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Kupika is going downCategory: kupika development
Thursday, 30 November 2017
03:12:55 AM (GMT)
Dear Kupikans,

I am sorry for leaving Kupika the past few years. When I logged in, it said:
"Previous login: 8 September 2011". Which means I have been gone for 6 years! Suffice
to say, a lot of things happened during that period.

Now I have some bad news: Kupika is going down.

Not going down in the sense of gone / disappear / shut down. 
But more like: going down in features.


Actually, it costs real money to run Kupika. The hosting fees alone is about $90 per
month. So I plan to downgrade the hosting package, which means: cheaper monthly cost,
but lower resources. To that end, some features will be removed, such as: PicStream
and ImageBB. All the images in PicStream will be deleted. So please backup /
download your pictures as soon as possible before they are deleted. 

Moreover, today there are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and they are all
superior platforms to share your photos. I want to go back to basic, to make Kupika a
comfy little place to meet new people. I think this can be achieved without
PicStream. Let this be an experiment to see what will happen in the next few months /

I will start the downgrade process next week, so again: 
please download your PicStream images now, because they will be deleted!

SubGenius says:   30 November 2017   999434  
SubGenius says:   30 November 2017   662073  
Gale1987 says:   30 November 2017   436144  
What about getting rid of things people actually don’t use like
image post or the normal posting board. The news section. And going
through old accounts deleting inactive ones this would surely save
rather than deleting a feature that people use
SubGenius says:   30 November 2017   634211  
those things arent going to save money. pictures cost $$$ to host
bruh. its an easy to clean out feature that really isnt needed in this
day and age. put up a link to your instagram or something
Gale1987 says:   30 November 2017   588232  
Yeah but image board is pull of pictures that are years old
SubGenius says:   30 November 2017   400143  
neat. archive the pages if you care. be glad the site isnt just dying
in a month
carelius says:   30 November 2017   373898  
What can be done about the massive number of spam accounts? Sure
something like Google Captcha would help.
SubGenius says:   30 November 2017   283377  
a new mod maybe, to clear them out.
‹Pâtisserie› says:   30 November 2017   877129  
Oh my God, Hina! I cannot believe you've come back to us. :')

So, I guess Kupika isn't dying this year. This is insane.
SubGenius says:   30 November 2017   277363  
‹Pâtisserie› says:   30 November 2017   301472  
Yes! I can't get over this.

I've been preparing myself for the death of Kupika since last year,
but I still had a heart attack when I saw that "Site update: The
future of Kupika." Had a bigger heart attack when I saw that Hina
of all people made a diary entry. Apparently, I do care if Kupika
shuts down, who whudda thunk it?

I'm honestly fine with PicStream going away. Although it is probably
the most-used feature of the website, it's has been abused if you look
at the anon feature on this website (and Hina, if you see this, one
of the things you should scrap is the anon feature--revenge porn
galore on there of likely underaged people). 
crazyhot says:   30 November 2017   502782  
No one wants to see something they created die, Yohanes Aristianto
the Indonesia Tycoon, is no different, he is not returning the website
warranty is almost up and he is trying to cut costs. I'm guessing he
feels some amount of guilt to his failed experiment which is why he
isn't shutting it down. Yohanes Aristianto views this place, like a
college student views his drawings in middle school, nostalgic but
cringe worthy.
crazyhot says:   30 November 2017   154981  
‹White Winter Snow› says:   30 November 2017   517663  
Heyyyyyyyy! It's Hina! Whoa I thought this was the end, haha. Good to
see Kupika salvaged, at least!
‹Christena the Boji Stoner› says:   30 November 2017   498793  
So. Thanks for abandoning us and then when you come back, taking away
one of the things we love about this place.
SubGenius says:   30 November 2017   731567  
people really gonna keep complaining about pictures? for real? like,
if you want em so bad, set up a kupi patreon to pay for the hosting
rem says:   30 November 2017   626761  
thanks for keeping this site up. 
it's become a pretty huge cesspool of pedophiles, spam accounts and
old users, but it has been of some good to some of us. 
i appreciate that you're still checking in, and i think that the
picstream + imagebb removal is a good idea. 
i also think that you should appoint some new moderators, because the
latest one (mackie) left quite a while back.

anyway, thanks for checking up on this website and i hope you're doing
well. <3
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   30 November 2017   128933  
Ungrateful much? 
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   30 November 2017   548815  
Hina has no idea that Eddie (the pedophile) is back. His new account
is YourEddieBear. Please re-ban him!
deicide says:   30 November 2017   210846  
thanks for keeping the site up, hina! hope youre doing well in all
your endeavors!

im fine with picstream and bb being gone, and agree with your point
that this is mainly a penpal site so i feel like our words should
matter more! 

but i have to ditto on all the spam accounts, they clog up actual
peoples things which makes it much harder to interact with people
(there's so little of us as it is so interacting is already hard)
deicide says:   30 November 2017   549955  
oh also, sorry for double posting, but i dont think shipainter works
either? or maybe thats just me. so maybe scrap oekaki and keep the
gallery as an archive?
AsIWalkThroughTheValleyOfTheShadowOfDeath says:   30 November 2017   406425  
If you need a Hina Helper please consider me i would do my best at
keeping the site clean
Grizzlies says:   30 November 2017   536566  
babydolls says:   30 November 2017   412595  
i thought i was hallucinating
KusuKusu says:   30 November 2017   941593  
shipainter works only on IE and safari. firefox and chrome no longer
support the java plugin 
lolwyd says:   1 December 2017   348391  
Can you just delete it jfc
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› writes:   3 December 2017   576651  
Thank you for sharing! I honestly had no idea why shi wasn't working.
It made me so sad. But i've been using chrome all this time. So that
makes sense.

