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i found this on tumblrCategory: (general)
Monday, 1 July 2019
06:11:19 AM (GMT)
its cute fite me

angel; do you have a nickname?
yes, i have a few. "bro" or "bruv" is the most common occurrence.

awe; how old are you?
i'm almost 19!

baby; favourite colour?

bloop; spirit animal?
probably a black bear or a grizzly

blossom; favourite book/movie/song?
the magician's nephew/filth/currently, my favourite song is the holy mountain by

blush; what was your stuffed animal as a child?
i still have it! it's a pink unicorn with yarn hair, called princess. a kind stranger
won two on a claw machine and gave me one. happy memory.

breeze; most precious childhood memory?
probably that one about princess lmaO

bright; mermaids or fairies?
why not both?
joking, mermaids forever.

bubbles; do you have a best friend?
yes! he's a big nerd meanie.

buttercup; showers or baths?

butterfly; dream destination?

buttons; are you religious or spiritual?

calm; favourite scent?
i loooove jasmine and freshly cut grass

candlelight; what did you dream about last night?
i don't remember what i dreamed about last night, but the night before i dreamed
about my girlfriend.

charming; have you ever been in love?
i'm in love rn!

cozy; eye/hair colour?
blue/dark brown

cuddly; what’s your favourite time period?
the noughties! i wish i was older man

cupcake; favourite flower/plant?
i love jasmine and english ivy!

cute; what did you get on your last birthday?
i got money

cutie pie; most precious item you own?
my phone, i'm such a gen z-er

cutsie; what makes you happy?
my gf

daisies; describe a moment when you felt free.
ill be sure to tell everyone when it happens!

daydream; how do you want to be remembered?
i want to absolutely scorch the earth, i want to be remembered for so many reasons by
many different people.

daylight; favourite album of all time?
that's so tough! i always go back to the emptiness by alesana, but i also really love
the black crown by suicide silence and creatures by motionless in white. there's so
many ));

dear; zodiac sign?

delightful; concerts or museums?
eeeeeeh museums

dimples; have you ever written a letter?
i had to write them in school and i drafted one a little while ago, but not really.

dobby; dream job?
activist of some description. i don't really want to say "journalist" because i hate

doll; how do you like to dress?
i dress really lazily because i'm super self conscious
baggy, plain clothes. i look like a fat metalcore kid.
i would like to dress more adventurously but that takes guts

dovey; any paranormal/magical experiences?
i've had lots of paranormal experiences! there's two ghosts in my room. one is a
light orb and doesn't do much. the other is a black fog or mass that puts impressions
on me. i had a ghost put a really intense impression on me at a ghost walk when i was

dreams; do you want or have any tattoos?
i don't have any yet, but i'd like to have lots! i'm very picky and indecisive about
things, though.

drizzle; do you believe in aliens?
i do, but mostly alien bacteria and boring things like that. we'll never meet "real"
living and walking aliens, it's scientifically unfeasible.

euphoric; talk about someone you love.
she's the softest, kindest and warmest person i know. she makes me feel like mush and
all giddy with how much i love her and how excited she makes me! i want to spend the
rest of my life with her. i work hard for everything so i can be with her. i hope she
loves me as much as i love her. she means the world to me.

fairy; do you have a pet?
i have two dumb dogs

fluffy; ocean or mountain?

forever; where do you feel time stop?
there's a beautiful beach i go to once in a while. it's so tranquil and peaceful,
tucked away from tourists.

froglet; are you a good plant owner?
nope! i've never kept plants because i know i would kill them );

garden; how many languages do you know?
i know english, and i know some very basic welsh. i'm working on it ok i'll be fluent
one day!

gem; who are your favourite kupikans?
myself (:
nah, i like jazzy and aeisha. that's about it. 

giggles; what is your aesthetic of choice?
ooooo fuck i have so many. i tend to fall into the red/black/white aesthetic and soft
gore aesthetics.

glittery; do you like anons? why/why not?
yes! send me more horrible kp transfers!

glow; list the top 5 things you like about yourself
im really funny
im very passionate about things and people
i am very loyal and loving
i don't know what else.

heart; silk or lace?

honey; coffee or tea? how do you take it?
coffee, i like it iced. both make me feel like im having a heart attack though.

hugsy; do you enjoy people watching or bird watching more? why?
people watching omg! i love coming up with little stories about them in my head. i
also like to inspire myself to become more like pretty people i see.

hunnybunch; what sounds help you sleep?
none. i really like silence when i sleep.

jewel; what’s your favourite kind of weather?
warm, sunny, cloudless! just sun and blue skies and a very light breeze.

jiggly; what do you usually like to do on weekends?
the same things i do in the week

joy; do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
laugh loudly omg im terrible

kinky; do you blush easily?
boy yes

kisses; what romantic cliché do you wish for most?
living happily ever after with the one i love

kitty; what’s your favourite time of the day?
late afternoon/evening

ladybug; what’s your favourite artist to listen to when you’re sad?
it depends what kind of sad
angry sad, i tend to listen to alesana and chiodos
really angry sad, suicide silence
despondent sad, dandelion hands
manic sad, rihanna, usher and amy winehouse

love; what is your favourite season and why?
summer! i'm a lot less depressed and the weather is gorgeous. it rains all year
around here and summer is when we get longer breaks between showers, so it's nice to
go out.

