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Thursday, 6 April 2017
02:08:13 PM (GMT)
Rob a young teacher is wandering back to the teachers lounge after school when he
notices a student whom he was very fond of standing in the hallway Tori a shorter
underclass girl with blond hair and beautiful blueish eyes he smiled at her "Hey
there Tori what are you doing still hanging around after school?" he asked her she
turned and gave him a warm smile back "Hey there I'm just grabbing my homework and
finishing a project" he nodded "that's the mark of a good student right there" he
told her and smiled then thought about something "hey I think the library is closed
for renovations wanna just work in the lunge with me I'll be here another few hours
so I could help you out if you need it?" he asked her as he opened  the door she
blushed a little at his offer then grabbed her things and turned her smile back on
him "Sure thing" she said with a little giggle in her voice he knew she more than
likely had a little crush on him it wasn't something that bothered him though he went
into the lounge with her now at set up at the table with her sitting down right next
to him he looked over at her with a little grin she pulled out her homework and
started to write things down on it he pulled out his own papers which he needed to
grade he started marking things on his own papers noticing he could smell her perfume
now which he thought was nice since he liked the smell of it she swept her hair back
behind her ear and kept writing it was some kind of essay from another class she sat
back stretching before taking off her jacket he smiled watching her she noticed him
and smiled back with a blush again he knew how it was to be young he couldn't help
but stare sometimes though she was a cutie definitely would have been his type if
they were the same age he stretched now too noticing how long they'd already been
there he checked his watch then his phone and smiled "lets take a little break Tori
I'm kinda thirsty" he told her she jumped a little when he spoke she was deep in the
zone he noticed now just how much she'd written and nodded "wow you'll have to let me
read that when you're done if it has that much passion to it" she blushed deep red
now and looked at the paper "you do?..." she asked seeming embarrassed he nodded
"yeah sweetie all my students work matters to me and I can see your effort" she
smiled at it then at him giggling a little again he smiled back he stood up "Let's
hit the vending machine" he said looking at her she nodded standing up with him she
seemed so short next to him and he could see a bit easily down her shirt with his
height advantage he took her over to the machines and got them both something to
drink taking a sip watching her take hers she noticed him looking at her and smiled
"What?" she asked with a little laugh now he just tilted his head a little "Are you
sure it's alright to be here this late?" he asked her she nodded "Yeah my parents
knew I was staying after today" he nodded himself now "okay then" he told her as he
and her went back over and sat back down he kept grading his papers noticing the
smell of her perfume again glancing over at her the way she was sitting forward now
he could see even more down her shirt he felt his face get a little warm she suddenly
turned to him "Hey do you know if there's a thesaurus in here I'm having trouble
coming up with a filler word?" she asked him and he thought maybe she'd caught him
staring at her and tried his best to regain his composer "Yeah it's on that shelf
over there kinda close to the bottom" he told her pleasantly she hopped up and went
over bending down to grab it he couldn't help himself but to look and notice just how
nice her butt was he bit his lip  a little thinking now if only he was younger then
felt his face getting warm she shook it a little while looking for the book "I can't
find it" she said without standing  back up he got up and came over looking at the
shelves now "Huh I could have sworn It was down there" he told her standing just a
little behind her looking at some of the higher shelves when she accidentally backed
up into his crotch with that perfect little butt of hers they both jumped a little
she came up quickly and looked at him he looked down at her they were both blushing
bright red he didn't want his student to find out the way she just did that he was
rather well endowed or also for him to get to feel just how nice her butt really is
they were both having trouble finding something to say he knew she'd felt him and he
was embarrassed feeling himself coming up now he needed to hide it somehow that
didn't make it obvious they just kept looking at each other for what felt like
forever and without thinking about it he leaned down and kissed her wrapping his arms
around her pulling her right against him her could feel her perfect slightly larger
breasts pressed against his chest she seemed shocked by this but she'd always thought
about him about running her hands through his hair as the made out always wanting to
know how warm he felt he body felt hot as she kissed him back wrapping her arms
around his neck he kissed her deeper now sliding his hands down her back she'd never
gone further than a kiss before and didn't know if she was ready he slid hands onto
that perfect little ass of hers now squeezing it she felt her heart speed up as he
grabbed her she could feel something pressing against her she thought she knew what
