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Sunday, 18 March 2012
05:48:14 PM (GMT)
xXx Tonight we feast on broken hearts xXx
Somehow I knew it would be this way. Where you would hate me. And no one would care. Egypt: I am sorry I do not love you. I remember when you would push me down. And call me names. I never thought it was because you loved me. I miss you. But you don't care. Mariena: Do I need to say my most beloved memory with you? Or is it too personal? I will leave it be. I love you Mariena, you are a great friend. You will forever be with me. I am wearing the necklace you gave me when we were nine. You know. The half a heart one. The one that says "best frie". You have the other half that says "nds Forever". I love you. Mum: This is not your fault. Let us leave it at that. Trishie: I miss you. You will never know how much. I love you. George: I cannot tell you in words how sorry I am. I messed up. I ruined it. Did I not tell you I would. It is my own damn fault though. I got too caught up. I let myself believe you cared. I let myself like you. Dare I say love you. I am sorry my Zombie Prince. I will leave you alone after this. I promise. I will leave everyone alone after this. I love you. Bye. Arnold: Remember two days ago when I dropped that knife and you caught it and did that victory dance? That was cool. I love you. I wish we could have more fun times like that. Diane: You still have my Zombie socks. Let us leave it at that, thief. I joke. I love you. And with that, I just got done pouring all of my insulin in the sink and running the water. The needles are in the rubbish bin. Now, I wait. ♥ Love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife! Oh, and Lilly. Dear Lilly. Promise me that you will make my mum put "here lies the Zombie Princess" on my tombstone? That would be great. ♥
Last edited: 18 March 2012

‹unoriginal› says:   18 March 2012   608906  
I used to have at least some respect for you. Not anymore
though. Trying to keep people at your side with threats you kill
yourself. Horrible.
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   157544  
Sammie, is something wrong?
(why wasn't I mentioned???????)
George and I do not believe this is a threat... 
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   18 March 2012   728449  
I am sorry.  I have to go now, Destiny. 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   190932  
Destiny Lee
O_O Dude, what happened between you and Samantha?!

35 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
Things. I had to stop talking to her due to complications.

34 minutes agoDestiny Lee
I'm about to cut her bitch as with a fucking bottle!

34 minutes agoDestiny Lee
"Destiny, I am fucking done!
He hates me!
I knew I would ruin it!
Now I have!
I am going to quit taking my insulin.
No one will miss me.
Fuck it.
Fuck you.
Fuck the world!"

Fuck me?! Excuse you!

"Leave me alone!"

34 minutes agoDestiny Lee
What the Hell -___-

34 minutes agoGeorge Chandler

34 minutes agoDestiny Lee
Zombie princess my ass, more like bipolar princess.
And I guess.
Is that what she takes insulin for>

33 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
Yeah, she's diabetic, she'll die without it.

33 minutes agoDestiny Lee
O_O oh fuck...What have I done.............
You're kidding, tell me that!

32 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
No I'm not kidding.

32 minutes agoDestiny Lee
O_O Dear Jesus.

32 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
Where are you going?

32 minutes agoDestiny Lee
To message her and make sure she doesn't do something stupid!

31 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
Good idea.

31 minutes agoDestiny Lee
She won't reply to my kupichats and shes offline on Yahoo.

31 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
What have I done?!

29 minutes agoDestiny Lee
I don't know, what DID you do?!

28 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
I really don't want to talk about it.

28 minutes agoDestiny Lee
She is not messaging.
What time is it over there?

28 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
I know......
It's 9:40

26 minutes agoDestiny Lee
She takes her medicine at like 9:20ish I think.. She sent me that
first message at CRLR8:59

26 minutes agoGeorge Chandler

26 minutes agoDestiny Lee
Do you know anything else about the diabetic junk? What happens?

25 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
Yeah, my aunt's diabetic. She just injects herself in the pituitary
gland with insulin and then is fine.

23 minutes agoDestiny Lee
isn't that gland in the brain/head?

23 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
No, it's in the stomach area.

18 minutes agoDestiny Lee
Ooooh. I thought the pituitary gland released puberty hormones...At
least thats what I heard in Sex Ed.

18 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
No you're thinking of the one in the brain.

18 minutes agoDestiny Lee
Oh...I am.

18 minutes agoGeorge Chandler

17 minutes agoDestiny Lee
dude, diaries, diaries, she posted a diary.
How rude of her.

15 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
Bitch just bought herself a one way ticket to hell.....
Not that I believe in hell....

12 minutes agoDestiny Lee
What did she do now?

10 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
The diary, she is sayin her goodbyes, SHE'S KILLING HERSELF.

10 minutes agoDestiny Lee
I don't think thats what shes doing...
Is it?
Is that like a suicide note?

10 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
Yes, it's a suicide note.

10 minutes agoDestiny Lee
...damn, I feel bad for calling her a bitch just now...

9 minutes agoGeorge Chandler

9 minutes agoDestiny Lee
Um...what should I do?

8 minutes agoGeorge Chandler
I have to go....

