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A few... Ahem... Phobias of mine. Just a few..Category: RANDOM~
Monday, 21 November 2011
09:33:53 PM (GMT)
Alone, being- Autophobia
Bridges or of crossing them- Gephyrophobia.
Buildings: being close to high buildings- Batophobia.
Clowns- Coulrophobia.
Confined spaces- Claustrophobia.
Creepy, crawly things- Herpetophobia.
Criticism- Enissophobia.
Crossing streets- Agyrophobia or Dromophobia.
Crowded public places like markets- Agoraphobia.
Dark or night- Nyctophobia.
Dark place, being in- Lygophobia.
Darkness- Achluophobia or Myctophobia, or Scotophobia.
Doctor, going to the- Iatrophobia.
Dolls- Pediophobia
Failure- Atychiphobia or Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Flying- Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia.
Forgetting or being forgotten- Athazagoraphobia.
Harmed by wicked persons; bad men or burglars- Scelerophobia.
Ignored, being- Athazagoraphobia.
Imperfection- Atelophobia.
Insects- Acarophobia or Entomophobia or Insectophobia.
Jealousy- Zelophobia.
Kissing- Philemaphobia or Philematophobia.
Large things- Megalophobia.
Lawsuits- Liticaphobia.
Loneliness or of being oneself- Eremophobia or Eremiphobia.
Looking up- Anablephobia or Anablepophobia.
Love, falling or being in- Philophobia
Memories- Mnemophobia.
Moths- Mottephobia.
Narrow things or places- Stenophobia.
Noises, loud- Ligyrophobia.
Objects, small- Tapinophobia.
Old people- Gerontophobia.
Pain- Algiophobia, Ponophobia, Odynophobia or Odynephobia.
Parasites- Parasitophobia.
Places, certain- Topophobia.
Punishment- Poinephobia.
School, going to school- Didaskaleinophobia.
School- Scolionophobia.
Self, being seen or looked at- Scopophobia or Scoptophobia.
Single: staying single- Anuptaphobia.
Social (fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations)- Social Phobia.
Society or people in general- Anthropophobia or Sociophobia.
Speaking in public- Glossophobia.
Stage fright- Topophobia.
Stairs or climbing stairs- Climacophobia.
Stairways- Bathmophobia.
Tapeworms- Taeniophobia.
Stared at, being- Ophthalmophobia.
Weakness- Asthenophobia.
Weight, gaining- Obesophobia or Pocrescophobia.
Worms- Scoleciphobia.
Worms, being infested with- Helminthophobia.

That's about it... >.>
Last edited: 17 December 2011

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