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Just close your eyes... 3/?Category: OCs
Tuesday, 29 January 2013
06:04:34 PM (GMT)
Just close your eyes,
You'll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I'll be safe and sound...

Everything was so peaceful...
The moment was a long one, minds filled with intertwined hands, long contented
breaths and hazy smiles.
Every so often there would be a rustle of sheets, usually from Skye's side of the
bed.  Although the insomnia had gradually trailed to a stop (prehaps it was because
she had Thomas's arms around her, keeping her safe from things she didn't know she
was scared of...), she still slept far less than he did.  Not that it was a bad
thing.  Sometimes she would lie awake in the early hours of the morning, waking
Thomas only enough so that he would grunt softly, grey eyes open a fraction, and
envelope her in large, secure arms.  She would smile, silently amused by his
sleep-lagged movements and subconscious adoration.  Even in the midst of sleep, she
noted that he would sometimes whisper her name, or smile to himself as her fingertips
ghosted against his skin.  Such warmth...
Now, though, both were awake, but reluctant to move.  Thomas's eye were still closed,
but he was acutely aware of every movement that Skye made, every heartbeat, every
breath.  So continuous.   He absently ran his fingers through her curls, detangling
it carefully as she smiled up at him.  Skye's cerulean eyes made a detailed inventory
of his features-  the rough scars over his chest, and one on his cheek.  A few
shaving nicks that always made her smile to herself.  The palm of her hand traced
against his shoulder, and Skye's breath caught (a change that Thomas noted
immediately).  Her eyes flicked to her hand, surprised yet immensely grateful to find
that she must have imagined the sickeningly familiar texture of slick, warm blood...
"Y'a'right?"  Thomas's voice was a deep rumble, thick with sleep, but on guard-
always on guard- just in case something was wrong.
"N-no...  I just thought... Never mind.  I'm fine."  Skye leant up, finally closing
her eyes to press her lips with a firmness (checking he was really there...) to his,
habitually relaxing as his hold on her grew more secure, although not tighter. 
Nothing could separate this.  This was perfect.  Skye smiled at the thought, and drew
back, although not so far that she couldn't feel his warm breath on her cheek,
contrasting delightfully with the hoar, frosty breeze that blew in their door.
Not only did he protect from danger...  Also the cold.  The terrifying cold of the
morning that felt like it could never leave once it had secured a place in the
Like this;  the warm-cold moments before the day starting but after the night had
finished;  this time was precious.  Somehow today more than usual.
"Don't leave me..."
"Huh?"  Skye looked up, brushing her hand against the morning-stubble on his jaw,
"Did you say something?"
"No..."  He smiled slowly, "We should get up..."
Skye frowned, the thought distressing her.  She shook her head, pulling Thomas closer
to her, "No... Stay here..."
"Liz'll be wanting breakfast, c'mon Skye-"
A chill of air swept over her, and she shuddered violently, gasping for a breath,
"No, Tommy, please..."
He looked to her, concern etched deep into his brow, "It's not so cold when yer up-"
Another rush of frozen air, and her eyes widened in panic.  The cold had reached her
heart.  It had her.  "Tommy..."
His metallic grey eyes softened a little, and he nodded, slipling out from the covers
quickly before gently folding them around Skye's figure.  He sat on the bed, holding
her and rocking slowly back and forth, tears rolling down his cheeks.
The bed was gone.
No.  No no no.
'Give me my memory back...'
A quiet cough.
A scarlet droplet staining the bridge.
A scream of anguish piercing the cold autumn air as a man lost the woman he loved
with all his heart.

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