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Sunday, 24 March 2013
05:43:43 PM (GMT)
1) A twenty year old man's boss calls him into his office, and asks the man to go on a date with his son, who is depressed and at risk of committing suicide. The man, astonished, explains he's not gay and says no. The man's boss basically tells him if he doesn't, he's fired, if he does, he gets a raise. The man reluctantly agrees. but when he's on the date, he finds out how amazing the eighteen year old son is. He's caring and sweet and absolutely adorable and he can't help but to quickly fall in love. 2) Maybe we could do one where there are these two boys who dislike each other they are in rival houses- ryffindor and Slytherin. Perhaps, Dumbledore decides to teach them a lesson and hexes them with a spell that means they start to feel the other person's emotions and can gradually feel whatever the other person can feel. 3) A teenage boy is wandering in the forest one day, when he comes across a small boy, with bright yellow hair, black eyes, and... a Pikachu tail and ears! The boy doesn't seem to know how to speak but is very happy to see the teenager, who decides to take him home. The teenager teaches the Pikachu boy how to speak, along with other things. And, you know, it'd eventually have them falling in love. 4) I thought we could do a roleplay about a boy who is sent to one of these camps by his parents who are very religious Christians in an attempt to 'straighten' him out. I was thinking that one of the pastor in charge of the camp could have a teenage son who he is training to take over from him. The son would obviously as a result have some homophobic views. In the end, the two would fall in love as the pastor's son realises he loves the boy. 5) A spoiled prince and his bodyguard! The prince is a total tsundere and a brat. His bodyguard is quite a bit older than him, I was thinking maybe the prince is around fourteen while the bodyguard is in his twenties? Anyways. The prince is a total brat and rude to everyone and always gets what he wants. He's cute and, because he's from royalty, of course he's absolutely beautiful. But his attitude makes many people despise him. His bodyguard, on the other hand, is charming and handsome and even a little flirtatious. But always in a respectable way. He's a gentleman, after all. The prince fell in love with his bodyguard when he was little but hides it well. The only person who's noticed is, well, the bodyguard. One day while the prince is in the garden angsting about his unrequited love, an assassin sneaks in and attempts to kill him. But his bodyguard saves him, severely injuring himself in the process. So the prince takes care of him, refusing to leave his side~ 6) In a different world, there are many different species of intelligent creatures. There are the humans, of course, but also several other species, such as a being that is a lizard, but as tall as a human, or a species that looks like a strange bear with long ears. There are many other intelligent species, but those are just a few. There is also a banned species that was thought to have been eliminated years ago: the Draconian. They are much like humans, but they have dragon wings, and horns, and sharp teeth. One day, a boy is walking in the woods and happens across an unconscious Draconian boy. The human has to sneak the boy into his house, because if anyone sees the Draconian, he'll immediately be killed before the human could do anything. When the dragon boy wakes, he has no memory of who he is or where he came from. The boy helps him hide and stay alive, also while looking for any clues of other Draconians, hoping to find the dragon boy's tribe or family. And ya know, love happens. 7) There's a very rich family, that has one spoiled, teenage son. He and his family are watching the news one day and they see a boy who was abandoned at three years old in the woods, and he survived. He is now thirteen and in an orphanage, because the town has no better place to put him. After the parents discussing it in private, they agree to adopt him. They surprise the teenage boy one day by bringing the feral child(that's what kids raised in the woods are called, heh) home. The teenage boy is upset at first, but soon grows to love him because his parents are never there, so he's constantly watching over him. 8 ) In the deep jungle, there is a tribe that marries off children when they are fifteen. If they're not married off, when they're twenty, they choose a fifteen year old instead. A man who was not wed is now able to choose. It is his birthday, and five children, two boys and three girls, are lined up for him to choose from. (They don't think same sex relations are wrong, obviously.) Though they all have dark skin, there is one boy with a strange quality he'd never seen before. Beautiful blue eyes. He is shaking, scared, and smaller than the others, oddly enough. The man chooses him and takes him home. Now, this would be when the twenty year old normally rapes the one he chose, so the boy is scared out of his mind. But the man treats him with nothing but kindness and does not do anything to him that he doesn't want. And eventually, you know, they fall in love. And get married. Because they choose their husband or wife a few months before the actual wedding. 9) I thought we could do a roleplay about a boy who is Prince of the Elves. He has grown up to be quite spoilt as he has always been given everything in life. However, this life of privilege is changed when the boy is kidnapped by a group of soldiers from the neighbouring land. People from this land are enemies with the elf folk because of an ancient war concerning a piece of land. The group of soldiers would be led by the prince of the nearby land. The two would obviously hate each other at first, but once they get past their differences, they would fall in love with each other. 10) A little boy is wandering through the woods when he comes to a forest clearing. There, in the middle of the clearing, sits a man who looks to be twenty, but in actuality is much, much older. He's a vampire. The little boy approaches him and talks to him, and they become... sort of friends. The little boy comes back every day after that, and the vampire watches him grow. At some point the boy figures out what the man is, but he never says anything. When the boy turns sixteen, he slowly stops going into the woods to see the vampire. He doesn't visit him for two years, until, on his eighteenth birthday, he's cleaning out his room and finds a picture he drew of the vampire and himself. He remembers and runs into the woods relieved to see the vampire is still there. They end up becoming friends again and falling in love~ 11) Hunger Games roleplay. A young, small, defenseless boy from district eleven and a strong boy from a career district. They team up because the career boy sees the boy from district eleven and falls in love with him instantly. 12) A boy, orphaned at a young age, lives on the streets and steals what he needs. And, every now and then... he had to prostitute himself for money, for things he can't steal. One day, a guy who's older than him sees him, and offers to let him stay at his house. The boy accepts, thinking he just wants sex. And I'm not sure how it'd go from there. :o 13) There's a boy who is very much openly gay. He's happy and vibrant and giggly and kind of feminine. He's friends with everyone and the nicest boy ever. And there's a guy who has a crush on him. When the big suddenly disappears for two months, the guy is worried. He goes to his house, but no one is there. When the boy comes back, he's anti social. Reclusive. Scared. He keeps to himself and flinches when anyone touches him. He seems to not remember former friends, and is not at all feminine anymore. After a week, the guy starts to talk to him and tries to figure out what's wrong. And after a while, he does. The boy was forced into a 'treatment center' for gay people. Treatments such as shock therapy were used, which explain the memory loss and flinching when people touch him, and being forced to listen to speeches of gay hatred explain why he's scared all the time. He thinks everyone hates him. He has trouble learning because of what the shock therapy did to his brain, and it seems the teachings of the place he was sent to would be impossible to fix. But the guy tries, because he's in love with the boy. 14) Two boys are told from when they were little that once they turned seventeen, they would marry in an arranged marriage their parents set up. A few months before the wedding, they meet for the first time since their birth. Of course, it's awkward and they don't seem to like each other much, but as they keep hanging out, they do fall in love. 15) A police squad rescues a boy who had been his father's slave since his mother passed when he was five. His father used him for everything, including sex, and the boy is completely submissive. He does whatever anyone tells him to do. When the police rescue him, there's no place for him to go, so one of the younger guys takes him home, feeling pity for him. The roleplay would be about the boy adjusting to normal life and slowly becoming more like a normal person. When he was rescued, he had no emotions and soulless eyes. 16) The first successful human clone is also considered a failure, because while he is identical to his original, his personality is completely different. But he's kept alive, just because he was cloned correctly. A certain scientist is assigned to be with him twenty four seven, so the scientist must live at the lab with the clone. The scientist is new and sort of awkward, but manages to get along with the clone well. 17) In a certain remote part of Russia in the 1870s, Albinos are being killed because they are considered to have demons in them, which is what makes them look the way they do. A man is going down into his basement one day, and there is a teenager hidden there, obviously scared. He had escaped from his home, where the rest of his family had been killed, and climbed into the absent through a broken window. He has several cuts on his body, so it was a good thing the man was a doctor. Because of this, he also does not believe that Albinos have demons, so he helps the boy by letting him stay in his home. 18 ) A man lives in a world full of robots. They are companions, or workers, or pretty much anything one wants them to be. The man finds a boy in his backyard, curled up, seemingly hiding. The cat eats on his head, though, are an obvious sign he's a robot. The man takes the robot in and helps him. As time goes on, the robot seems to become more and more human. He gains feelings he'd never had before and falls in love with the man.
Last edited: 19 May 2013

