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johnny (cont.)Category: wurdz. creative shit. w/e
Monday, 20 June 2011
06:29:15 PM (GMT)
Is your character afraid to die or obsessed with death?
Sometimes Johnny is petrified by the thought of death; to cease to exist except in
the reminiscient smile that plays on the lips of the people who loved him. He's
scared of the finality, the sudden end to his reluctant life. He can't picture it,
can't imagine what will happen. He shivers at the thought of rotting skin, a box in
the ground, an empty shell and the notion that he'll never think again. Yet sometimes
the thought of death is a feather-down comfort, an easy way out of the thorn maze, a
pin-prick to take away the pain. He daydreams of train crashes and sickness but has
looked and believed and is certain his soul will soar out an open window or else
escape from between screaming lips to the devil's embrace.

Does your character enjoy living life?
All he has known is life, how could he know anything else? He enjoys aspects of
existence: a laugh, a kiss, a cigarette in stolen hours. If that is living, then he
adores it. If life is hidden in between the bedsheets, dripping in the cold sweat,
the salt in a tear or the discoloured skin then he despises it. He oscillates between
love and hate, there isn't a balance.

How would your character choose to die?
Like a firework. He'd be terrified but between slipping out in his dreams or
exploding on the rocks, he'd rather go out with bang. Sometimes, at his worst, he
imagines jumping from a bridge. He'd drop like a stone into steel grey waters and
that would be it. He likes the idea of jumping, the thrill of flying in his final
fleeting moments.

Is your character someone who likes to spend time alone or likes to be around
He'd rather be with Cas. No one else and certainly not alone with himself. Cas is

Does your character apologize when s/he makes mistakes?
Only if he realizes in time that it was a mistake, and only if it hurts someone he'd
rather not fight with. He's never apologised to his family. It takes him a cotton
reel of time to work up the courage to apologise.

What is your character's greatest regret?
That he doesn't have the courage to fight back, that he's allowed himself to slip
into misery.

Can your character control his/her anger?
No, Johnny's a fucking time bomb. He's always on the edge, he's always trying not to
snap, not to scream and run. He overreacts and relies on Cas to talk him down from
the ledge.

Who is your character's best friend?
Lucas Cooney, a fucking Irish angel. They love each other more than any two people
could ever say in words.

Who is the most important person in your character's life?
Cas. Johnny would follow him to the edge of the universe just to say goodbye.

Who is the person who had the most influence in your character's life?
Cas again. Without Cas Johnny would be a lost little lamb in a big city, he'd have
been hit by a reality bus and pushed over the edge.

Does your character have trouble trusting people?
Infinite trouble, he trusts no one but Cas. Certainly not himself.

Has your character ever been let down by others?
Bruises on demulcent skin, a crack in the china, blood in the mouth as he misses a
step going downstairs. He is the let down who has been let down.

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