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Tuesday, 14 August 2012
09:52:42 PM (GMT)
~~ Ignore all character backstories xD ~~

"Guys, our wood's hugely warped... We can't build houses with this rubbish.  Where
did we even get it from?"
"Same place as usual."
"Well, we can't build jack shit with this.  One gust of wind, and it's gone!"
A snarl came from behind the van, and all three brothers paused.  The youngest
frowned, "What was that?" He mused, stepping forwards, towards the noise.
"Probably just a dog... Don't worry, Pete."
A ginger haired woman strolled purposefully through the hospital, followed by a
blonde man, her partner.   She paused outside a room, "Doctor, I'm Detective
Inspector Langkilde, this is Detective Sergeant Dulce.  Can we talk to Pete Grisham?"
 The doctor nodded,
"He's just there.  Go ahead."
The red haired woman stepped forwards, sparing the pleasantries, "So, who was it that
attacked you?"
The fat man on the hospital bed simply stared blankly.
"What did he look like?"
Dulce took out a notepad and pen, watching the man for an answer.
"H-he, er... Was about six foot?  Had a tattoo of a cartoon character on his arm...
The one who chases roadrunner... Wile. E. Coyote?"
The detective nodded, "How about his eyes?"
"Er... they were blue, I think?"
"Teeth, fingernails?"
"I'm sorry, what?"
"Was there anything odd about them?"  She frowned.
"Not... really?  They seemed pretty normal..."  Pete hesitated, "This guy killed my
brothers, Detective.  I'm telling you everything."
"Why do you think he didn't kill you?"
"No idea..."
"Right, thank you for your time.  Bye."  She turned quickly, pushing Dulce from the
room, still writing.

As soon as they were outside the hospital, they were conversing quickly, "So, the
brothers hearts weren't missing?"
"No.  Chunks of liver and kidney, but both hearts were still there."
"Skye, this isn't werewolf behaviour.  I wouldn't be so sure it's them..."
"Then what, Val?"
"I don't know.  I suppose we'll just have to wait?  See if anything else turns up? 
It could've just been a freak killer."
"In all our careers, when's that ever happened?"


"Ken, we're lost.  Admit it!"
"We're not, the path's here, just a bit... Overshadowed."
The couple had been hiking for hours longer than they should have been, and Molly was
more than frustrated at her boyfriend's inability to hand the map over to her.  She
groaned as he asked for some food.
"You ate everything, Ken!  Stop complaining and find where we are!"
"Oh hey, a house.  We can ask directions..."
Molly sighed with relief, glaring at him, "Thank you, civilisation!"
Ken raised a hand to knock at the door, when it opened, an old woman standing with a
smile on her face greeted them.
"Oh, I suppose you're lost, aren't you dears?  How about you come in for a moment,
and we'll find you something to eat?"
Ken was already nodding furiously before Molly could voice her protests.
"Er, really, I think we should get going... We're already behind-"
"Nonsense, dear, in you come!  I've just baked a pie!"
Ken offered a hand, which Molly hesitantly accepted, "It's alright.  We'll just have
a slice and be on our way."

Several slices of cherry pie later, the couple stood up, "Thank you so much, but we
should really be going now...  Ken, are you okay?"  He was bent almost double,
clutching his stomach, and a second later a similar wave of nausea hit Molly, and
they both crumpled to the floor, the old woman still smiling a sickly sweet smile.
"It's going to be alright, dears."
"W-What?!  Have you... Drugged us?"  Molly stammered, her vision doubling.  She'd
eaten significantly less than her boyfriend, so while she was seeing double, he was
on the floor, groaning softly.
"I'll look after you, my lovelies..."  The woman said, lunging forwards with a speed
expected of someone half her age with a large carving knife, glinting eerily in the
low light.  Molly screamed as her boyfriend's stomach was slashed open, followed by
his throat as his blood stained her shirt.  She looked around helplessly, crying for
help for all she was worth.