lovey; what is your favourite flavor of macaroon and ice cream?
i like raspberry macaroons and coffee ice cream

magic; what are five flaws you have?
i'm very irrational
i have severe mood swings
i'm pretty lazy

moonlight; do you prefer soft pastels, warm neutrals, or cool darks?
out of this list, i like soft pastels. overall, i like heavy, thick darks.

munchkin; what do you look for in your significant other?
someone who actually genuinely loves me, wants to be with me. i don't ask for much, i
just want to be loved back wholly.

paddywack; how would you describe a perfect date?
anything with someone you love is a perfect date
i'd love an evening at the movies followed by wandering around. i imagine it a lot in
my head lmao.

pebbles; how do you spend free time by yourself?
i waste time like a pro

precious; what is something valuable that you learned in your life?
people are selfish.

pretty; do you like to cook or bake more?
cook, i don't really like baked goods tbh.

prince; how would you describe your handwriting?
fancy schmancy! its all swoopy and posh like

princess; do you play any instruments? if not, are there any you wish you could
i play the drums, although i haven't played in years! i wish i could play violin
soooooo bad

prinky; how do you relieve stress?

pumpkin; what is your favourite kind of fruit/vegetable?
i don't like fruit too much, im picky with those. i like berries, i guess? but i love
leafy, dark green vegetables!

rainbow; what was the last line of the last book you read?
"gimme your hand."

roses; what is the most significant event in your life so far?
my mum leaving her ex

smile; what is one thing that has greatly affected you?
everything that has ever happened in my entire life

shine; art or music?
aren't they the same? music, i suppose.

shimmer; do animals tend to like you?
not more than they like anyone else. i won't lie, i'm not that bothered about

smitten; do you collect anything?
i collect small children's toys, especially cutesy girly ones. and old-school my
little pony dolls!

smoochies; how many pillows do you sleep with?
i have four on my bed but only really sleep on two. the others are for cuddling.

snuggle; what is your favourite candy?
i like runts orrrr blue raspberry flavoured candy.

snuggly; do you have a camera? if so, what kind?

sparkle; do you wear jewellery?
in my face, yes. i used to wear about 30 bracelets everywhere.

spooky; sunrise or sunset?

sprinkles; do you like to listen to music with headphones or no headphones?
i wayyy prefer with headphones, but i have very sensitive ears

starlight; what was your favourite show as a child?
i really loved spongebob and doctor who.

soft; describe your favourite spot in your house.
my room lmao

soothe; digital or vinyl?
digital, its way more convenient.

squeezed; who do you miss right now?
my gf ); she's still asleep, the nerd.

sugary; what traits do you value most in friends?
sincerity, loyalty and leaving me well alone when im not feeling social lmao

sunshine; do you prefer for things to be practical or aesthetically pleasing?
it depends on the things, but generally, i prefer practicality.

sweet; do you find it easy to open up?
yes and no. im open about things that most people are typically closed about, but i'm
extremely guarded about talking about my feelings or any issues i have in the present

sweetie; do you like kids? if so, do you ever want to have any?
i like babies when they don't cry, and polite kids. i'd like to have children one

thimble; is there somebody you look up to? who are they?
i look up to lenny mclean. he beat the world into weeping submission until nature
won, i want to do that, i want to leave my mark on history.

toot; what is something you find unique about yourself?
my mannerisms. i do a lot of very odd things that nobody else does.

tootsie; what kind of friend are you?
the funny one

treasure; what was something that made you smile today?
my mum laughing at my jokes

velvet; are you an early bird or a night owl?
night owl

whiffle; if you could have a magical power, what would it be?
shapeshifting, i could be whatever i wanted

whimsical; do you prefer doing stuff at home or going out?
staying at home omg. but if it involves other people, id rather go out.

whiskers; do you usually wear makeup?

wiggly; are you a messy or tidy person?
messy LMAO

wispy; do you like the place where you grew up? do you think you will live there when
you get older?
i love where i grow up but it has so many social problems, and i can't cope with the
weather. i don't know where i'd be when im older, but i'd like to be closer to the
sea. i'm right next to the sea where i am but the coast here is really dangerous and
inaccessible to the public so ));<

wobbly; have you ever wished upon a star?
yes yes. i wish on 11:11 too!

Edgelord420 says:   1 July 2019   413194  
not the worst thing I have read
‹spicychipotleseasonedfries› says:   2 July 2019   351722  
Aww, you're my favourite Kupikan. ♡

I want to see your writing! And I'll show you mine because I've had 3
people tell me it's illegible, lmao.

Also, is there a reason for the words in front of each question? Or is
are they just cute words they like in alphabetical order for the 
a e s t h e t i c?
pussydestroyer says:   2 July 2019   105401  
they were ask words on tumblr! people send you the word, like they
would a number, referring to the question. but tumblr is gross so i
wanted to put it on here, and the words were cute so i didn't want to
take them out LMAO

i'll send a picture sometime! i don't have any examples saved on my
computer, i'd like to see your illegible writing lmAO,, mine is the
‹spicychipotleseasonedfries› says:   5 July 2019   126363  
pussydestroyer says:   5 July 2019   644803  
its like my mum's handwriting omg
i'll handwrite something soon im not in my house atm LMAO 
‹spicychipotleseasonedfries› says:   5 July 2019   197689  
Yay, I'm glad you like it. (: (And can apparently read it, haha).

And no rush! I just did this because I had a slow day at work and
access to a scanner, lol. 
crazyhot says :   13 July 2019   780029  
Lame af

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