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Thursday, 8 December 2011
05:41:17 PM (GMT)
Name: Bellatrix(I know I'm ripping off HP, but I FRIGGIN LOVE THE NAME) LeMell. Her closest friends call her Trix, and the ones she doesn't know so well call her Bella. Age: 17 Evil/Miracle: Evil Creature: Vampire Personality: Trix is malicious and cunning, using her speed and agility to fight rather brute force to fight, which she loves doing, by the way. She cna be almost kind at times, but beware, there is almost always a catch. She cares for no one, truly, but herself. Trix is strikingly beautiful, and she considers that one of her best traits, other than her wit and intelligence. She is very secretive, not allowing many people to crack through her shell and see who -or what- she really is. You will know her by the miscevious glint in her eye, the inevitably raised eyebrow, and her devillish smirk, as she undoubtedly whups your ass in a fight. Story: As a small girl, Belltrix was trained excessively by her parents, who were highly skilled fighters. Thus, she herself grew up as a fighter, picking fights with random creatures in order to test her skills. She was rarely beaten, and began to have a very high opinion of herself. That was shattered the first time she was beaten. She never looked at her opponents very closely; normally she just challenged them mindlessly, not bothering to check if they were six inches shorter than her or ten feet tall. This particular opponent was the same. But as they were fighting, time seemed to slow as she took in his features. His mocking smirk, chiseled jaw, knowing eyes. She lost her concentration and wound up pinned to the ground, the both of them breathing heavily. She remembers this as the first time she fell in love. His name was Rowen. He was a fey, on the side of the Miracles. Their love just couldn't be. Still, she pursued it endlessly, meeting up with him in secret spots, never telling her parents, never telling anyone, not even her closest friends. This part Trix remembers as if it were yesterday. She was in a good mood that day, feeling as though she were walking on air. Typical symptoms of a love-struck teenager. She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she hardly noticed when she came upon Rowen, entangled with another girl, a fey girl. Then, she noticed. She was enraged, her thoughts flying into a blind fury. How could he do this to her? Didn't he know that she needed him? She lost control and killed them both, and was left weeping in the middle of bloodthirsty carnage, what she herself had done. She ran away to the woods, too ashamed to face her parents. She knew they might even be proud of what she had done, but what she really couldn't face was herself. She had killed her one true love, over soome trivial thing. They could have worked it out. She swore never to give her heart away to anyone, and now spends her time ruthlessly slaying all of her enemies. She's recovered a it, and now manages an air of wicked pretty, but there is an undertone of bitterness wherever she goes. Good/Evil rating: Evil: 7 Rank: Fighter Strength: 10, due to her crazy training as a child. Picture: Dark Anime girl Pictures, Images and Photos

‹♪♥Twisted~X~Angel♥♪› says:   8 February 2012   992272  
Wonderful, amazing, beautifuL!
‹beri-tan› says:   14 February 2012   796613  
^3^ Fanks!!
‹♪♥Twisted~X~Angel♥♪› says :   14 February 2012   653517  
No problem

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