8 minutes agoDestiny Lee
She won't talk to me.
Bye. :///
BitterCinderella prolly isn't making things better saying Sammies

^Look, George DOES care! 
caaats says:   18 March 2012   635679  

we're not new fags to the web, we know the deal.
she's not serious.
stop making paola and georgie feel like shit, sam.
this is wrong.
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   854685  
I bet you a JILLION dollars, "Paola" doesn't care if shes for real or

Sammie, I love you, even if this IS for attention.
I texted Mariena btw, I don't care if this is fake or not, Mariena
says shes walking over to your house, okay?@Watertones 
‹unoriginal› says:   18 March 2012   192885  
I'll be a 100% honest. I don't care if she kills herself. I
don't. If this was real, I wouldn't give a fuck. But, its not. She's
only doing this so she can get George's attention because she's
pathetic and desperate. I'm being a bitch right now, yeah. But, she
deserves it. So spam me, insult me, say whatever you like. I'm not
going to deal with her crap. 
caaats says:   18 March 2012   767431  
because she's not.
she's only doing this to make george look like he cares about her to
make paola mad.
i've seen this shit happen way too many times.
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   683914  
I'm not talking to you...

Okay, perhaps you're right.

Bitch if you don't fucking answer me!
Ughh!  I hope you step on broken glass! 
caaats says:   18 March 2012   523443  
stepping on legos is 3285868xxxx worse! :B 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   842895  
Fine, then dammit Sammie, step on Legos.  IN THE DARK!
You're being fucking cunt-flap, Sammie.

Btw, heyy Anita. 
caaats says:   18 March 2012   212677  
erm, hi there. 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   900434  
Sammie.  Is.  Su.  I.  Cid.  Al.
yur fukkin kidin me -.-
No, dude, if you're gonna be a bitch then so be it, but go check on
im at her house rite now. the lites are on. things look fine. her mum
isnt home tho.
Can you go INSIDE the house?
can i get arrested by going inside?
If you're a hero then no, idiot.
omfg. dess i g2g. shes like fukkin passed out.
Tell she the little cumslut is just sleeping.
no. bye.
You can't just say bye after telling me this!  

(FourLettersSent is me.  Meet Cory is this chick named Mariena....who
is Cory?) 
‹unoriginal› says:   18 March 2012   580113  
Faaake. c: 
‹unoriginal› says:   18 March 2012   434851  

Not you, the Cory person.
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   456460  
Idk who Cory is.
And damn straight I ain't fake.

Wait, you aren't Anita -_-  
I sent that towards Anita. 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   129238  
God dammit, Sammie, just delete all of this, the whole fucking diary.
 Cum slut, you're being a fucking attention whore, okay?  George
doesn't like you.  And this isn't gonna make him like you.  Damn.
‹unoriginal› says:   18 March 2012   887538  
Tracking thingy lights up everytime one of you sends
something. It gets annoying, but hey. Not like I have anything better
to do.
caaats says:   18 March 2012   714477  

her last login was 9 minutes ago.
she just chose to be offline under her options.

‹unoriginal› says:   18 March 2012   242424  
Bitch be dumb as hell. As least properly fake your supposed
suicide attempt. :b
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   515414  
  I have an idea of the ages.
Lets leave Sammie to drown in her own ignorance. 

Sammie, you are a cunt-flap. 
‹unoriginal› says:   18 March 2012   508923  
Lets c: Goodbye Samantha. It was a cute try.
‹Mr. Dad› says:   18 March 2012   175072  
Bye Sammie.
I love you, Zombie Princess?  peshawh.  You're a Bipolar mess.
‹Mr. Dad› says:   19 March 2012   320534  
She's dead y'all.  But not because she "quit taking insulin".  But,
I know y'all care less, but, knowledge is power, so now ya know. 
caaats says:   19 March 2012   929757  
she wasn't even real, give it up. 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   19 March 2012   342315  
How can you say she "wasn't" real? 
caaats says:   19 March 2012   649018  
i saw her pictures on google when i was looking for hair ideas the
other day. 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   19 March 2012   986118  
Oooooh.  WAIT!
What about the pics of her with her friends?? 
caaats says:   19 March 2012   691849  
she could have taken them off someone's blog.
there's plenty of "scene queens" with friends, you know. 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   19 March 2012   839837  
Meh, I'll give you that. 
‹Mr. Dad› says:   27 March 2012   777141  
I miss you Samantha. ♥♥♥
‹IcePath› says:   8 May 2012   579392  
"I am sorry my Zombie Prince."

‹Mr. Dad› says:   8 May 2012   929655  
I don't understand that picture -.- 
peteyorn says:   14 May 2012   337939  
dude, i'm balling. this is awesome. 
voguekitty says:   8 June 2013   147577  
dying hhhh
‹Losing My Religion› says:   8 June 2013   173711  
voguekitty says:   8 June 2013   241365  
i canttttt omg
kupika drama <3 
‹Losing My Religion› says :   8 June 2013   783904  
This is beautiful 

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