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Tuesday, 24 May 2011
03:30:09 PM (GMT)
Name: Shannan-Louise Wood.

Birthdate: October 5th '95.

Current Location? England; United Kingdom.

Eye Color? Green :3

Hair Color? Blonde Naturally, Black Dyed.

Weight? About 8 Stone. I'm Fat, I Know.

Height? Tiny. Four Foot Eleven.

Piercings? Ears, Streched To 12mm And 14mm; Snakebites.

Tattoos? None Yet :3

Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Girlfriend/Kinda Fiancé :3

Over used phrase? Too Many To Have One.

Food? Beans. Watermellon. Waffles.

Candy? Lollypops In General.

Number? Thirteen.

Color? Green.

Animal? Cat, Dog, Mouse, All Animals?

Drink? Orange Juice :3

Alcohol? Vodka. WKD. Malibu. Cider. Anything.

Bagel? The Normal Kind. Toasted. With Butter.

Favorite Letter? Z. He Feels Like He's Always Last To Be Mentioned :/

Favorite body part on opposite sex? Only Find Tattoos And Piercings Attractive On The
Opposite Sex.

Pepsi or coke? Pepsi.

McDonalds or Burgerking? McDonalds.

Strawberry or watermelon? Watermellon.

Hot tea or cold tea? Hot 

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

Kiss or hug? Both :3

Cat or dog? Cat :3

Rap or punk? Rap.

Summer or winter? Summer :')

Scary movies or funny movies? Both. Mainly Funny.

Love or Money? Love.

Your bedtime? Whenever I Feel Tired.

Most missed memory? None.

Best physical appearance? None.

First thought waking up? NEED MOAR SLEEP. -facepalm-

Goal for this year? Don't Fuck Up My GSCE's.

Best Friends? Holly Smith. She's Everything. My Best Friend. The Girl I Love. My

Weakness? Dunnaw Actually :3 Cute Stuff?

Fears? Too Many.

Longest relationship? 6 Months And A Week, Today :3

Ever drank? Of Course.

Ever smoked? Yup.

Pot? Yup.

Been beaten up? Yep.

Kissed opposite sex? - Yes.
The same sex? - Yes.

Been dumped lately? Nope :3

Favorite eye color in guy/girl? Blue Or Green :3

Favorite hair color? Blonde, Black,Any Hair Colour Really.

Short or long hair?
Short, But Not Too Short :L
But It Doesn't Bother Me On Other People.

Height? Don't Really Care :3 Although, 99.9% Of People Are Bigger Than Me.

Looks or personality? Personality. But It's The Looks We Fall For In The Beginning
Isn't It? 

Hot or cute? Cute :3

Drugs or alcohol? Alcohol.

Muscular or skinny? Not Skinny. Definitely Not Muscular.

Number of regrets in past? Too Many To Count On Two Hands.

What country do you want to visit? America.

How do you want to die? In My Sleep. Next To Someone I Love. Old And Happy. Like The

What's your favorite thing to do? Cuddle :3 Or Sit In A Nice Warm Bed With A Hot
Chocolate Watching A Movie :3

You like thunderstorms? Don't Mind Them :3

Get along with your parents? Nope.

Health freak? Definitely Not.

Think you're attractive? I Like I'm An Ugly Freak.

Want to go to college? Yup 

Do you smoke? Quit To Save Up To Propose To Mah Holleh <3

Do you shower daily? I Do 

Been in love? Am Right Now.

Want to get married? Yep.

Want to have kids? Yes :3

Hate anyone? Most People.

Favorite icecream? Not Keen On Icecream.

Person you can tell anything and everything? Holly.

Like cuddling? Yes <3

Favorite place? With Holly.

Favorite song? It Changes Every Week.

Something you do when bored? Tumblr.

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