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Five Reasons Trump's "Wall" is Fucking StupidCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 1 March 2016
10:51:04 PM (GMT)
Five Reasons Trump's "Wall" is pure stupidity

1) An actual physical wall along the entire southern border would have a devastating
environmental impact on local and migrating protected species and surface water flow.
I haven't heard even one person mention this as a potential problem in the "Wall"
vision. It is.

2) It would not work. Physical walls and barriers along borders only work to slow
people down for a short time, effective in high-traffic urban areas, heavily paroled
by agents. But in the vast desert where people have spent days crossing just to get
to the border, they aren't going to be stopped by the 10 minutes it takes to get over
or go through. And we don't have the manpower to police every mile of the border, so
it's back to electronic surveillance anyway.

3) Way fucking expensive. The fencing/wall created in previous attempts hasn't proven
very effective and cost way more than ever expected. Only fools actually believe that
anyone but YOU and ME, the U.S. taxpayers, will pay for the cost of such a wall or
that it wouldn't be in the multi-billions of dollars to build.

4) It won't make a significant impact on the problem. Why? Because the majority of
illegal immigrants are Visa-Overstays and came to the U.S. on an airplane, legally.

5) All a Wall will do is increase Ladder Sales in Mexico. Trump likes to talk about
how the Great Wall of China was built and compare this feat to his proposed "Wall."
This is a false analogy that plays upon ignorance of people. The Great Wall of China
was built over a period of nearly a thousand years, and not as one contiguous wall
all at once. From its early beginnings as simple stone fortifications over its vast
history it  would fall into disrepair and be built up again. Over a 300-year period
(that's longer than we have been a Nation folks), during the Ming dynasty it was
built up and became mostly what we can see today. But here is the thing. it was NEVER
an effective prevention of northern invaders entering China. In fact, China was
ultimately taken by the Mongols in 1279. The Great Wall of China was nothing more
than a symbolic effort and that is all a wall along the U.S. southern border would
be. Moreover, the two situations are entirely different. A wall barrier might seem
like a deterrent to Mongol ARMIES, moving in large numbers to invade northern China
(again it wasn't). But the problem with our Southern border are relatively small
numbers of people slipping across, not invading armies. False analogy. False hope for
the Stupid who believe a Wall is the answer to the problem of illegal immigration.

YourEddieBear says :   4 May 2016   882104  
and a 5.1 reason which sort of goes on #5. 

To build an actual physical wall like the idiot says...will take
longer than the 4 or even 8 years that he would be president. It took
a decade just to build a new building on the World Trade Center spot
and this would be a much bigger project. Even if he were to become
President, a wall he gets started the first month of his presidency
(which isn't possible because it is CONGRESS that controls the purse
strings of our country) wouldn't be completed by the time he leaves.

The whole entire thing is a load of crap that only stupid idiots
believe that he can actually do.  He has already let slip that all of
this crap is just for show and an act and he doesn't really intend to
even try to do most of what he claims.

For someone who wasn't a politician he has certainly become one quick.

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