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The Mortal Instruments City of Bones MovieCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 20 February 2013
04:21:12 PM (GMT)

Alright, this is my most anticipated film of 2013 and unlike most people, I think
Jamie Campbell Bower is the perfect actor for Jace because of how alike the actor and
character are to each other. At first, I was terrified when I found out they were
making it into a film. I saw the actors, watched some of the actors act, researched
immensely on it and now I'm excited. I've never been this excited for a film before.
Especially a young adult film cause to be honest, most of them are shit. Especially
those that were popular novels. This one actually looks really good. Sony and Harold
Zwart both want the movie to be good. Its not like they were threatened at gun point
which I swear is how most young adult end up being made since their so shitty and the
people who made it were either lazy or cheap and didn't want to spend money on the
movie. The Mortal Instruments isn't like any other young adult series. It doesn't
just focus on romance. It doesn't just focus on action either. It has drama, romance,
mystery, and even slight horror aspect to it. Of course its fantasy as well. It
focuses on it so well and the books are so well written. Its not too slow but its not
too fast either. It has a large fan base but not as big as Twilight or The Hunger
Games(two of the shittiest things ever made btw) so I'm surprised they are making it
into a movie. When the trailer was released and apparently it was in the theaters
during Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. People in the audience didn't know what the
movie was or what it was it about but they wanted to see it. It wasn't like Twilight
where you were a fan of the books so you went to see it or if your like me and wanted
a good laugh at how shitty it was. The thing is, almost all the characters in
Twilight absolutely had no character developments whatsoever so we had no reason to
give a shit about them. I actually cared more about Jasper and Caius caue they stared
into your soul and didn't need to talk awkwardly and be forced to love someone.
Anyways, back to a good story. The Mortal Instruments is going to be boss. I know it
is. There putting a lot of time and effort into it. They even spent 6 months to a
year just training for it and they have been on post production for like 6 months.
They also change the script a lot. If the actors don't think what they say works,
Harold Zwart will ask them what they want to say, and will see if it works. If it
does, they keep it... until the next change. Also the best part, NO WIRES!!!! That's
my favorite part. Wires can be dangerous, they make things look fake, and it looks
shitty. Harold hates wires and told them if they can't do a flip, don't do a flip. If
they can't jump, don't jump. Simple as that. Harold is actually a really chill
director. OMG I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS TO COME OUT AUGUST 23RD!!!!!!! Probably one of
the most excited fan because I've been doing hardcore research on it.

