc off and went down stairs.
"lol mum there was no need to go online and say 'call me Del Max!'"
"I hate the name Mrs Waters."
"Shouldn't have married ME then should you?!" My dad screamed.
"I love you Alex, just i hate to be called Mrs Waters by all of Kirstens friends!" my
mum had her arms crossed.
Zeke came down.
"Mum can i borrow the glue because i got to do a project at school because-"
"Yes Zeke, go borrow the glue! Just shut up!"
"Yes mum...." Zeke went to get the glue. "Thanks mum."
"No problem Zeke!" she yelled up the stairs.
"Kirsten!" Max yelled, in the circulating area. I ran over to him.
"Max!" i leaped onto him and i gave him a massive hug.
"Kirsten!" Yelled Miley. she was eyeing me.
"Miley, Joey dumped me." i cried.
"He did WHAT!" she screeched. everyone in Japan could hear her.
 The bell went off, i sat in my usual place, next to Zeke. he was 4 months younger
than me.
A new boy wandered into the class, he was cute, beyond cute he was gorgeous!
"Hi, Miss Preston." He said in a Irish accent. Miss Preston, our english teacher,
pointed over to teh empty place next to me thaused to be Joeys.
"Hi, i'm Kirsten." i whispered, offering my hand.
"Hi, i'm Scotty, i came from Belfast." he took my hand, and shook it.
"Right everyone, turn towards the board as we learn the novels of Anne Fine... Who is
Anne Fine, Brittany?" Miss Peston asked. she had a stick pointing to the objective.
"She was a writer, Ma'am." Brittany replied. She winked at me. I winked back.
@bing@-BrittStar has logged in.
BrittStar; heya
CoolieCat; iya.
MaxAmIlLiOn; hey Brittany.
MileyLuvingEiden; heya.
@bing@-EidenDaRockStar has logged in.
EidenDaRockStar; hello guys!
CoolieCat; lol eya
BrittStar; iya Eiden.
@bing@-MileyLuvingEiden has logged out.
EidenDaRockStar; wot was that all about?
MaxAmIlLiOn; no idea.
CoolieCat; lol she's calling me.
I changed ma status to ON THE PHONE.
"Heya Miles?" i rang down the phone.
"Kirsten, can you tell Eiden that he's dumped." she said nervously.
"Why?" i asked, "I thought u was in LOVE with him." i teased.
"Kirsten just do it, no more games!" she said irratated.
"Ok, ok, ok," i calmed her down. Well tried to. "I'll tell him, wait a minute, wait,
why can't u do it?"
"Please Kirst!" Miley pleaded.
"Fine!" i said.
I canged my status to ONLINE
CoolieCat; Eiden, Miley ses ur dumped!
EidenDaRockStar; ok.
BrittStar; wot r u upset?
EidenDaRockStar; no i was gonna dump her first.
MaxAmIlLiOn; how cud u be so harsh! >(
@bing@-EidenDaRockStar has logged out.
BrittStar; g2g, bye
CoolieCat; bye.
@bing@-BrittStar has logged out.
MaxAmIlLiOn; Kirsten, can i ask u sommin'.


Belsboys4eva56 says:   6 December 2006   697244  
plz comment on this part plz don't make me feel like a wazzock
Belsboys4eva56 says :   11 June 2007   921177  
how can zeke be 4 months younger? becoz Kirsten isn't ALex's
daughter! Zeke isn't his mums son, well it all started kirsten was
born. ALex had a son called Zeke who was born to his girlfriend 4
months later, his girlfriend got knocked down, Del and alex got
together zeke was 8 month and Kirsten was 1 so when kirsten was 2 and
zeke was 1 brooke came along and then riley, phew i need a lie


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