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Saturday, 18 August 2012
02:31:17 AM (GMT)
I'm gonna be keeping track of my characters from now on because I don't want to lose them. :T I've lost so many over the years... Most of my characters are gay, some are bi... xD I'll be adding more eventually. o3o Adison Sage 17, black hair, tan skin, blue eyes. Adison was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. Luckily, it was so mild, it affected neither his looks, growth, or intelligence(for the most part), but he has weak legs and has to use leg braces and crutches to walk. He also forgets things easily and has trouble holding still. Despite his disability, he has a lot of close friends, and is a relatively happy guy. Eli Saber 15, blond hair, pale skin, blue eyes. When Eli was eight years old, his father drunkenly molested him. Confused, he asked one of his friends if it was normal for fathers to do that, because his mother never taught him that it wasn't. Eli's friend asked his own mother about it, and his mother called the police. Eli's father was arrested. Eli's mother screamed at her son for hours, calling him a liar. His father was released due to a lack of evidence, and Eli's parents divorced. Eli's mother abuses him and sends him to this father's house one weekend each month. Kiran ? Red hair, silver eyes, pale skin. Kiran was made, not born. He escaped from the laboratory he was trapped in and is running constantly from scientists. He is very prone to illness, but can't go see a doctor, because he lacks certain qualities that make someone human. Nerumi 18, silver hair, red eyes. His hair covers his right eye, and he has a scar that goes from the top of his forehead, over the middle of his left eye, and down. Nerumi hasn't ever known real love. His parents abused him until he ran away when he was fifteen. Until he was eighteen and able to get a job, he lived on the streets, doing what he had to do to survive. This usually involved stealing, and doing odd jobs. Every now and then, he'd sleep with someone for money. This was rare, though. Now he lives by himself in a tiny apartment. He works most of the day, since he dropped out of school when he left home. He heard he has a brother who's seven years older than him, and is now searching.. Craig 17, blond hair, purple eyes. He looks a lot like his younger brother Vincent. Craig actually had a fairly normal childhood, unlike his ignored brother. He was a nice kid, had friends, and loving parents. When he turned thirteen, his parents let him start wandering around alone, as long as he came home before dark. One night, he got caught up playing videogames with his friends, and he had to walk home, in the dark. He was taking the shortcut home, through an alleyway, when he was tackled by a stranger. Being only thirteen, he couldn't fight back, and was raped. Ever since then, he became introverted and angry at everything. When he actually decides to talk to someone, he's a complete asshole. Because of this, no one's actually given him a chance, which he can't say isn't fair. Laszlo 14, jet black hair, red eyes. His hair is slightly wavy, and he has a side bang. His eyes are a beautiful shade of blood red, and he has the most gorgeous smile. His beauty is tragic because he always looks so depressed. Laszlo is kind and giving. He wants the best for everyone else, so he sacrifices a lot. He gladly gives anything he can to help people, so he's taken advantage of a lot... He is homeless, but he doesn't mind so much. He sleeps wherever he can. Because he's very likeable and helpful, every now and then people offer him a place to stay. People often think he's older than he really is... He has hemophilia.
Last edited: 21 September 2012

‹defineMANIAC› says:   18 August 2012   455193  
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   18 August 2012   404669  
I don't have much information about him. :c
I haven't made up a story for him, though I think I kinda want it to
be like Eli's.
And that's the reason he ended up in wonderland, to escape his crappy
‹defineMANIAC› says:   18 August 2012   179259  
Ah, fair enough....  I like him :3
I'm gonna draw Chess sometime! 
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   18 August 2012   223128  
Cool. ^_^
I'd draw Adrian, but I don't really draw so much anymore. 
‹defineMANIAC› says:   18 August 2012   610133  
Awesome :D
Chess is just so eccentric.... And talkative... 
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   18 August 2012   539570  
Adrian's so shy. And cute. :3 
‹defineMANIAC› says:   18 August 2012   608780  
I love 'im<3

I shall stop spamming your lovely diary now... 
‹Shadow♥› says:   18 August 2012   980212  
This is a good idea :3
Though if I did this then it would be a very long diary XD
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   18 August 2012   591041  
I limited it to some of my favorites. xD 
‹Shadow♥› says :   18 August 2012   525756  
Even if I tried to do that it would be a long diary XD I just have so
many characters its unreal :P 


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