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Experiment 625Category: Stories
Friday, 10 January 2014
02:00:17 PM (GMT)
I awoke laying on a cement strip that was divided into two lanes. Suddenly, two
bright lights were in front of me. It was so bright that I had to shield my eyes. I
noticed that they were getting closer, and closer, and closer then-they stopped. I
could see that it was...some type of vehicle. Someone stepped out of it and started
to move towards me. I didn't feel like I was in danger but I started to panic. I
couldn't move so I just continued to lay there with my eyes closed. "Are you-are you
okay?" My eyes flicked open and I looked up to see a man with...sparkling green eyes.
At that moment I felt safe.
****Jason/stranger that got out of car POV****

I slowly walked up to the strange boy lying on the road. When I got closer I could
see that he was disoriented and naked. "Um...where are your clothes?" I asked him. He
sat up then looked down at himself. "Clothes?" Did he not know what clothes were?
"Yeah, uh..you know, pants, shirts." He cocked his head to the side."Oh...I do not 
know where I am. Can you take me home?" He talked in a strange, monotone voice.
"Uh...you could come with me. I guess."  He nodded his head and I helped him up. We
went to the car and I handed him a button-up shirt. He looked confused. "Put it on."
He nodded then grabbed the shirt. I noticed that he was having trouble with it so I
helped him button it up. The shirt was way too big for him but he didn't seem to
mind. And I noticed how...cute he looked. What am I saying? He looks like he's three
years younger than me. And I..just.. "Why are you staring at me?" I was jerked out of
my thoughts by his voice. And I noticed that I was staring  at him and that my hands
were resting on his chest. I blushed deeply and moved so that my hands were now one
the steering wheel. Though I wish they were on him- No! I don't. What am I thinking?
He's a child. 
****625 POV****
The  car ride was long and boring and whenever I looked at Jason his face would just
turn red and he would look away from me."Well, we're here." He said as he helped me
out of the car.
***Jason POV***
I grabbed his arms so I could help him out of the car and as soon as his skin came in
contact with mine I noticed that it was ice cold."Why are you so cold?" "What do you
mean?" "Uh...never mind let's just get you under some warm covers." I brought him
upstairs to my room  and watched as he laid down on the bed. I went downstairs to get
him a drink but by the time I got back he was already asleep. I sat beside him and
watched him as he slept. He had the softest face and his eyes were so vivid. Though
one was red, the other blue. I rubbed his head and traced his jawline to his lips
with my fingers.  I was so tempted. He looks so cute, wearing My shirt, laying in My
bed. One little kiss couldn't hurt. I slowly lowered my head to his lips when
suddenly, my brother comes through the door. "Jason! What are you doing?! Are you
gay?!" He screamed.

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