it was he could loved the feeling of her perfect little ass in his hands they were
kissing very hard now and he had her backed up to the shelf and picked her up she
instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his bulge press hard into
her crotch she moaned into the kiss it felt really good but she knew it was wrong
they both knew he felt like he had to let his penis out it was in pain trapped in his
pants he took her over to the table and set her down on it then went over and locked
the door closing the blinds before coming back over to her she was blushing hard and
breathing a little heavy he looked at her "Tori don't worry I'll make you feel good
he told her as he undid his belt then pants before biting his lip pulling his cock
out of his pants her eyes got wide at the site of it "Wow..." she mumbled unable to
look away from it "wanna touch it?..." he asked her softly she looked up at him
biting her lip he moved in and took off her shirt he could tell she seemed hesitant
she covered her chest after he'd taken off her shirt he leaned down and kissed her
neck she could feel him undoing her pants now it felt good what he was dong he pushed
her back gently and pulled her pants off her now she was looking up at him covering
both places bringing her knees together she looked too sexy that way to him he put
his hands on her knees and spread her legs open and stepped in between them she could
feel her heart pounding as she looked down at his dick it didn't even look like it
would fit she'd tried a finger before and it felt like a lot he was pulling her
panties off now she bit her lip hard and he bit his own when he saw her beautiful
little virgin pussy he started rubbing it now and she let out a moan it felt so much
better when he did it her back was arching a bit and she was looking straight up so
she didn't notice him when he crouched down she suddenly felt him licking her pussy
she let out a loud yelp then grabbed her mouth to muffle the sound as he licked and
sucked on her pussy then her clit she was getting soaking wet quickly she was unsure
about this but it felt so good he slid a finger in then laughed a bit "I guess I
really will be your first" he said when he felt her hyman he stood back up and pulled
his fingers back out she could hardly breath at this point as she felt him rub the
head up and down between her supple pussy lips it felt huge he started to press now
and she wanted to scream when she felt it start to slide in he was nibbling his lip
with a look of ecstasy on his face like it felt amazing she bit her knuckles now
feeling the whole head slide in then more and more slowly stretching her the whole
way in she felt the exact moment he made a woman of her it felt like it filled her
whole stomach her eyes were closed tight and she was whimpering he'd never been in a
pussy this tight in his life it made him wanna be rough with it but knew it would
hurt her he could already see her tummy was flexing from it and her face said a
thousand words so he only started out slowly with her backing out then sliding back
in deep holding her ankles in his hands "Is it too much Baby girl?..." he asked her
softly and she nodded right away but it felt way to good to pull back out so he just
kept going trying to hit her G-spot with every slow thrust of his long thick cock she
was wiggling around and moaning out loudly he was glad they were there alone as loud
as she was being he started to go faster and a little bit harder on her, her pussy
was quivering all around his cock getting tighter every other thrust she was
clenching down on him it felt amazing he was making sounds now as well it felt too
good he didn't think he was gonna last with her hips bucking against every single
thrust the way they were she was pretty sure she was about to have and orgasm she
felt like his huge dick was gonna split her in half but it also felt amazing she was
screaming now as he fucked her soaking wet little pussy he was moaning out loudly now
himself she wondered when he was gonna finish and hoped he would pull out but she
couldn't speak couldn't tell him to pull out even he asked her if he could cum inside
he was moaning that he was gonna cum she was screaming now she was already cumming
hard around his giant dick he moaned out louder than before and she closed her eyes
tight as he shoved his cock in much deeper than before and felt something hot being
pumped inside her while he moaned and cussed leaning on his hands over her she
twitched and shuddered a little it felt like he was never gonna run out it just kept
throbbing out more inside her she was panting and blushing hard he was breathing
heavily over her still deep inside her she finally opened her eyes and looked at him
they just looked at each other for a long time before kissing each other again she
had just let him creampie her and she didn't know how to feel about it she ran her
hands through his hair like she'd always wanted to do not trying to think about the
ramifications they kept kissing until he went soft and pulled she could feel his cum
leaking out of her he looked at her pussy and grinned it was twitching and leaking
his seed on the table it was risky but fun..

(This will definitely get a part 2)

BowsandBlingItsAcheerThing says:   30 June 2017   355573  
‹Mr.Master› says :   1 July 2017   642920  
I take it you liked my story 

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