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Sunday, 30 October 2011
01:36:36 PM (GMT)
[x] I think Im gonna have a high score on this.
[x] I dont talk to one or both of my parents that much.
[x] I have said horrible things to someones face.
[x] I give people disgusting looks a lot.
[  ] Ive been known to have an attitude.   
Total so far: 4

[  ]I took heads off dolls or action figures when I was little.
[  ] I have destroyed something valuable on purpose.
[x] Most people suck.
[  ] I have thrown temper tantrums
[  ] I've killed insects/anything for fun.
Total so far: 5

[  ] I get mad easily.
[x] Sometimes I order people around.
[  ] I am or was known as the kid that's trouble/sets a bad example.
[  ] I've argued with a teacher.
[  ] I've yelled at someone in public.
Total so far: 6

[  ] I could honestly care less about school.
[  ] I love messing with other peoples heads.
[  ] I've been told Im conceited.
[x] I joke around.
[  ] I yell daily
Total so far: 7

[  ] I seem to always be in an argument with someone.
[  ] I dont like smiling but do anyways.
[x] I know at least 2 people I would like to kick the crap out of.
[  ] I love prank calling people.
[  ] I hate a lot of people.
Total so far: 8

[x] I get annoyed very easily.
[x] I think some people are just flat out immature.
[x] Adults annoy me on a regular basis.
[  ] I get annoyed when people tell me I'm wrong.
[  ] I hold grudges
Total so far: 11

[x] I have a long list of people who I like to avoid.
[x] There are people I just can't resist mocking.
[x] I have many pet peeves.
[] I'm a very impulsive person.
[] I don't care what I say to anybody.
Total so far: 14

[] Peoples feelings don't matter, if I'm happy.
[] I don't believe in love.
[] I don't believe in peace.
[] I don't think all people are equal.
[x] I argue with people for fun.
Total so far:15

Overall: 15.

Results! [1-5] You seem to have quite a high opinion of yourself, go back and do the quiz over with a bit more honesty! [6-10] You're a rather nice person! You're quite pleasant to be around, and are nice to everybody! [11-15] You're also a nice person! Just not as nice as the group above you, to be honest, you're more of a human, you have faults! [16-30] You're an average human! Congrats. [31-40] You're either someone who's mean for attention, strung up on past events, or just an all around nasty little cunt. Congrats sunshine, everyone hates you.

exquisite says:   30 October 2011   191622  
10. Wahey.
letusdance says:   30 October 2011   848054  
Such an angel, Maria. 
exquisite says:   30 October 2011   230656  
letusdance says:   30 October 2011   955230  
Well it's true. You're a social butterfly! 8D 
exquisite says:   30 October 2011   518257  
But... I'm introverted! D: 
letusdance says:   30 October 2011   630479  
But not on the internet it seems. o3o 
exquisite says:   30 October 2011   383796  
Silly internet logic. 
letusdance says:   30 October 2011   599781  
Mind blowing, no? 
exquisite says:   30 October 2011   915207  
I guess it is. I guess it's because in real-life I'm afraid to say
something in case it comes out wrong, whereas online, I can easily
just hit the backspace key or edit my post. o: 
letusdance says:   30 October 2011   633242  
c: TRUE! In real life I just say what I like, as long as it's polite.
exquisite says:   30 October 2011   183516  
Yaaay! (: 
letusdance says :   30 October 2011   448917  

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