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Falling and Catching: ShizayaCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 6 July 2011
02:30:16 AM (GMT)
A story I found.

The dark brunette took in a deep breath of the city's polluted air and smiled as he
stared out at the sky from the roof of one of the many buildings. The phone beside
his ear was spurring out noise, a voice of a woman reminding the man that he still
had unfinished papers to finish up although he wasn't focusing on what she was
saying, rather it centered around the thought that popped into his mind.

Ah, humans are so interesting. Take Namie Yagiri as an example. She's one of the more
intelligent ones but at the same time stupid. The woman fell in love with her
brother! How bizzare! He let out a soft chuckle. She lost in the game of love to that
stalker girl and I won myself a house wife! With that in mind, he let out his
uncontrollable laughter, interrupting Namie's nagging session.

"Orihara," she asked, her voice monotonous. "What exactly is so funny?" She was
replied with more laughter and she shook her head in disgust. "Never mind. I'd rather
not know." She let out and irritated and impatient sigh.

Orihara, Izaya calmed down just enough to speak coherently to his subordinate. "Yes,
yes Namie. I'll have them done by tonight so don't worry your pretty little head." He
held back a laugh, an inside joke filling him with glee.

"You disgust me." Was the last line Izaya heard from her before she hung up. He
sighed blissfully and closed his phone shut then pushed it into the depths of his
pants pocket before standing up and doing a few little spins. Today was an
entertaining day for him indeed.

Now, if you were new to the city Ikebukuro and saw the man doing those spins on a
high building, you'd be concerned about the man's well being. The locals here knew
that it would be best not to involve yourself with this man and they tried not to get
on his bad side. They knew that Izaya Orihara was a man who was stealthy, nimble and
quick, almost similar to a cat and the possibilities of him being careless and
messing up was at 1.6254098%

The lights from the city below him glowed and he marveled at the sight of busy people
walking past one another, not expecting the plans he had in store for them. He
laughed excitedly and spun once more, keeping a hand over his lips in a futile
attempt to keep silent.

"Ah…?" and that's when the 1.6254098 percentage rears its ugly head when he
accidentally steps on a misplaced soda can and loses his balance and falls of the
edge of the tall building. He doesn't scream like any other normal person would but
instead thinks of the probabilities of him surviving. Honestly, he wasn't too sure
himself so he shrugged and as he was falling back first into the streets. Closing his
eyes, he folded his arms behind his head and crossed his legs as if relaxing. Like in
those old cartoon shows I used to watch with my darling little sisters he thought.


Shizuo waved goodbye as Celty drove down the road to finish her job and he himself,
he thought, should return to his.

He started walking down the sidewalk when laughter filled his ears. Laughter that
sounded all too familiar. Laughter that made his blood boil. He grit his teeth and
clenched his fists, trying to determine where the irritating noise was coming from
but it stopped. Was I imagining that? He questioned himself.

He looked left and right before something from above caught his attention. He
narrowed his eyes to determine what the object was before he realized that the thing
had arms, legs and a head. It was a person. Without really thinking, he positioned
himself right below the falling person and extended his arms, ready to catch the
man… or woman… He couldn't exactly tell.


The person landed loudly and painfully in his arms and starred with horror at the man
he just saved.

Izaya opened his eyes, surprised the landing wasn't as painful as he expected. The
smell of nicotine wafted into his nose, made a face of disgust and looked at his
savior's face. "Shizu-chan?" he asked, bewildered. "Hmm, I was calculating my chances
of death and it was looking pretty grim… I'm surprised that you, of all people,
would be the one to save my life!" he ranted on.

Shizuo wanted to hit himself. HE SAVED THE FLEA'S LIFE. That thought lingered on in
his mind, for a short moment forgetting about the smaller man in his arms.

Izaya noticed the bartenders lack of attention (not that Shizuo actually listened
anyway) and smirked. He wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck and pulled himself
closer to the blond's ear. "Ne, Shizu-chan, if you carry me like this, people will
think we just got married." He whispered before chuckling softly.

Shizuo's head snapped towards Izaya's and their faces were now centimeters apart.
Both pairs eyes widened in shock at the close proximity and Shizuo, finally moving,
drops Izaya flat on his butt as the blush crawled up his face.

Izaya's face was as red as a tomato and he watched as Shizuo uprooted a lamppost from
the ground and wrap his hands tightly around it like a baseball bat. Izaya knew all
to well what was going to happen next and despite the confusion he felt, he stood up
and started running away from the angered blond.

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