Also regarding the new changes, i don't mind them at all. I never saw
kupika as a legitimate way to share pictures (like you do on ig or
facebook). I think if i had to get rid of any two features on kupika,
it would be PICs and BBImage.
So yea, i can live with this. 
YourEddieBear says:   3 December 2017   367893  
Thanks. Look forward to the changes of new kupika. Very surprised
that you are even keeping it going.
‹<20/20Hindsight>› says:   4 December 2017   438815  
I vote we also remove all the ad accounts about testosterone n crap.
Hard to make pen pals if every 9 out of ten profiles you see want to
try n sell you something to make your dick bigger. Christ i came on
here when i was like 12. To make an example, Yes. 12 year olds want to
buy testosterone. Totally.

Without these ad files it's actually be possible to meet people like
we did in the old days. But hey. Do whatevers needed to keep this ship
afloat. This placa saved my life.
‹breathe:easy› says:   4 December 2017   165120  
Wow, I thought hina and Kupika were going to be gone for good.
It’ll be interesting to see this graveyard carry on. 

Maybe more people will come, but probably not.
PlanetJanet says:   4 December 2017   962502  
You guys are still here?
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   4 December 2017   160947  
Glad to know you're still alive and doing alright! I'm very glad
Kupika is still running, even if I'm not always logging in. I
completely understand this decision. I hope it makes things cheaper
for you!
SubGenius says:   6 December 2017   464891  
ye of little faith, josh
a /justifiably/ small amount of faith maybe. nonetheless. 
towhomitmayconcern says:   8 December 2017   706344  
Why does kupika have such a "home" feel to it? 

Thanks for not taking down Kupika completely. Even if I rarely come
here it's nice. <3
DevilsFavoriteDemonKane says:   17 December 2017   886230  
Well if you need a Hina's Helper look me up thanks!
‹Pâtisserie› says:   17 December 2017   766710  
Thank you for getting rid of the anon feature, Hina!
‹Pâtisserie› says:   21 December 2017   228587  
Thought you might be interested in this:
‹Panda  Bear› says:   20 January 2018   399513  
Hey Hina, I would really like to help making this website better. If
you would like some help please let me know! I believe Kupika could be
golden again ;-;
butwhylol says:   15 March 2018   174054  
hina never did ban him, i did before i deleted my acount and left this
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   15 March 2018   720686  
But why? Lol. 
YourEddieBear says:   26 March 2018   380010  
you should be banned for your inappropriate user name. and because you
really are dumb. a user of kupika is not banned. there is after all no
point in that since one may be anonymous if they wish. only violations
of the kupika handbook are justified reasons for banning an account
supposedly. a person is not banned for who they are off line or
whatever their situation may be out in the real world..but only for
violations of the terms of service aka the Kupika Handbook.   which in
my cases of the Oroborus21 and the Phantom accounts were both BOGUS
and improper misapplications of the rules. The Oroborus21 acct was
supposedly banned for having someone's photo among the "collage" of
signs on the page but the Kupika handbook clearly states that whenever
a person's "personal information or image" is used by another user,
against their wishes, the account holder should first be asked to
remove the info or image and THEN only if they don't take it down,
then the acct should be banned.  IN the O21 case, no one but the
supposed "helper" Kyle raised the claim that someone in the collage
was objecting to their sign pic being in it (given that they gave me
the sign pic in the first place goes against that) but in any case,
there was never the opportunity afforded to have the image removed
before banning the account.

in the Phantom account case, the so called rule violation was even
more petty, since what was objected to was that an oekaki I drew had
some partial nudity. in the Kupika handbook, Hina explicitly said
nudity is ok in the drawings (many of which can still be seen) but
that they oekaki should be labeled under the "mature" section...that
option in the shipainter program wasn't available as far as I could
see....but even so...and even though no one really cared about the
drawing it was used as an excuse out of pettiness to ban the
account...again instead of being given a chance to simply remove the
oekaki.   all of it just goes to show how dumb the whole "hina helper"
thing is and how petty the people in those positions are since they
aren't doing a thing to counter the "spam" commercial accounts and
many other violations..but only abusing their appointments to exact
personal vendettas in contrary to the so called rules.

so yeah, suck it 
YourEddieBear says:   26 March 2018   816304  
and furthermore about the personal information issue... it doesn't
matter that my name, likeness or information may be available out in
the real world or on other areas of the internet, the fact is that the
Kupika Handbook clearly states that such is NOT to be used without
another person's permission so all of the diff accounts past and
present that use my image, name or post such personal information
about me should be auto banned or banned as soon as they are
found...but of course once again...the one or two "moderators" that
are left don't really care about actually applying the rules or doing
their jobs
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   27 March 2018   410796  
None of this changes the fact that you raped children. 

You do not belong on this website. 
YourEddieBear says:   29 March 2018   162032  
i never raped anyone. that is ridiculous 
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   29 March 2018   866970  
You are a rapist. Rationalize it however you want. 
You do not belong on this website. 
‹Pâtisserie› says :   29 March 2018   410467  
Attempted statutory rapist, for sure.


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