Amityville says:   24 March 2013   753628  
This makes me so happy.
I want to do all of them all at once. Haha. :D
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   24 March 2013   785972  
If only that was possible. xD
Ah well, I'm on spring break this week so I'll be on alllll the time.
o3o Maybe we can do at least two this week. 
Amityville says:   24 March 2013   210093  
Ooh, we might just be able to. I'll try and get on more. :D
Which two would you like to do after we finish this one?
Also, am I the only one loving this love triangle between James,
Skyler and Scorn?
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   24 March 2013   408759  
That would be great. c:
I think... the psychopath and the gay camp, or the psychopath and the

And you're not. Believe me. xD This is great stuff.
Amityville says:   24 March 2013   579694  
Hmm... Definitely the psychopath and then perhaps the gay camp one. I
sort of feel like I'm in a mood for drama (okay fine, I'm constantly
in that mood). Then after we could do the Pikachu one as it would be
quite a cute roleplay.
They really do. :O But how is the question...
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   24 March 2013   596895  
Okay then. :3
I'm actually really excited for the Pikachu one. xD It's gonna be

I think I just figured it out. o3o 
Amityville says:   24 March 2013   214752  
Haha, it really is! :D
Yes, I think you have figured it out. This should be interesting...
Amityville says:   7 April 2013   232069  
Yayy! You added it, loving the smiley might I add. :P
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   7 April 2013   271279  
That was not on purpose. xD
I was just trying to label it. 
Amityville says :   7 April 2013   663935  
Ah, lol it was number eight. Haha, that's kinda funny. XD

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