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Narcissists keep out!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 22 July 2015
07:40:30 PM (GMT)
I am new to this site but what is currently on my mind is the borderline personality
disorder or narcissistic personality. Girls you will recognize this type if your love
always seems to create issues out of nothing, If they do something wrong and then
blame you. they can idealize others but you never meet their expectations. you are in
a caretaker/narcissist relationship. I know because I am in the same type of
relationship  and so is my sister. they are always looking for a way to set you up to
be the fall guy for any problems in life or to even make up problems. My husband woke
me up one morning and told me to rake dirt. So I went out and raked dirt and guess
what my narcissist told me... I was  raking ,the dirt the wrong way. So the next week
he wanted me to go and rake the dirt again and I said no you already told me what a
bad job I did- so FU ;and his reply to me was that I was a fat lazy slob. So I
couldn't rake dirt right and when I chose not to do to verbal abuse I was now
enlisted as a fat slob.
this is where I sit today. I don't acept my place but it is difficult to change a
persons core beliefs when they do not fall under social norms.

magicallytalicious says:   22 July 2015   435540  
I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly, but Borderline
Personality Disorder and Narcissism are two VERY different things. I
know because I have BPD. There are maybe a couple of similarities
based on the symptoms, but Narcissists place a high value on
themselves and place themselves on a pedestal. Those who just have BPD
often idealize and devalue EVERYONE (including themselves) and their
emotions are very unstable. They don't know how to feel or what to
feel and everything is just a large confusing mess to them. They're
also very impulsive.

Is your husband on medication?
backstabber says:   23 July 2015   941523  
Is it just me or are most people on kupika abnormally fucked up?
crazyhot says:   23 July 2015   994824  
AjaxLol says :   25 July 2015   375515  
uhhh... now i'm pretty sure you're a weirdo.


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