‹stance› says:   20 February 2013   601826  
I wanna see this.
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   20 February 2013   284762  
I have read all of The Mortal Instruments so far. The last book is
coming out next year so I have to wait impatiently >< 
‹stance› says:   20 February 2013   415844  
I'm not sure if I'm excited for Lily collins just cause the movie
abduction was so baddd. xD 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   20 February 2013   205799  
Strange. Everyone is always like "what the fuck!? Jamie is Jace?
Absolutely not!" And he knows all the negative and positive things
people say about him and he's willing to prove himself. When Sony
called Cassandra up and told her Jamie was playing Jace she was like
"what!? That kid from Sweeney Todd???" And there like "trust on this!
That was years ago!" 
Link_13 says:   20 March 2013   741219  
I can't wait for the movie. I'm going in with an open mind. Very
excited. =)
And the wait for the last book is killing me. Lol
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   20 March 2013   150061  
March 1, 2014 is when City of Heavenly Fire comes out. I can't wait
till the City of Bones calender comes out in June. I'm pissed that
I'll probably be in the UK during that time but if I am, my friend
Alexis and I are gonna see it together when we come back. 
Link_13 says:   20 March 2013   993750  
Lol good to have a plan. =) I believe me and my friend Emily are
going to see it together. We love the series. And we're also eagarly
counting down the days. =)
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   20 March 2013   331819  
Yeah. Alexis knows about the series but hasn't read The Mortal
Instruments yet. She has City of Bones and she's eventually gonna read
it but there adding a scene with Magnus thats not in the book and
there not including Raphael in the first movie. He's gonna be in the
second movie. Which doesn't make sense since they have the party scene
so my guess is Simon is gonna become a rat and be kidnapped by the
vampires. They even have the fight at Hotel Dumort. Their just not
including Raphel cause they want to develop his character more. 
Link_13 says:   20 March 2013   312121  
I guess. But its gonna be disappointing not to see him. Do you know
what the added scene is? My friend and I have both read the series; I
actually got her started on them. I've also read the Clockwork prequel
series, and she's going to start that soon. Have you read it?scnE
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   20 March 2013   950812  
I'm still trying to get through the first book of The Infernal
Devices. I can't wait till The Dark Artifices come out. OMG!!! Idc if
its coming out in 2 years. I can't wait! They may have different
characters but characters from The Mortal Instruments will make
appearances. Magnus Bane definitely will be hanging around since he's
in every book. Jace and Clary might be too. Their my favorite book
couple. I can't wait to see Jamie Campbell Bower and Lilly Collins as
Jace and Clary. I feel strongly toward the Shadowhunter Chronicles.
Unlike most young adult novels, they have very well built characters.
Describing a character a lot does not build that character. The reader
needs to emphasize with the character. I emphasize with Clary a lot
throughout the series. I sometimes even emphasize with Jace a lot.
He's arrogant but I mean its the kind of arrogant that you want to be
around. Like he's not an asshole but he's very confident in himself.
Like he's the type of arrogant that's just hilarious. Just his
conversations with Clary on how he talks about how gorgeous he is. 
Link_13 says:   20 March 2013   684366  
Whoa its like you read my mind. That's exactly how I feel about the
series! My fave Jace line is when they are talking about the risks he
took giving Clary a mark and she slaps him for the 10% chance of her
dying. Lol.
The Infernal Devices is good, but I really want one of the main
characters to just die... that sounds terrible, I know...  I'm
awaiting all of the books eagarly. And am I the only one praying that
in the final Mortal Intruments that Magnus and Alec get back together?
They were awesome. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   20 March 2013   345113  
There probably gonna get back together because why would the author
build their relationship so much just for them to end up breaking up?
I think the saddest death in TMI was Max's death. I was practically in
tears and he had little to no character development. All we knew was
he read manga and he was the youngest son of the Lightwoods. Like
legit I think he just randomly came into the story. I'm sorry but I
love Sebastian. I know he's the villain but... I love him. He's just
so misunderstood. All he wants to do is take over the world. Is that
so bad? xD I don't think they ever explained why he hates downworlders
and Nephilim. Killing his father is not it since technically Clary
killed him. She didn't really. Its not because Jace killed him. He
hated him prior because some shit with Valentine and stealing babies
and shit. Its not kidnapping if you say adoption. Like legit, I think
the first three books is just a huge mind fuck. My least favorite book
was the 4th one because it reminded me too much of Twilight. Jace
leaves Clary because he's scared of hurting her and he's punishing
himself as usual and he goes protecting her best friend instead of
growing a pair and actually talking to Clary. The only part I liked
was when Lilith came in because I did a bunch of research on her so I
knew all the shit they were talking about and I was like "FUCK
YEAH!!!" I was actually expecting Clary to kill her but nope. Simon
did. Never liked Simon. Don't know why. He just seemed like the
stereotypical nerd. Like every stereotype of a nerd is Simon. Sorry
I'm ranting. Usually do when I feel strongly on something. 
Link_13 says:   20 March 2013   634058  
Lol its all good. Ranting is something I'm used to; my friend and I
rant about books all the time. The book I like the least is the second
one cause it gets all awkward when you think they are siblings, you
know? Lol.I cried when Max died, honestly. He was too cute. And
Sebastian... well I hate him at some points, but then at others I just
feel so bad for him and like him. He just wants him sister with him,
the one he never got to know amd love, and you want him to be able
too. But he's doing it in such a twistedway that you hate him again...
ugh my he sd hurts whenever I think about it to be honest.
I really hope they get back together. Magus and Alec are just too aw
some together. Lol. :F
So so do you happen to know what the new scene they are adding is
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   21 March 2013   793065  
No I don't know the scene their adding. I think it has to do with the
party scene though. 
Link_13 says:   22 March 2013   435753  
Well I know that in the first Clockwork book there is a bonus chapter
at the end that is supposed to take place in the Mortal Instruments
series. Its all about Magnus.
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 March 2013   649981  
Yup. Sexy Magnus. I want the Bane Chronicles because its all about
Magnus and his adventures. 
Link_13 says:   23 March 2013   977243  
Lol that's awesome
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 March 2013   731556  
Link_13 says:   23 March 2013   392168  
Awesome. I'll check it out. =]
Demonic_Rayne12 says :   23 March 2013   941447  
Yeah. Jamie amuses me in the video. xD 


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