"So... You escaped by pushing the old lady?  Into a stove, you say?"
"Y-yes... She fell b-backwards and cracked her head on it..."  Molly paused, "I
k-killed her, didn't I?"
Val nodded, "It was self-defense.  Try not to let it plague you."
"Do you remember anything else?"  Skye interrupted.
"Y-yeah... There was a little girl.  About seven, eight?  Standing at the window,
watching.  It was odd, you know...  Seeing such a pretty child amongst something so
"A girl?  What did she look like?"
"Really pretty.  Had black hair, and really pale skin.  Bright green eyes."
Val noted this down, and nodded, "Thank you, Ms Derulo, we'll be in touch."


"You got anything, Skye?"
"There's a hell of a lot of EMF over by the window... By no sulfur.  We're definately
dealing with a spirit, but not a demon."  She frowned, "This is crazy...  You have
any theories?"
"Well, yes, actually."  Val paused, "I've been thinking about fairytales..."
Skye raised an eyebrow, fighting a smirk as she observed the blonde man, "Er...
Right.  You... Think about fairytales a lot, do you?"
"No, the murders, Skye."  He rolled his eyes, "Three brothers, building a house?  Big
bad wolf comes and attacks them."
"Three little pigs..." She shrugged, "They weren't exactly skinny, were they?"
"And the other two.  Poisoned pie, old lady killed with a stove, carving up the man? 
Hansel and Gretel."
Skye nodded hesitantly, "You might have a point, actually..."
Val jogged over to Skye, who was sitting on a bench, staring at a toad in front of
her.  He raised an eyebrow as he caught up, and Skye glanced up at him, then back at
the toad.
"I'm not kissing it."
Val chuckled, sitting beside her, "You might get a Prince?"
"Don't want one."
"Right, well I've just been researching while you were having a staring contest with
a toad...  No little girls have died from the town that fit her description, no
disappearances, nothing.  Except..."
Skye frowned, looking up at him, "Except?"
"A girl went into a coma when she was eight.  Black hair, pale.  Her name's Kari. 
And you remember Doctor Whelan?"
"Yeah... The one in charge of the third little piggy and Gretel?"
"Yeah.  The librarian said that they used to be best friends.  Never parted.  I think
we should ask him a few questions..."  Val trailed off as his attention drifted from
Skye, looking past her at a house, "Pumpkins?"  He stood up, starting towards the
slightly ajar door, Skye following, utterly confused.
"What's so special about a pumpkin?  It's a week to Halloween!"
"Pumpkin carriage?  Cinderella?"
"How the hell do you know this...?"
Val laughed lightly, ignoring her as he edged through the door, pulling his gun from
it's holster, Skye doing the same.  They took separate directions, Skye heading
through the dining room and into the kitchen, "Oh my God... Are you okay?!"  She
rushed over to the girl, crouching beside her, and picking the lock of the
"M-my step-mum... She... beat me... and chained me here...  Please help..."  She
sobbed quietly as the detective freed her, allowing the girl to fall forwards into
her arms, clinging on tightly and crying into Skye's shoulder.

Meanwhile, Val was stepping carefully through the living room until he caught a
movement from the corner of his eye.  He turned quickly to see a small face peering
nervously around the doorframe of the next room.  She smiled shyly, and made a
beckoning motion, disappearing from sight.  Without stopping to consider, he
followed, his gun still raised, "Hello?  I'm not going to hurt you..."  He said
softly as he rounded the corner.  The girl was standing in the center of the room,
still smiling.  "Are you...  Are you Kari?"  The little girl nodded, holding out a
hand to him.  He stepped forwards, kneeling in front of her and hesitantly taking her
hand.  As soon as they touched, a voice as soft as the wind echoed through Val's
"Will you, will you be, will, will you be my prince, prince, prince...?"
His deep blue eyes narrowed slightly in curiosity, looking into her emerald green
"Please, please, please..."
"I'm here to help you, Kari.  I'll give you your-"
"Happy happy happy endings..."  A delicate whisper finished his sentance, and he
"Precisely.  I'll make it okay, Kari.  I promise."
A small tear rolled down her face as she smiled.  It fell from her cheek, and she
flickered out of sight as soon as it hit the ground.
Val was left still kneeling, his right hand outstretched, a scarlet apple in his
upturned palm.  His expression softened, a hint of sadness in his eyes as his
attention turned to the apple.  As he turned it, the reverse was a pale green.
Snow White?
"SKYE?  Kari's coma wasn't an accident!"

To be continued...
Last edited: 14 August 2012

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