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Wednesday, 22 June 2011
01:58:46 PM (GMT)
In a zombie apocalypse, you would be:
[] The first person to get the disease
[] One of the first to go zombie
[] A totally badass zombie killer
[x] The one who saves other people
[] The first person to be immune to the disease
[] A zombie who eats the brains of my enemies. Revenge!
[] The person who develops the cure for the disease
[x] The person who makes a safe zombie free zone

In a school shooting, you would be:
[] The person who gets shot
[] The person who hides and cries in the corner
[] The person who saves people
[] The shooter
[] The person who apprehends the shooter
[x] The person who witnesses the shooting and is scarred for life
[] The one who helps the shooter (or helped plan the shooting)
[] The one who falls in love with the shooter
[] The one who kills the shooter

In a cartoon, you'd be:
[x] The main character 
[] A totally badass fighter
[] Person who falls in love
[] The villain
[] The hero
[] Hero's bff or girlfriend/boyfriend
[] Someone obscure
[] Someone creepy
[] Comedian

In a fairy tale, you would be:
[x] A princess/prince
[] The hero
[x] A fairy
[] A unicorn-riding warrior
[x] Someone with magical powers
[] Person tragic things happen to
[] Evil person 
[] Evil person who becomes good
[] Good person who becomes evil
[x] Person who falls in love

You're a superhero. A villain is in a life or death situation. You:
[] Laugh in their face
[x] Save them; you can't live with that on your conscience if you let them die
[] Save them; someone might be watching

If you could have a superpower you'd pick:
[] The power to stop time
[] Amazing shoplifting ability
[] Acid spit
[x] Flying
[] Persuade people to do anything
[x] Mind reading
[x] Shape shifting
[] The power of mindfuck (the ability to fuck with people's minds)
[x] Bring good luck and happiness to everyone around you
[x] Cure sick people just by touching them
[] Lazer beam eyes
[] Telekinesis 
[x] Be out in the sun and never get tan
[x] Give death glares so scary people crap in their pants
(I can already do the last two xD)

If you could be something other than human, you'd be:
[] A neko
[] A dinosaur
[] A unicorn
[] A vampire
[] A werewolf
[x] A fairy
[] A zombie
[x] A mermaid
[] A spider
[] An alien
[] A kitty
[] A wolf
[] An angel
[] A demon butler [] A ghost
[] A duck
[] A vampirate
[] A ninja cat

If you could have one of these things, you'd want:
[] A gun that shoots razor blades
[] A gun that shoots AIDS
[x] The cure to cancer and AIDS
[] A talking cat
[] A talking fox
[] A talking dog
[] A unicorn
[x] A twin
[] To restart my life from the time I'm three
[] An 'undo' button for my life
[] A super power
[] A baby
[x] Someone to love me forever
[] An epic adventure
[] Back pain in epic proportions!! >:D  (How about we DON'T have this, instead.)

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