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Friday, 14 October 2011
07:20:21 AM (GMT)
It's just a word.
It's only just a word if you don't have a heart.
If you wish to live your life here on Earth with no real purpose, without the one
emotion that truly matters, then it is only four letters.
Love is an emotion, a feeling.
Love is an idea, a thought.
Love is a movement.
It can have it's downside.
It can lure you into a false sense of security, then leave you empty and alone in its
It can also build you back up, being the one thing strong enough to drag you out of
the hole you are in.
Love is not just a noun, it is a verb as well.
To love someone is to honestly care more about them than about yourself.
To love is to put everything behind you, to take this stranger's hand and build a
better life.
To love is to step outside your comfort zone, to take the chances the old you would
have blown.
To love is to live.
Love knows no boundaries.
It is not restricted to one person.
One person can have the majority of your love and attention, but everyone should have
endless love.
Love that doesn't hold grudges, that doesn't hold back, that always finds the person
in need.
When you love a friend, they know it.
You can see them having problems, feeling down, and you can show them the love inside
you and them.
Through yours, they will open up their hearts and discover their own.
Sorry laughter, love is the best medicine.
Love can fix our world.
If everyone loved everyone, even the people they don't know or trust, then we
wouldn't have wars.
We wouldn't have this back and forth joke that we call politics in this country.
We wouldn't pollute the earth.
We would love it.
We could all make this a better place for our kids.
We could all live as one.
Love is powerful.
Love is also very silly.
When you love someone, you accept their flaws.
The personal traits that haunt them are just obstacles in between you and the
honestly happy person that lives inside them.
You don't judge them, you don't dwell on their past.
You take their words as truth, you hold them deep inside.
You find a way to trust them, regardless of what others have done.
You laugh with them, even at inappropriate moments.
You remember what it's like to be a kid.
I have a thought.
How about we make love a priority.
Let's make it our first response to EVERY action.
When someone says hurtful words, don't get angry.
When you see someone mourning for a loved one, don't be sad.
When you see someone fall down, don't laugh.
When you see someone being mistreated, don't be quiet.
When anything happens in this world and you have the opportunity to do something....
Tell them how much you appreciate them.
Tell them you care.
Tell them you will listen.
Show them the better way.
Give them a way out, a helping hand.
Write love on their arm.
It isn't just for girls.
Guys go through it just the same, it just might not be as obvious.
This world is crazy.
For the most part it is a bad place.
But we are the generation that can change it now.
We have the opportunity to change this world.
Instead of being arrogant, ignorant, foolish, rude, angry, depressed,
Instead of living up to the stereotypes the older people have put on us, 
Let's be loving people.
Let's show the world that we are out to make a difference.
One person can't do it alone.
Together, nothing can stop us.
We could shower this earth with something it has truly never experienced before.

I'll start now.

Jesse, I love you.

You share my feelings.

You share my love.

Let's share our love with the world.

Last edited: 14 October 2011

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